Commented 3 years ago2016-10-10 19:45:58 UTC in journal: #8760 Comment #68543
Java and C#.

Understood. Thanks :)
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-21 17:53:41 UTC in journal: #8713 Comment #49704
Wait what? I didn't understand it perfectly i think but, something is over right? PLS NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-13 12:19:24 UTC in vault item: saddam_village Comment #19118
Good and playable area.
Colts and ak47s all the roads :D
Good texturing.
Fresh area.
Saddam's everywhere :D
Good tanks at all.
Palmtrees and planty textures are cool too.
♦ If there's a hollow hideable inside mosque at center, that should be better. This is a arabic theme right?
♦ If tanks' gun barrels controllable, that should be funner (in my opinnion)
♦ There's a just one hollowed house i saw. If there's 2-4 hollowed houses, that should be %10 better (in my opinnion again.)
Yep. Good map. 5 stars given :)
Commented 3 years ago2016-06-10 21:11:56 UTC in vault item: psychedelic_final Comment #19120
I won't better than that psychedelic_b3 but, never say never ^^.

Secret 1: There's a panel opens a gate at front of jump module.
Secret 2: There's a panel moving secret stairs front of van.
Secret 3: There's a panel starting big energy sphere. Right???
Secret 4: Still there's no helicopter model at helipad X) .

5 stars again ^^.
Commented 3 years ago2016-05-30 10:05:30 UTC in vault item: psychedelic Comment #19138
OMG dude! It's SUPER MEGA COOL map!!! :D
I liked and rated 5 stars...

I wish there's a helicopter model at center point of helicopter area. But that's cool too :D

And how did you do that big sphere of lazers? Is it env_beam with flag?
Commented 3 years ago2016-04-10 19:21:58 UTC in journal: #8689 Comment #49684
My feelings are same as my avatar for cat...

Commented 4 years ago2016-04-02 11:55:56 UTC in vault item: Water currents demonstration Comment #17121

Wait... Are you using mulitple programs for map creating??
Commented 4 years ago2016-04-01 18:36:52 UTC in vault item: Water currents demonstration Comment #16894
It's just WOW!!!!!

If i make a grass texture named "!cur_up", will it make me bounce upwards??? That means we don't need "trigger_push" & "trigger_gravity" entities, right?

Voted: 5/5 stars :D
Commented 4 years ago2016-03-24 11:40:06 UTC in vault item: nukeattack (like crossfire) Comment #16892
i added value "siren" for play siren. For stop added a new value called "siren#1" (it's automaticly added when i ctrl+c & ctrl+v) but it's not stopping. (I tried "Is NOT looping" flag but that didn't work too.)

I found other way for glass protection for button :D
Commented 4 years ago2016-03-14 15:39:43 UTC in vault item: DM_Cybrain & TDM_Cybrain Comment #20641
wait wait. there's a brain texture right? and it is not belong to halflife.wad... that means we must install that brain texture like not belongs to halflife's. Why there's no wad file in that map???
Commented 4 years ago2016-03-06 19:46:58 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Editing Half-Life Models Comment #100644
make a video and link it plsssssssssssssssssssssss