Captain Terror4 years ago2014-10-20 18:30:31 UTC 8 comments
This guy has inspired me to try and start making my own Lithium-Ion Battery packs :)
[url=]Here is the video I first watched to get inerested in it :)[/url]

I might invest in a used terminal welder, just becuase soldering cells scares the shit out of me.. ='(

Also a big plus, I get an unlimited amount of cells to play with due to failed battery packs at work; we throw them out, and normally when they fail, only 1-2 cells out of the pack(out of 8) are actually bad.
Captain Terror5 years ago2014-02-20 10:35:39 UTC 18 comments
Lo, this MONSTER!
User posted image

Ever wonder how upgrading your gfx card will affect your 3d rendering ability in Hammer 4?
The answer is: Big-time!

Definitely noticed a general performance increase after getting a rig with an i7 processor, but since I didn't map much at the time, I can't be sure to what extent.

Now, after upgrading my gfx card(from GTX 630 to a GTX 650), the 3D performance increase is unmistakable! Before, I'd have to visgroup like a bandit just to have smooth 3D navigation on a big map, but now, I can have the entire map visible while editing, with no choppiness, nor any sort of lag!

If you were thinking about upgrading your gfx card and you map a lot, hesitate no further!*

*For Hammer 4 at least. i have yet to do any testing with Hammer 3.x
Captain Terror5 years ago2013-12-20 18:48:13 UTC 12 comments
User posted image

Quick Specs
i7-3770 Quad-Core Processor, 3.4GHz, 8MB Shared Cache
8GB DDR3-1333 RAM
1TB 7200 rpm SATA HDD
Nvidia GeForce GT630 2GB
SuperMulti DVD Burner
15-in-1 Memory Card Reader
Wireless-N LAN card
Beats Audio
Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate

Price: $539(Used)

After using the same laptop for the past 6 years, this will be the first desktop system I've owned in recent times.(My last desktop was a p4! :o)

This was definitely and impulse buy and i'm sure i could have found something much better, but i consider it more or less a bandaid, until i get my new high-end gaming notebook this spring/summer.

I will upgrade the video card if i need to, but compared to what i'm using now, the GT 630 2GB is like pure gold =)

Now that i've purchased it and it's shipped, anyone feel free to tell me what is wrong with it, and/or what upgrayedds you'd recommend for optimal performance. Also, i've 30 days to return it with free shipping if not satisfied, so..
Captain Terror5 years ago2013-07-27 02:05:28 UTC 7 comments
Easiest Fresh Install Ever!

My computer was slow, and getting slower by the minute... Simple file operations and boot times were taking FOREVER, and it seemed to be getting worse with time.

Tried everything i could to fix it to avoid the extra work of a reinstall, and i mean i tried any and all gimmicks and quick fixes to improve system performance, but nothing helped. (a couple times i thought i had it sorted, but nooo..) :P

Sooo, after backing up my steamapps folder, firefox bookmarks, and of course all my documents/maps/music/etc, as well existing drivers with driver magician just in case, i loaded a previously image of a fresh windows 7 install, and proceeded to reload my core applications and drivers.

Surprisingly, i had most everything i use restored within a couple hours(minus windows updates and antivirus), and Shit is DAMN FAST now! So fast i don't even want use Windows Update or anything to fuck it up :P

I still have to decide what kind of antivirus/firewall i'm going to go with, as i don't think i'm going to use Avast/Commodo anymore.

Also, for the first time ever i tried Windows easy share to help with the transition, which was pretty successful at saving most of my windows settings, and desktop shortcuts, as well my pinned applications(which helped a lot).
Captain Terror6 years ago2013-02-20 05:08:01 UTC 3 comments
Watching the final season of Star Trek: DS9, and wow what a ride!

User posted image
Deep Space Nine is the third(i think) incarnation of the Star Trek tv franchise, the last series for me to watch, and i must say it gives voyager a run for it's money as my favourite.

Dominion war is pretty bitchin' and i must say out of all the treks, i feel like the writing is the best for this one. So many good episodes, and truly excellent performances from the cast all-around, not to mention some great comic relief, particularly from some lesser-seen-yet-great alien characters like Garrak or Quark's Brother.

Another thing i love about ds9 is they have some really great "filler" episodes. Some of these standalone shows--that has nothing to do with any of the main story arcs-- had some of the best/meaningful performances of the series(sometimes from the most unlikely of characters), and are among my favourite episodes.
Captain Terror6 years ago2013-02-10 07:51:04 UTC 6 comments
I was totally thinking about building this today, but it turns out someone else built one already this summer!

I was so excited looking up patent bullshit and everything, oh well.. ='(

Hundredth Monkey effect? or just poor timing, or fuck off captain terror? you make the call! =)
Captain Terror6 years ago2012-10-17 00:20:28 UTC 2 comments
Defying Gravity
Since i doubt there will be a manned exploration of the galaxy(or even the solar system) in my lifetime, i'll have to settle for Defying Gravity.

User posted image

In the near future, an international space association will launch an 11-trillion-dollar mission to explore our solar system. Complete with tons of weepy/whiny dialogue and sex, this is basically a soap opera in space. That said it has a very high production value for sets and props and effects, so i still really enjoy it.

User posted image

The ship, Antares is equipped to provide the crew of 8 with food/water, atmoshpere, and artificial gravity for the 6-year tour of solar system.

User posted image
I'm starting the eleventh episode now, and i hope they will finally show the Venus lander they keep talking about... :badass:
Captain Terror6 years ago2012-10-09 20:01:45 UTC 19 comments
4 things i resisted using in hammer editor, and now i use them all the time:

Centers your 2d views on a selcted object(usually from the 3d view). Irreplaceable on a big/complex map.

