Commented 8 years ago2013-07-21 16:32:22 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Coding NPCs in GoldSrc Comment #101017
Wow. Sorry I missed all this, guys. I'm going to download the code and fix any problems as soon as possible.
Commented 10 years ago2012-01-16 15:27:22 UTC in vault item: Brendanmint_Red Comment #19745
Hola! I'm back from the underside of my rock. First matter of business: REVIEWING THIS MAP. Now that I've got a lot more games for my b-day as well as a new computer, I'm going to be doing a lot more of that. (Imma look at Rimmie's L4D map next. Always wanted to try that)

Well, comedy is by far the best point in this map. I literally lol'd at one point. Not going to ruin it for those who plan to try it later.

Besides that, though, it's nothing too fancy. The underside of one of the stairs was pretty good and the displacements were decent, but, besides that, it was pretty blocky, and even had a missing texture. The thing under the grates.

I hope to see improvements from you in the future, though. Cheers, Brendamint!

Just read the friggin' name up top. (That's what's on my passport, srsly)
Commented 10 years ago2011-10-22 08:50:22 UTC in vault item: fy_dystopia Comment #19511
Amazing job. It's extremely large scaled, though. 10/10
Commented 10 years ago2011-09-07 01:37:02 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Coding NPCs in GoldSrc Comment #101011
@Motherfat: Really sorry - I'll fix it soon, but I've got both, school, and TWO enormous mods to run.

Thanks to all the commenters!
Commented 10 years ago2011-08-10 09:11:33 UTC in journal: #7352 Comment #40290
Yeah, but it's not supposed to be an exact copy. I'm changing it up so it's an upgrade and a remake at the same time. STILL pretty much the same, it just makes more sense. I'm making it an energy research area. Story behind it is that the HECU took over the research area (side with the nuke), and they placed a radio. That radio is the thing used to call the airstrike.

EDIT: Just wanted to say that making it an energy research area allows for a lot of cool effects.
Commented 10 years ago2011-08-10 08:56:45 UTC in journal: #7352 Comment #40289
I was working on one. I postponed it because I had a ton of coding and stuff to do. Well, now, I've got an everything-except-mappers-block, so I might as well continue. I've got some pretty interesting concepts, but no ideas for epic world geometry.
Commented 10 years ago2011-08-10 08:42:53 UTC in journal: #7353 Comment #55287
Happy Birthday! I hope someone with present...choosing...skals...I have failed at this pun. Anyways, hope it's a good one. You doing anything, or just staying home?
Commented 10 years ago2011-08-08 18:19:14 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Coding NPCs in GoldSrc Comment #101005
"Also, decide whether you want to start a new .cpp file (best choice for cleanliness, but requires a bit more space byte-wise (not too much), or to use the baseclass's .cpp file."
Commented 10 years ago2011-08-08 10:21:59 UTC in journal: #7351 Comment #51539
Hey - I wasn't here while you were on, but I've seen your tutorial and played a map or two of yours. Well, welcome back, I guess.
Commented 10 years ago2011-08-07 23:28:48 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Introduction to Colour Correction Comment #101026
Great tutorial - very neat. Unfortunately, I've already messed with Color Correction, so I don't need it, but well explained nonetheless. Great use of images (I guess I can thank the field - mapping - for that, too). 5/5!
Commented 10 years ago2011-08-07 20:16:59 UTC in news: New Tutorials Comment #99919
@TJB: That was kinda the point of my tutorial - to inspire people to code. It's pretty easy, and very rewarding. When I started coding, I didn't think I'd like it, but now I love it. Obviously, though, it's your choice. I'm just trying to show you another option.
Commented 10 years ago2011-08-07 14:30:45 UTC in news: New Tutorials Comment #99915
Thanks for the speedy authorization, Strider! I'll start up a Weapons tutorial later on.
Commented 10 years ago2011-08-07 12:50:21 UTC in journal: #7349 Comment #41810
I remember that! First time I played it was long before I joined TWHL. I was really impressed...but you don't have it? Unfortunately, neither do I.

Also, it's to, not too...couldn't help it, sorry.
Commented 10 years ago2011-08-07 07:32:08 UTC in journal: #7346 Comment #63855
I believe I said "The" children, in which I was referring to specific children. I could've said "the random children lololol", but I didn't, did I? The Humble Indie Bundle is about giving stuff to kids that don't have...stuff. So - clearly, I was referring to them. And clearly, you do have stuff. I visited your account to be sure, you have 30 games.
Commented 10 years ago2011-08-06 10:22:07 UTC in journal: #7346 Comment #63854
What you're trying to do is inspiring! I'd donate to you as compensation, but I have nowhere to purchase these games. My steam games list is around 5 games, anyways, so that should tell you something. What goes around comes around, so, hopefully, something awesome's gonna happen to you.

And to anybody with 60+ games, think of the children. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 10 years ago2011-07-19 06:35:16 UTC in vault item: Aquatos: Aqua Labs (Remake) Comment #19371
Although I only played it by myself, I really enjoyed this map.

Skals had a point with the ambiance, but it wasn't THAT bad.

The cliffs looked good for GoldSrc. I'm not gonna say great - the original game had better cliffs, but this was still pretty good.

I'm not sure how I feel about the texturing. I'm glad you didn't only use the originals, but I feel like it might've got, like the sound, a tiny bit repetitive.

I think this would've done well with some custom made signs, but that points back to the texturing. I got lost a few times.

Props: I loved them. I do think GoldSrc needs to see more of these, and it's not that hard. Yes, I know that they're from Decay, but it's still a lot better than nothing.

I can't judge the gameplay, because I only played it by myself, but, in theory, it was pretty good. Weapon placement seemed great...again, in theory.

Decal placement was great. Not much else I can say for that point

The lighting sometimes felt like fullbright, especially in that room with the elevator. Yes, that's a problem with me, but it could've easily been solved with using less more powerful lights in there. The sprites on every lightsource looked off, but I appreciate the effort you went to do it.

Last point: the Xen "pillars" and gasbag.mdls. They really felt out of place, but the floor of the water balanced that out.

All in all, great map.
Lighting: 8/10
Texturing: 9/10
Props: 10/10
Terrain: 9/10
Architecture: 10/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Gameplay (Again, in theory): 9.5/10
Commented 11 years ago2011-05-22 22:05:28 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Realistic Shadows Comment #100989
Before learning about detail textures, I used this technique for HD textures. The problem was, as previously stated, the dynamic lights.

But great tutorial! I'll be sure to use the technique a lot.
Commented 11 years ago2011-05-20 10:24:28 UTC in journal: #7227 Comment #67049
See, all you guys are the regulars, and most are awesome.

Also, thanks for the warm greeting!

Another also: Monocles aren't awesome, they're evil. But, evil awesome. Do you have a fat cat?
Commented 11 years ago2011-05-19 22:39:07 UTC in journal: #7227 Comment #67048
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ho, Soup Miner!

I love it how most of the regulars on TWHL are awesome. Often, it's people who don't know anything about mapping, modelling, or coding.
Commented 11 years ago2011-05-19 21:27:26 UTC in vault item: Abandoned Pool Comment #19127
Great job! The floor, tough, could use a bit of height. Also, I managed to jump outside the map, and I saw button textures everywhere. you might want to add some clip textures.

-Great job making it seem old, and used
-The theme of the map looks really good

-Some of the textures look very odd. Especially the wood texture. I think you should've used the damaged wood texture.
-You should have added clip textures to block player movement
-A good idea would be, as mentioned, to add height to the floor.

3 Stars!