Admer4566 years ago2016-10-04 15:34:58 UTC 3 comments
Announcing that I'm finishing my map, ts_untergrund.

Finally, after around 4 weeks, I have reached version Beta 9, and what's only left is:

-Minor VIS fixes (only a few skips and hints needed)
-Need more spawn points
-Need to extend view distance
-Minor button fixes (they're moving left, instead of going into the wall)
-Deletion of some CLIP brushes
-Adding some CLIP brushes
-Minor "displacement" terrain tweaks
-Some more things...

So yes, only small things. As of now, it has reached a phase called "unexpectedly very playable", entitled EarlyBeta9.

So, here are some screenshots:
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
And that's it, discuss if you wish. I also require beta testers to test the map in a Half-Life mod called The Specialists (version 3.0).

The performance is surprisingly good, the least fps was 15fps on my crappy Intel GMA X3100 laptop, whose GPU is like only 2x stronger than the GeForce 256. And on average I've got 35fps.
Suparsonik6 years ago2016-10-04 15:26:49 UTC 10 comments
Happy birthday to me!
Instant Mix6 years ago2016-10-03 13:50:26 UTC 9 comments
Nice little life update for Autumn 2016:

1) Finally managed to get into 3rd year of Physics
2) Unfortunately know only 1 person in the entire year, so it'll be like 1st year all over again
3) Have been trained and have DJ'd a couple nights at my Student union, can now ~bend the truth~ that I'm a professional DJ
4) No longer part of any of the musical theatre groups because I don't want to have to repeat another year of university, but still doing publicity work for them
5) Girlfriend split up with me 3/4 of the way through summer, last few months have been some of the worst I've ever experienced. Having a constant feeling of dread / melancholy /emptiness for months at a time is absolutely horrible. Was probably for the better, but I've lost my closest friend.
REBELVODKA6 years ago2016-10-02 09:22:18 UTC 1 comment
This is counter culture, from the underground, eternal evolution this is our sound, KMFDM better than the best!
Tetsu07 years ago2016-09-26 12:13:42 UTC 30 comments
Striker7 years ago2016-09-24 12:45:25 UTC 4 comments
Have you guys ever dreamed within a dream?

It happened to me this past night. I dreamed that I was piloting a helicopter, then I woke up explaining to someone what an odd dream I had, then I woke up.
This is, I believe, the second time that it occurred to me.

Also as a diverse fact, have you tried googling for top american inventors? Yeah, do that :)).
Sajo7 years ago2016-09-20 14:17:03 UTC 9 comments
I have started learning Zbrush and UE4.

Here is a practice render/enviroment art shot. Tell me what you guys think. Also, I would gladly welcome new brushes, inspirational art or tutorials.
User posted image
Note: I am currently at the stage of UV mapping, baking and exporting low poly models to UE4. I will be releasing these assets after I am done, so you can use them in Source or Goldsource or wherever you want (:
Archie7 years ago2016-09-19 14:12:45 UTC 14 comments
Melting point: 1246°C
Boiling point: 2061°C
DiscoStu7 years ago2016-09-19 02:11:40 UTC 19 comments
My fifteen-months old cousin can't yet talk, however he already owns an Android tablet.

Admer4567 years ago2016-08-30 16:51:35 UTC 1 comment
This is my land:
User posted image
My land, "Admer-land". Land of tutorials, maps, and overall modding symphony. Heh, I love dead games, you can practice without anyone noticing. Actually, I've just written a giant, 2000 or 3000-word tutorial.

These pink outlines on the submissions mean that I submitted the submissions.

Now, with that out of the way, let's go to "Teh epik master plan: Part 2.5".

My bank account will be opened somewhere after bayram, a holiday in islam. Yes, I'm muslim, you jealous or something? No no no, pretend you didn't read that, I don't want to attract anybody's attention.

Now, when that happens, I will stop being a pirate, which I've been since 2010.

-Deleted lines of text-

Also, I finally, but finally reached an agreement with my parents. If I pass 9th grade with 11 A's or more, out of 14 subjects total, they will buy me the new parts for my 250$ gaming PC. Then, it's going to be 4 years of high school, and then what?

And the marks are going to be a piece of cake:
This year I had 12 A's and only 2 B's (maths and Bosnian, my native language). I find it weird how I get A's in physics, but B's and C's in maths.
Striker7 years ago2016-08-30 16:48:18 UTC 6 comments
Ghost129er7 years ago2016-08-30 11:08:12 UTC 1 comment
Most of you should know my craze/obsession with my R/C hobby. A recent WIP (just shell/body work)
User posted image
Full album:

Pokes Tetsu0
Invader40007 years ago2016-08-30 06:59:49 UTC 9 comments
Thinking about recreating Unreal Tournament Maps on Hl...
Invader40007 years ago2016-08-29 11:40:38 UTC 7 comments
I recently finished the In the Beginning guide. Now's time to make my own real maps!!1!one!
Shepard62700FR7 years ago2016-08-29 06:04:55 UTC 7 comments