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monster_bigmomma - Point Entity

Gonarch, the mother of all headcrabs. Encountered in Xen as a boss enemy, it constantly spawns baby headcrabs. At a distance it launches globs of acid but will also frequently charge the player to attack with its claws. It's behavior is extremely aggressive and it can withstand a great deal of punishment, but dealing enough damage will force it to retreat to its lair.

Its behavior can be controlled by a trail of info_bigmomma nodes. Gonarch will be invincible as long as it's still 'on the trail': applying enough damage will make it move to the next node. When it reaches a node that specifies a health value, Gonarch's health will be set to that value and it will start fighting the player again. It can only be killed at the end of the trail, when there is no next node to move to.
Health Slash damage Mortar damage Mortar blast radius
Easy 1x 50 100 250
Medium 1.5x 60 120 250
Hard 2x 70 160 275




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Big momma also know as Gonarch:
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