Commented 7 years ago2012-05-31 11:10:46 UTC in journal: #7815 Comment #43582
Professional client tm.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-29 18:08:59 UTC in journal: #7812 Comment #67081
Sure does sunny. But good things lurk just around the corner as well.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-26 14:34:00 UTC in journal: #7810 Comment #44826
Hell no, those project were extremely good. The one that was to recreate all major battles was really amazing. But Square likes to bitch around a lot.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-26 12:36:25 UTC in journal: #7811 Comment #43569
Haha, really nice video, enjoyable. The mapping is pretty cool in that mod.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-26 12:11:36 UTC in journal: #7810 Comment #44825
A W E S O M E!

I loved Chrono Trigger, and kingdom of Zeal had amazing music. Really cool stuff :D
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-26 10:32:40 UTC in journal: #7809 Comment #65148
They are kinda weird, but they are kids, what do they know.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-25 19:58:41 UTC in journal: #7809 Comment #65147
What profile? What are you ranting on about Dimbark?
You need to read more Mein TWHL and fix your insolent ways of communication.

Now if you will excuse me, i will go grab an other portion of that purple puding.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-25 19:13:48 UTC in journal: #7809 Comment #65146
With who?
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-24 10:52:34 UTC in vault item: Sound loop tests Comment #19488
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-22 20:28:37 UTC in journal: #7804 Comment #43563
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-21 11:37:42 UTC in journal: #7801 Comment #65137
I played MC for 3 whole nights in a row, at least 36 hours in those 3 days. After that, i never touched the game again.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-21 11:29:41 UTC in journal: #7804 Comment #43562
That sucks big time man, maybe you should take a week off?
Dont have any intelligent comment, except maybe revising your schedule to assign time better.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-21 10:41:02 UTC in journal: #7803 Comment #45614
Cool, congratulations!
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-20 20:57:35 UTC in journal: #7802 Comment #62385
Its normal for hard drives to make noise.

If it starts emitting bad noise, such as clicking and loud cracking in random intervals, you should get worried.

Do a health scan with Hard Drive Sentinel. Full scan.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-20 09:55:56 UTC in vault item: Toughworks Comment #19989


Awesome map! Really big and wide, good FPS and good atmosphere, and well placed weapons and power ups.
A bit of not fit in textures, and some hard to actually control atmospheric sound glitches, but thats all in the acceptable limits.

Awesome map, 5 stars.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-20 07:54:45 UTC in journal: #7801 Comment #65136
So he was one of the programmers who made that abomination of an engine that eats resources with out reason? Yup, praise him.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-19 07:22:35 UTC in journal: #7801 Comment #65135
And Jeb did what exactly?
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-16 19:46:36 UTC in journal: #7797 Comment #43547
Awesome! Haha I really laughed for Half Life xD
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-10 08:27:48 UTC in journal: #7784 Comment #66437
Lol. Dreaming of TWHL?
Are the admins subliminally programming us with various things :o

Any way, speaking of dreams, ive dreamed of a friend of mine, who is always cocky and such, falling into mud with his face forward with a tricycle he stole from a little kid. I laughed my ass off in the dream.
Whats interesting, ive heard from him for the first time yesterday after around 6 months.
The entire dream was filled with parties and dark woods with ghosts and what not, who i was not afraid at all, but an other friend of mine was scared as hell. I remember going all "Hell yeah ghosts \m/" in the dream.
If only i could see the forest scene again. It was like, from one part where the houses are to other there is this dark forest with lots of spooky shit.

Strange how we all got into some dream state.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-09 18:05:09 UTC in journal: #7782 Comment #50837
I remember you having HDD trouble before, it could also be a faulty motherboard / power supply unit.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-08 19:56:19 UTC in vault item: de_baghdad Comment #19965
Ok, the maps geometry is broken, textures rotated badly, bad textures, you are not using null nor bevel, nor any kind of optimization process.
You are also using the default compiler. But ok, you're a beginner, so here are some tips.

1. When you map, use null or bevel to remove object faces from the game that the player wont naturally be able to see (roof, bottom of the floor, between wall joints)
2. Use the texture apply tool to rotate and mod the textures
3. Dont use carve
4. Practice vertex manipulation more and search for bad parts in the map
5. Keep in mind and focus on actually sizes and atmosphere around the player

6. Keep practicing and always have fun when mapping. Everything you make is an addition to your experience. If you make a bad map, doesnt matter, finish it. It will just improve your skill. Also don't ignore critiques, they will help you improve and point you to what could be changed/improved.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-08 19:49:53 UTC in vault item: fy_snowfight Comment #19964
This map is very big, lots of poly, over 1500, and it can cause FPS drops on older PCs. The map texturing is bad, and the layout is pretty simple.

