Commented 12 years ago2010-05-10 22:31:28 UTC in journal: #6557 Comment #41425
Kill all sons'a'bitches... that's my official instruction.
Commented 12 years ago2010-05-09 00:27:18 UTC in journal: #6555 Comment #47844
omfg, is that K'Nex? I used to play with those all the time!
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 12 years ago2010-05-06 18:42:53 UTC in journal: #6544 Comment #34772
I'd be down to try out a new RTS as well :)

If you have an extra one still, that is!
Commented 12 years ago2010-05-06 15:34:10 UTC in journal: #6543 Comment #58915
I never knew you, but it's nice to meet you and welcome!
Commented 12 years ago2010-05-05 15:20:35 UTC in journal: #6541 Comment #47830
Yeah, congrats man :)
I wish you luck in all your other future endeavors.
Commented 12 years ago2010-05-04 15:23:30 UTC in journal: #6539 Comment #56940
Sheesh, I never have cool dreams. The best one I can remember was when I dreamt I was riding my bike down the sidewalk when suddenly the road opened up and I looked down and saw a whole lot of black with pinpoints of blue and green light scattered into it. So I just kept on riding but I saw some people falling into it. Scary :<
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-29 15:46:56 UTC in journal: #6528 Comment #55072

I don't rememeber who said it, but someone in the upper levels of Bungie said that Halo 3 was going to be the last game. Then ODST... then Reach....
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-29 15:19:19 UTC in journal: #6528 Comment #55071
Well supposedly, there aren't going to be any more Halo games after Reach.

Maybe a new Myst game? A sequel is long overdue.
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-28 15:19:31 UTC in journal: #6526 Comment #39092
As a side note:

@Skals: That's why I never bothered to fix my disc after it broke. The original MW is so much more fun now :)
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-27 16:03:36 UTC in journal: #6527 Comment #56905
"it's a much better feeling when you're legal"
Ohhh man, someone could have a lot of fun with that. Haha.

I'm waiting for Halo: Reach atm~

But congrats on getting a new game!
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-27 15:54:17 UTC in journal: #6526 Comment #39091
Well I have a huge grudge against sniping.

The only good thing is that maybe, just maybe, we'll lose all the campers in CoD4 for a few days.
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-26 23:45:53 UTC in journal: #6524 Comment #63108
Dawn of War guy here <--
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-26 22:32:52 UTC in vault item: Spring Break Map-Pack Comment #18138
Haha, there's always a niche :)

I'm thinking about buying HL1 soon anyway, we'll see.
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-26 20:59:55 UTC in journal: #6525 Comment #53565
Happy B-Day! Drink lots 8)
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-26 15:36:33 UTC in vault item: Spring Break Map-Pack Comment #18136
Man, all these HL1 levels, I feel so left out with my HL2 T_T
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-23 20:20:11 UTC in vault item: Cubicles Entry - Casino Royale Comment #18122
Agreed with satchmo, it looks great! I don't have Half Life 1, but from the screenshot I can tell a lot has gone into it :)
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-22 15:27:59 UTC in journal: #6519 Comment #65987
@Soup Miner and DiscoStu: No, it doesn't have to be professionally, but having a lot of knowlege and experience in level design is what's really important. Bascially, the idea is that I find someone who's old enough and has had a good amount of experience in the supject I am doing my project on. Does that make sense?

@Rimrook: Nope, but I do need to know, and then I fill it out on a form which you would have to sign which basically says "Yes, this is me and I am aware of this project, etc. etc."

I can e-mail you what is required and my project proposal so far if you like. My email is, go ahead and shoot me an email if you're still interested.
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-21 23:50:01 UTC in journal: #6519 Comment #65986
I know Stu, I'm incredibly stupid for not doing this earlier.

Once again, if there's anyone you can recommend, even yourself, please let me know.
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-21 23:21:11 UTC in journal: #6519 Comment #65985
I know, I'm scared to death. I thought it would be easy, nothing to worry about, but with the deadline this close I'm starting to panic. Do you know anyone who fits that criteria?
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-21 15:23:56 UTC in journal: #6518 Comment #34767
Close enough Striker x)

But yeah, 'grats on the new PC!
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-20 15:41:17 UTC in journal: #6514 Comment #47808
I used to have hamsters when I was younger, but you make me want to go out and buy another one.

runs to pet store
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-20 15:38:51 UTC in vault item: dm_vertico_v2 Comment #18117
I convinced one of my server owner friends to run this yesterday. It was us and a few other people but we still had a blast, much different than the very flat maps HL2DM mappers seem to make. Props!

My only complaint was that while we only had 5 or so people playing some of the areas could potentially get too cramped up in larger 16-player servers. Then again, lucky grenades are always fun :3
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-20 15:19:06 UTC in journal: #6513 Comment #44522
There is no soft drink better than Coke in a glass bottle. Hands down.
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-19 15:51:57 UTC in journal: #6511 Comment #65977
Well, I hope that I'm cool enough for you guys too :3

But really, I mean it's almost like people I meet online seemingly would go out of their way a lot more than friends I know in real life.

I think it's because people that you can't see you have to try and do a little extra to impress?
Commented 12 years ago2010-04-19 15:33:29 UTC in journal: #6510 Comment #53555
Hey, congrats! Sounds like a fun job :]
Commented 12 years ago2010-03-19 16:00:32 UTC in journal: #6454 Comment #60584
His computer I believe.