Commented 1 week ago2022-11-24 18:26:59 UTC in journal: Spamming Journals Comment #104905
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-11-14 19:27:08 UTC in journal: No, November Comment #104898
Sheer up the potato man
User posted image
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-11-14 08:20:31 UTC in journal: No, November Comment #104894
That Växjö capture do really tell what the outside looks like currently up here in Swe.

A question. Do you drink coffee? That can liven someone up a bit.
Commented 1 month ago2022-10-28 11:20:05 UTC in vault item: Gonanon (released) Comment #104875
Isn't that Doom 3 textures?
Commented 1 month ago2022-10-25 19:59:32 UTC in journal: Cheaples Comment #104871
Might have to do with Git LFS I guess.
Commented 1 month ago2022-10-23 11:24:16 UTC in journal: Cheaples Comment #104868
Darn. Well here it is.
Commented 1 month ago2022-10-18 08:44:15 UTC in journal: Urby's Travel Guide Comment #104854
It's the Demons you see...
Commented 2 months ago2022-09-23 07:15:57 UTC in journal: I do not feel like doing anything Comment #104798
I can relate. Maybe I enjoy making games in the Unity Engine but I'm less interested in playing games. You might need to find something new to do if your everyday life is boring.
Commented 2 months ago2022-09-11 08:34:13 UTC in journal: Yes Comment #104772
User posted image
Commented 2 months ago2022-09-09 09:59:28 UTC in journal: I'm a Music Artist Comment #104759
Feel free to give out suggestions if I ever remake the track (Suggestions mostly not related to the length of it).
Commented 2 months ago2022-09-07 20:07:24 UTC in journal: Cooking time owo Comment #104758
"Free food"

Commented 3 months ago2022-09-06 14:07:04 UTC in journal: Yes Comment #104750
I have this insta here
Commented 3 months ago2022-08-12 19:34:08 UTC in wiki page: VERC: Creating a Vampire gamestyle Comment #104721
There where a vampire mod once before :)
Commented 4 months ago2022-07-28 08:47:32 UTC in journal: New Gift Model Comment #104693
User posted image
I swapped the Zs and Xs on the joint constraints as the limbs moved to the wrong directions. It's a better model now!

I can give out the model through pm if someone's interested in it.
Commented 4 months ago2022-07-27 19:26:10 UTC in journal: New Gift Model Comment #104690
Thanks. I don't know about putting a smile on her as the model was supposed to be easy for me to work with. And publishing the model would be dangerous since it can get to the wrong hands so I'm a bit sure that variations isn't needed. I also only planned on featuring her on my segments.
Commented 4 months ago2022-07-18 15:50:42 UTC in journal: I had a harrowing experience last night Comment #104665
Or it wasn't your birthday and that actually happened?
Commented 4 months ago2022-07-17 07:34:29 UTC in vault item: Beytah Pack (revived) Comment #104663
I took the Alpha textures from the game itself then used it in a N3DS game.
Commented 4 months ago2022-07-13 06:50:01 UTC in journal: Rezzy DVD Comment #104648
I used a DVD maker on my MacBook. I thought it wasn't that impressive since I did it a couple of times already.
Commented 4 months ago2022-07-12 06:43:52 UTC in journal: Rezzy DVD Comment #104643
Thank you
Commented 4 months ago2022-07-08 16:59:34 UTC in wiki page: Tutorial: Adding an HL2 Custom Sequence Comment #104629
Isn't that a beta Citizen model?
Commented 4 months ago2022-07-07 19:48:38 UTC in journal: Gift Picture Comment #104627
I like your toonish art style!
Thank you!
Commented 4 months ago2022-07-07 14:19:42 UTC in journal: I had a harrowing experience last night Comment #104621
Happy birthday?
Commented 5 months ago2022-07-03 20:01:14 UTC in journal: My Journey of Learning How To Make an Overgrowth Map Comment #104602
I tried out Overgrowth when it was in development. Years ago. Surprised to see it come up here all of a sudden.
Commented 5 months ago2022-06-28 15:43:23 UTC in journal: Segment 5 Comment #104592
I'm trying out Vimeo. YouTube is not for comments I'm afraid apparently. Might be fun.
Commented 5 months ago2022-06-22 10:13:26 UTC in journal: Segment 5 Comment #104570
Lookin good so far
Thanks. I'm working on other things so the segments comes out slowly.
Commented 5 months ago2022-06-16 17:33:45 UTC in journal: My birthday is today Comment #104548
Good on you M!
Commented 5 months ago2022-06-14 18:49:09 UTC in journal: Twitt Again Comment #104544
I checked out your art, and it's nice.