You should focus on reducing poly count with various techniques.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-08 19:47:57 UTC in vault item: ridge_high Comment #19963
A classic style CS map, back where there were no fancy textures or external components. I liked this map, it was like a trip to the past, really put a smile on my face.

But, judging this map from aspects of game play and looks wouldn't be quite logical. The game play is ok to some level, but its not perfect.
I will give you 4 starts for effort. Keep on mapping :)
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-08 13:22:36 UTC in journal: #7780 Comment #67238
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-08 13:22:19 UTC in journal: #7779 Comment #43535

You must do something about it soon D:
I know a guy who stopped mapping for GS, never seen him again, they said he had an accident...
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-08 10:29:43 UTC in journal: #7779 Comment #43534
Dreams are usually information processing by the brain. You dream of what you've seen and what has left a certain emotional impact on you, subliminally or Consciously.

I used to have dreams i remember, but rarely now. Probably because when i go to sleep all i care about is waking up rested and think of it as nothing but a resting process.

@ Striker

Where i live that type of book is called: Sanovnik (or dreamer log on English). Try searching for: Dream meaning
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-08 06:54:28 UTC in journal: #7778 Comment #48250
The force is strong in this one! Cool, he sure is one lucky kid :D
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-08 06:53:04 UTC in journal: #7777 Comment #66571
@ Daubster

Well that is the buster sword right there :D
I remember the first time i hit lucky sevens in the game, was at that boss in the crypt at Cosmo Canyon. The guy got owned hard.

@ Archie

You can still get 6666 in the map vault. But that will be in a "long long time". (GLaDOS voice)
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-07 20:35:01 UTC in journal: #666 Comment #40268
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-07 20:33:02 UTC in journal: #7777 Comment #66570
Potatis got me and my friend on 1234 xD

I was reading the link name - 1 2 3 4 out loud and than i saw his comment 5 6 7 8 xD
Instant lol.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-07 19:34:28 UTC in journal: #7777 Comment #66569
Final fantasy 7 of course :P

I noticed we were near 7777 at 7743 lol.
made this image a few days ago.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-07 18:27:54 UTC in journal: #7776 Comment #40293
You should try HE_Glass maps :P

hegrenade arenas are the shit. And yeah, fy maps can be pretty fun.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-04 21:54:42 UTC in vault item: Half-Life: Destiny Comment #19945
Mirror 404 :/
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-04 20:11:41 UTC in journal: #7773 Comment #43517
Well, from my experience, people need to think similar for any team work to work :)

Also, dont forget that the best solution is always the simples one (As GLaDoS said)
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-04 07:56:38 UTC in journal: #7773 Comment #43516
I think similar as well.
Thats why i am searching for a profession that wont take much time and wont tire me so easy.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-04 07:04:24 UTC in vault item: deathrun_clarion_l98_final Comment #19944
Ok, the map is functional, and i will give you a higher rating for that. The map is made well, in oppose to what other mappers for this mod make.
The map is hard with that bhop and that LJ at the end, and that bhop really annoys me from time to time.

Other than that, its quite interesting. Some traps are crappy, but you made sure you need to have skill to get to the end.

4 Stars my boy.
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-03 22:01:50 UTC in journal: #7769 Comment #42045
Mr. Snuggles
Commented 7 years ago2012-05-01 21:03:28 UTC in journal: #7767 Comment #67174

Also, that guy isn't scary, the thing that is scary is Dr. Magnusson.
Commented 7 years ago2012-04-29 17:16:53 UTC in journal: #7764 Comment #65119
Yes, the music is loud, but this is very interesting and nicely made. Good job!
Commented 7 years ago2012-04-25 23:16:56 UTC in journal: #7761 Comment #65113
Commented 7 years ago2012-04-25 19:52:23 UTC in journal: #7760 Comment #43485
Actually i find it more scary that he is this addicted to internet.
Commented 7 years ago2012-04-19 08:18:37 UTC in journal: #7752 Comment #53674
Cool, don't forget to enjoy your self :D
Commented 7 years ago2012-04-18 22:21:26 UTC in journal: #7751 Comment #65107
Commented 7 years ago2012-04-17 21:22:18 UTC in news: MotM & New Tutorials Comment #100124
UT 3 Announcer: DENIED!
Commented 7 years ago2012-04-17 08:16:58 UTC in journal: #7748 Comment #43452
Dont listen to him Urby, its too late for him... Save your self!
Commented 7 years ago2012-04-17 07:56:14 UTC in journal: #7748 Comment #43451
Rest your eyes. You should get those glasses that don't strain your eyes when you use the monitor a lot.
Also never use a computer for long hours if you havent ate enough or rested.
My brother got sick because of that, it was some sort of stroke or something. I remember he almost choke when it hit him. He was on the computer for almost 2 days.
Commented 7 years ago2012-04-16 21:41:20 UTC in journal: #7745 Comment #43445
First we licked armpits crystals, now doorknobs, whats next vinyl records? Lol :D