Rimrook9 years ago2010-11-15 15:12:47 UTC 34 comments
So in a very tender moment over the weekend, I got down on one knee and proposed to Lyssa with a ring made of white string, she cried and said yes! We're only telling a few people, but once I procure some funds, I will get a real ring and have a big showy proposal in front of family and stuff. So keep this a bit of a secret from our parents ok guys?
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Rimrook9 years ago2010-10-30 22:05:52 UTC 10 comments
Surgery results:
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Just in time for Halloween?
Rimrook9 years ago2010-10-24 19:27:48 UTC 5 comments
Day 4: Not so great of a day. Every once in a while Lyssa gets a nurse that is just a bitch. They will soon move her to the regular level where she has a full private bathroom and shower, but the AVM was larger than they had anticipated. They want to do another Angiogram for some reason. We don't know if something showed up on the latest MRI scan and we're worried about a third surgery. Still not sleeping well.
Rimrook9 years ago2010-10-23 17:55:49 UTC 8 comments
DAY 3: Walking around, eating, drinking, and peeing on her own. Lyssa is a bit cranky, they keep waking her up every hour or so for medicine that makes you drowsy. She finally got her chocolate too! Full meals too, hospitol food is good. Expected to go home on Monday.
Rimrook9 years ago2010-10-22 19:08:56 UTC 11 comments
Day 2 is finally done and things are in the clear. The doctor said the surgery couldn't have gone any better than it just did and then ludicrously trounced about high-fiving his medical team... maybe not that last part, but in theory the surgery went in THAT well. Lyssa feels better after today than she did last night by far and is already awake and aware, though I think the medicines are making her feel like she's playing Mario or something, it was funny. She'll be laid up for a day or so. Will continue to update you on her status.
Rimrook9 years ago2010-10-21 22:51:07 UTC 10 comments
Lyssa is doing ok. She got the Embolization without any problems. Day 1 is nearly out of the way with only a headache. Surgery is at sometime between 8 and noon tommorrow.
Rimrook9 years ago2010-10-14 02:35:18 UTC 7 comments
So I work in quality control and stuff now. Ninety percent of the customers our order verifiers talk to are elderly. Here are some of the best things so far.
cst = customer
vf = verifier

cst: excuse me sales lady, are you married?
vf: no...
cst: would you like to be?
cst: wait a minute, i need to get my oxygen.
vf: just dial your birthday into your phone to confirm your order.
cst: what numbers do i press on this little talking computer?
vf: ...under the terms i just described-
cst: BEEP
vf: ...under the terms i-
cst: BEEP
vf: ...under-
cst: Beep
vf: Sir, I need to finish reading these billing terms.
cst: I'm pressing zero to talk to a real person.
cst: Young man, you sound like my great grandson.

that's all i can remember. :)
Rimrook9 years ago2010-10-07 01:58:31 UTC 15 comments
Had an MRE for dinner. Shit is amazing.
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I especially enjoyed the "Patriotic Sugar Cookies."
Rimrook9 years ago2010-10-04 10:14:43 UTC 13 comments
24 i am today.
Rimrook9 years ago2010-09-23 22:41:33 UTC 15 comments
Raised hell at work today. Last night, I was doing pretty good at my new job doing the whole telemarketing thing. I could read the script and pitch the products at above average for a new guy. I was happy with my job and stuff, but at one point I got a whole 25 minutes of answering machines. Based on the chatter I heard around the room, we all had the situation. I turned to the lady next to me whom was very nice and chatted with between customers and I said, "I'm getting bored of answering machines." Then the manager stood and yelled "The newbie says he's bored! He thinks he's better than us!" I can understand that the nature of the beast is competitive and fast paced, but ridicule is unacceptable. Some black bitch had to rally the crowd and add "Get those numbers up newbie and maybe then you can earn to talk some smack!" A few others said some things I couldn't really hear, all this happened as I finally got a customer on the line. The next day, I talked to my trainer about it. She was abhorred by this occurrence and strongly suggested I talk to the main HR person up the in the office building. I went up there and she was really busy with some interviews. I left a message with the receptionist and went back down to talk to the trainer again about what my next move would be. At this point it was about an hour from my shift and I was thinking of calling in "sick" to get out of it. In 10 minutes, the trainer gossiped to another manager, which some people overheard, and so on until the consensus was that I must go up to the office and simply wait for the HR person to finish the interviews. They all knew and would accept it if I were to be late. I waited up stairs and after some time, the general night manager (who was sick the previous evening) caught wind of the situation. I described the situation for him and said if he was there and this happened, head would have rolled right then and there. But finding out that his floor managers were acting inappropriate behind his back was unnerving. He asked me if I was removed from the phone after my mental capacity was compromised, and I said no. This is a red flag and probably a breach of company policy and can be punishable under work related abuse laws and they knew I could sue at this point if the problem was not handled properly. He personally talked to the main HR person about the situation. People will become fired I am sure. However I stressed that I would be a great asset to the quality control department. The accepted my request and have me set down to restart training next Wednesday. Until then, I have time off. They also find that my situation and prior knowledge makes me uniquely qualified for the QC position.

Also, I got a haircut.
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Rimrook9 years ago2010-09-01 13:24:23 UTC 12 comments
Just got Lyssa's MRI scan. {:<
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Its a 3cm AVM between the occipital and temporal lobe on the right side. This calls for an embelization and a craniotomy back to back.
Rimrook9 years ago2010-08-20 21:14:33 UTC 5 comments
I lost everything involving Left 4 Beer. I reinstalled Left 4 Dead and the tools because of a strange error that would let me run the game. Of course I did this as a last effort, but normally uninstalling games leaves your local files like saved game data and added stuff. Steam games, thoroughly do not and no one told me or I didn't notice any warnings. I lost everything, instances, trigger setups, not even the autosave file has anything in it. Probably my own stupid fucking fault too.

Rest in Peace, Left 4 Beer. May your reincarnate hopefully succeed you :*(
Rimrook9 years ago2010-08-09 14:35:21 UTC 18 comments
Some more generic layouts, had a moment of blah.
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Rimrook9 years ago2010-08-04 17:02:27 UTC 12 comments
1 Year Anniversary with me and my GF!

Went and seen Dinner for Schmucks in the theatre. Was a really heart warming movie. Will like have good cake and sex. :D

We will have many more years together without a doubt.
Rimrook9 years ago2010-07-29 22:08:06 UTC 11 comments
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