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hey urby ily

Perhaps think about the conclusion to your story first, then you can work toward that end :)
Commented 10 years ago2010-02-17 09:39:44 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: In the Beginning Part 1 Comment #100513
I tried following this but my map won't compile. Help?
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Who are you

why are you doing this

i hear your voice on a tape recorder

owls watch me at night

suck my dick

ur r white
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Huntey Livewire and Urby had kinky sex

I have the recorded skype convo to prove it

the UNF UNF UNF will haunt me forever
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gonna eat it
Commented 11 years ago2009-04-12 19:33:21 UTC in journal: #5746 Comment #53909
nice floor
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Commented 11 years ago2008-12-15 14:34:28 UTC in journal: #5509 Comment #40849
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Weird tbh.
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This isnt related to mapping sorry b&
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Trolling is hilarious

Internet censorship is running rampant now obviously, whoever censored that post undermines democracy, what are you? A fascist? Nazi scum!
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oh and 8
they are the best ones
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Merry Birthday fascist dictator of TWHL
Commented 11 years ago2008-10-12 12:00:20 UTC in vault item: de_splinter2 Comment #16990
You are a cruel man Dauby
Commented 11 years ago2008-10-11 14:02:02 UTC in vault item: aim_RainForest_m4a1 Comment #16977
why comment then skals

your comment is completely useless.

Note: Yes I realise this comment is also useless apart from to tell skals to shut up
Commented 11 years ago2008-10-11 13:30:45 UTC in vault item: ka_Garden Comment #16974
I'm pretty sure illegal downloading is against the rules of most websites


and rating from screenshots is stupid
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omg skals you are fucking retarded UGH
Commented 11 years ago2008-09-30 16:50:32 UTC in journal: #5388 Comment #53811
haha slipknot are gay you went to see slipknot not in flames sorry

edit: lol I said gay
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nothing is good

this place is dead
Commented 11 years ago2008-09-18 12:06:48 UTC in journal: #5363 Comment #44304
you can't say condoms that's against the rules stop going off topic talk about mapping or get out
Commented 11 years ago2008-09-18 03:03:31 UTC in journal: #5363 Comment #44303
you can't call me gay thats against the rules you are a homophobe
Commented 11 years ago2008-09-17 17:05:50 UTC in journal: #5363 Comment #44302
You can't have these journals anymore sorry
Commented 11 years ago2008-09-09 18:17:30 UTC in vault item: fy_neonclub Comment #16809
You can't just rate maps from screenshots mate.
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Kurt Cobain is dead
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-29 13:16:36 UTC in journal: #5316 Comment #59843
I can never fucking infect malaysia
its bloody invinsible to disease
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Even normal people are different because they are different from those that push on that they're different.


Man you take stuff I say seriously?
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-25 15:14:49 UTC in journal: #5307 Comment #53779
:') but you get upset when I'm around and refuse to join a CSS game because I'm there.

Commented 11 years ago2008-08-25 15:09:21 UTC in news: TWHL servers are up! Comment #98714
wut wut
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-25 14:45:43 UTC in journal: #5307 Comment #53778
Livewire must die for being so sensitive. Awww :')
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-25 13:41:38 UTC in journal: #5307 Comment #53777
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-25 11:20:53 UTC in journal: #5307 Comment #53776
livewire what the fuck no one likes slipknot

like ever

anyone who actually likes slipknot just pretends to so they are 'different'
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dont get it either
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-21 11:53:59 UTC in journal: #5287 Comment #51657
mang I just got my provisional driving license
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I like your spirit, climb the mountain that the purple flower grows on, at the top you shall find your destiny.
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-20 14:14:14 UTC in journal: #5284 Comment #53705
lol metalfag
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-19 13:25:40 UTC in journal: #5279 Comment #48508
theres no anything there
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-19 11:49:13 UTC in journal: #5279 Comment #48507
hey everyone stop having birthdays
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-19 11:47:43 UTC in journal: #5277 Comment #56135
striker I was talking to huntey buts its okay I can be talkign to you too if you want
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-19 03:06:46 UTC in journal: #5276 Comment #52315
dude in that picture you are wearing pink nail varnish and you have a very girly hand what is going on there
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-19 03:06:08 UTC in journal: #5277 Comment #56134
for the wank do you mean hunty

I thought you had a better grasp of internet by now
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-17 17:40:35 UTC in journal: #5274 Comment #40757
if you could put that into some awesome map that'd be pretty rad
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-16 18:02:04 UTC in journal: #5268 Comment #55479
CABAL is fucking awesome and I fancy him

Kane is even more awesome and I would marry him
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-16 17:54:58 UTC in journal: #5268 Comment #55478
They took out all the awesome from Tib sun and replaced it with... not much.
I only play it for the storyline tbh.
I still play RA and Tib Sun and I've only played C&C3 a few times outside the campaign.
Subterranean APCS
Cyborgs ( all variations )
Tick Tanks
walls and gates
CABAL ( yeah yeah whatever best villan ever )

I basically think they should have made Tib Sun 2

Have you seen how dull and boring all the units are in C&C3 :/

Edit: also tiberium mutants and creatures.
Hover MRLS
Also the tiberium tentacles thing that eats your tanks n shit

was awesome
Oh and I wasnt talking about graphics, I was talking about originality.

Commented 11 years ago2008-08-16 17:40:28 UTC in journal: #5268 Comment #55477
C&C3 is definately the worst of the C&C series, apart from renegade but I pretend that doesnt exist.

RA3 is probably gonna be shit too.
Commented 11 years ago2008-08-16 15:35:31 UTC in journal: #5268 Comment #55476
Tib Sun > C&C > C&C3
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Commented 11 years ago2008-08-16 08:33:35 UTC in journal: #5261 Comment #59334
a great day for all I'm sure