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Bullsquids are solitary predators, part of Xen's wildlife. They are fiercely territorial, and have a special hatred against headcrabs. They are often found alone, eating from a carcass. They either spit acid from a distance or run towards their target to bite or whip it with their tail.

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Health Bite damage Whip damage Spit damage
Easy 40 15 25 10
Medium 40 25 35 10
Hard 120 25 35 15




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Commented 5 months ago2024-01-17 02:08:35 UTC Comment #105884
The cooldown between spits is apparently reset when it loses sight of you, so you can cheese the bullsquid to turbo-spit you by timing the LOS between you and the bullsquid; immediately block LOS on or after the frame where the projectile spawns, then immediately unblock LOS the next frame (maybe even the same frame)

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