Commented 15 years ago2005-11-05 11:54:39 UTC in vault item: TWHL Dedication Project Comment #9725
Ah nice . Make me a room :>
Commented 16 years ago2004-10-08 07:49:44 UTC in vault item: N E X U S Comment #4355
Just from the screenshot it looks really cool. ive downloaded it at college and i'll play it when i get back home
Commented 16 years ago2004-09-21 10:05:32 UTC in vault item: Easy, Low Poly and good lookin Comment #4011
Good job ! :)
Commented 17 years ago2004-08-01 05:47:37 UTC in vault item: Detailing HL Textures Comment #3112
Nice work :)
Commented 17 years ago2004-02-29 17:27:25 UTC in vault item: co_aquatics Comment #1132
Ahh fianlly the right url. Was looking on ntfp and it would'nt work.
Commented 17 years ago2004-02-29 06:03:25 UTC in vault item: jax_lobby Comment #1130
Light the map... Evil brightness
Commented 17 years ago2004-01-24 06:31:33 UTC in vault item: fy_obvious Comment #803
Nice :)
Commented 17 years ago2003-12-11 19:24:52 UTC in vault item: Balins Tomb By Cpl.1nsane Comment #550
rofl its not in the vault again..... i did'nt vote :P
Commented 17 years ago2003-11-06 10:16:52 UTC in vault item: INTAKE Comment #413
Looks nice from the pic :D
Commented 17 years ago2003-11-02 05:57:08 UTC in vault item: Star Wars (map a movie) Comment #392
Very nice me like alot :D
Commented 17 years ago2003-10-17 10:24:37 UTC in vault item: de_magtech Comment #319
Nice me likes
Commented 17 years ago2003-10-01 12:41:54 UTC in vault item: de_priory Comment #279
Oooooo nice
Commented 17 years ago2003-09-27 16:13:34 UTC in vault item: MINIMICUS Comment #252
Hehehe love 'The end' being marked onto the wall :)
Commented 18 years ago2003-09-09 16:29:28 UTC in vault item: Level Change Comment #188
Strangely i get the feeling im going round in circles
Commented 18 years ago2003-09-09 16:22:11 UTC in vault item: Level Change Comment #187
This will come in handy for insanemapping central :) transit system to long for one map :).. Looking at zip... its fine for me
Commented 18 years ago2003-09-09 16:12:16 UTC in vault item: MINIMICUS Comment #186
i swear as soon as bt internet works i will Download this map it looks cool !!
Commented 18 years ago2003-09-03 15:58:27 UTC in vault item: Triggers Comment #153
:) Nice :)