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Brush Entity

The momentary_rot_button was designed to control the momentary_door, or, thanks to the Door Hack, another momentary_rot_button. The door (or door-hack button) moves relative to the posistion of the momentary_rot_button controlling it. i.e., if the player lets go of the button, the door begins to close.


[li]0 = Normal [li]Render Mode (rendermode) - Controls the type of rendering that is used for an object. Options are: [li]Master (master) - The name of a multisource (or game_team_master) entity. A master must usually be active in order for the entity to work. Thus they act almost like an on/off switch, in their simplest form, and like an AND gate in the case of the multisource.[/li]
[li]Targeted Object (target) - Normally, the momentary_door you want to control.[/li]
[li]FX Amount (renderamt)[/li]
[li]FX Color (rendercolor)[/li]
[li]ZHLT Lightflags (zhlt_lightflags)[/li]
[li]Light Origin Target (light_origin)[/li]
[li]Speed (speed) - Speed the button will turn.[/li]
[li]Sounds (sounds) - sounds values<BR>
<TL>0 = None<BR>
1 = Big zap & Warmup<BR>
2 = Access Denied<BR>
3 = Access Granted<BR>
4 = Quick Combolock<BR>
5 = Power Deadbolt 1<BR>
6 = Power Deadbolt 2<TC>
7 = Plunger<BR>
8 = Small zap<BR>
9 = Keycard Sound<BR>
21 = Squeaky<BR>
22 = Squeaky Pneumatic<BR>
23 = Ratchet Groan<BR>
24 = Clean Ratchet<BR>
25 = Gas Clunk</TL>[/li]
[li]Distance(deg) (distance) - Distance in degrees the button will rotate.[/li]
[li]Auto-return speed (returnspeed) - Speed at which the button will return to its starting position after being used.[/li]
[li]Minimum Light (_minlight)[/li]






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