By the way, sorry if I sounded rude on my old birthday journal. It wasn't my intention. It's because I'm getting ignored too.
Thanks. And it's okay. I've been through worse.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 6 months ago2022-05-27 17:50:58 UTC in journal: Twitt Again Comment #104453
Commented 6 months ago2022-05-24 08:21:16 UTC in vault item: Five nights at Nepton Comment #104430
He probably wanted the low-quality-phone-picture look I think.
Commented 7 months ago2022-05-06 07:05:42 UTC in journal: Twitt Again Comment #104383
Why I'm hurt easily is because of the things I did in the past. I was an idiot. I'm not depressed as much today cause I just woke up, but I can't get over the things I did. It comes to haunt me at times.
Commented 7 months ago2022-05-03 12:57:57 UTC in vault item: Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes FGD Comment #104372
You have a planYou have a plan
Commented 7 months ago2022-05-01 06:49:08 UTC in journal: Twitt Again Comment #104364
i checked it out, nice art. hope you'll get well soon
Thank you. I asked since I've lost a follower yesterday. I'm easily hurt by things like that.
Commented 7 months ago2022-04-20 06:24:15 UTC in vault item: CIVO Comment #104343
I got a custom map to run from yesterday (With no textures of course) but let's keep your details archived for future modders. Thank you!
Commented 7 months ago2022-04-19 19:00:30 UTC in vault item: CIVO Comment #104341
Can you tell me what your modding process was like in detail?
Commented 7 months ago2022-04-17 08:15:22 UTC in journal: Copper Comment #104335
Commented 7 months ago2022-04-11 09:23:05 UTC in journal: Models Comment #104324
I took the easier path and will continue with these models I made. Like it can work cause high poly can look ugly at times. Also do anyone have an idea how to make an optimized texture storage for multiple eye textures? It was first gonna be uv offsetting but I got lost on that.
Commented 8 months ago2022-04-05 12:16:16 UTC in journal: Models Comment #104315
Didn't want to make a new journal for this but how do I implement basic collision to my engine that works for complex 3D geometry and characters?
Commented 8 months ago2022-04-01 15:20:40 UTC in journal: Models Comment #104295
I decided to follow some step-by-step tutorials and got a better hang on 3D. I also was afraid of the limits but the OG Xbox was a powerhouse in the past so I shouldn't be too scared of it. Not for what I'm trying to do for it. These models aren't perfect and I will make new ones for my game engine.
Commented 8 months ago2022-03-25 06:47:01 UTC in journal: are the total-conversion coming back? Comment #104264
I was thinking about making a total conversion sometimes. But I'm working on getting my own games developed so I can't work a lot on anything modding related.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
This comment was made on an article that has been deleted.
Commented 8 months ago2022-03-18 11:58:55 UTC in journal: DSMOS has arrived. Comment #104231
Nah Meerjel its a Macbook Air
Ah. When I was gonna choose a new Mac then Air was the second option. I decided to get a Pro so I would have more to work with.
Commented 8 months ago2022-03-18 10:47:55 UTC in journal: DSMOS has arrived. Comment #104228
A MacBook Pro?
Commented 8 months ago2022-03-17 09:42:34 UTC in journal: Oh wow Comment #104221
Oh wee
Commented 8 months ago2022-03-14 08:38:01 UTC in vault item: dod_liberte_b2 Comment #104217
I first thought this was Source.
Commented 8 months ago2022-03-13 16:06:07 UTC in vault item: TMA's Cubicle Comment #104215
Tom Cubicle
Commented 8 months ago2022-03-11 12:06:36 UTC in vault item: TWHL Cubicles: TWHL Office (2022) Comment #104206
It's possible that I'm not in this ;)
Commented 9 months ago2022-02-26 13:08:04 UTC in vault item: Drooga_C1a1 Comment #104187
Ooooh simple :)