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lights.rad is a text file that can be used to define textures as texture lights.

Each line of the file defines a texture, in the form texturename #R #G #B #brightness, where texturename is the name of the texture, #R #G #B is the color of the light in RGB format, and #brightness is the brightness value of the light. (Example: genericlight 255 255 255 1000 will make the genericlight texture produce a white light with a brightness of 1000).

During the compile process, RAD will seek this file in the following order: In addition to lights.rad, the same seeking algorithm is performed with mapname.rad where "mapname" is the name of the map being compiled. If the -lights foo.rad command-line argument is passed then a third run is made with foo.rad.

An in-map equivalent which is read last is info_texlights.

In a case of duplicate entries, the latest one takes priority over the first one. Let's take an example: you have in lights.rad at line #50 LIGHT1 255 0 0 which is "red" and in the same file at line #75 LIGHT1 0 255 0 which is green, then HLRAD will ignore red and use green instead (and print a warning in the console/log).


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