QuickHide selected/unselected
Radio buttons next to the visgrouping ones, that temporarily hide selected or unselected objects. Again, great big/complex maps, specifically for quickly sorting out visual clutter in the 3d/orthograpic views, so you can more easily see what you are working on.

Paste Special
Pastes on the direct coordinates of the copied object. Great for reproducing multiple, off-grid stuff you could never otherwise align properly, because it's in-between gridpoints.

Cordon Tool and Cordon Compile
Isoloates an entire area from the editable/viewable area of the map(sort of like QuickHide, but for a whole area, not objects. Great for reducing your compile time for a specific area, and reducing editor lag for a busy map.
Captain Terror6 years ago2012-09-25 08:16:16 UTC 18 comments
Top-10 mundane, but extremely-useful everyday inventions
10. Wet Wipes
09. Lint Rollers--the sticky things that you peel off
08. Plasti-rubber sandals--the nike ones last for fucking-ever.
07. headlamps (headtorches for the engrish?)
06. Individually-wrapped anything
05. spray bottles
04. non-dairy, powdered coffee creamer (this stuff saves lives)
03. Santa Hats
02. zip ties
01. yer mum

In other news
I'm finding The Shield a very nice stop-gap measure whilst waiting for the 2013 final episodes of Breaking Bad.. Another great show!
Captain Terror6 years ago2012-07-02 00:03:26 UTC 14 comments
A weekend extravaganza of spending cash on upgrades! :o

Behold to all who giveth a single fuck, my ghetto-fabulous setup:
User posted image

Now when i check my email, i feel like i'm piloting the nebencanezer :)

"The best thing about my new
setup isn't piloting the matrix,
it's showing everyone online
that i did!"

p-7811fx gateway laptop
acer s230hl 23' display from walmart($169)
old sony xp machine(p4 2.66, 512mb RAM, 80gb HDD)
3TB WD ibook from walmart($139)
Logitech k800 illuminated/wireless keyboard(beast buy)
Logitech m510 mouse(office max)
Combo chiclet keyboard/mouse ($29 target(for the sony machine))
Aperture coffee cup
Targus folding laptop cooling pad(underneath gateway masheen)
generic slimline foam mouse pad
Random hdmi cable (unused prop)
4-bangar targus usb hub($12 wal*mart)
Belkin Easy Transfer cable($29 OfficeMax(for linking gateway to sony vaio))

Also unseen, for the primary gateway machine, i got rid of my 200gb primary drive and shifted over my 300gb as primary, plus added a 1TB hitachi travelstar($99 Beast Buy) to the second bay.(I CAN HAZ FREE SPACE AGAIN!)

I used a program called EaseUS To-Do Backup to image my drives before performing the hdd replacement surgery, and den EaseUS Partition Master to perform the tasks Windows 7 Disk management couldn't handle.

I'm using UltraMon to manage my dual-screen setup and it works great, but my vote is still out whether this is going to improve my mapping workflow or not. It would probably work better if i was using two monitors of the same size/ratio, but meh idk.

I DO however really like the dual screen setup for most everything else, as i find it very easy to use and highly functional. Everything is working great, and the only thing that seems incompatible to move to the second screen so far are my SevenDeskBar toolbars ='(

I keep the old sony around as a backup machine(if the gateway fails, gets stolen, becomes compromised by mudkips, etc), and it doubles as a dedicated mp3/movie player. The sony laptop is connected to the big screen with the vga connector, so a quick input change(one button press on the monitor) and i can view the sony on the big screen :)
Captain Terror6 years ago2012-06-24 03:09:55 UTC 8 comments
I haz new stuff!

After 3 years of using a shitty, itty-bitty-baby mobile mouse, i finally upgraded and bought a Logitech M510 cordless mouse: User posted image
It sets up in seconds soon as you insert the dongle(looololol) in a usb port, and tracks better than any mouse i ever used before(my first cordless mouse in years).

I can already feel the relief in my wrist.. frigging awesome, PLUS there are 2 extra buttons, comfly placed to move fore or aft in your browser.

Also, i bought a logitech k360 cordless "chiclet" keyboard, so now i can easily recline/rock in my easy chair whilst mapping/gaming/candlestick-making: User posted image
'Twas very easy to setup like the mouse, and works great, but size-wise it feels a bit cramped. Also would be nice if the keys lit up, but, i'm sure that would severely reduce the 3-year battery life, not to mention increase the modest $29 pricetag ;)

Tomorrow, i think i'll pick up a new 2.5" hdd, so i have the space to reinstall all mah games, Trailer Park Boys movies, and of course have room for cs:go =)

That is all gentlemen, carry on!
Captain Terror6 years ago2012-06-12 10:34:00 UTC 7 comments
Summer Resolution
Finish things.

So ya something clicked in my brain making me realize how many projects i start, quickly lose interest in, and abandon.

Thusly, i decided to try a new plan for me to finish things, and actually create some simple rules to follow:
1. If i commit to a project, i will NOT start any additional new projects until the first one it is finished.
2. Regardless of setbacks, design flaws or whatever, the map will be continued until it is "done", or, matches your final "vision" of the map.

My first project will be to finish gb_junkworld, my entry for the gamebanana contest. (30% complete and 7 days to go :|)

Next will be be a map called de_campus, or a quick/dirty replica of my college campus.

Third map is a secret.

fourth map on the drawing board is a minigame of a popular, but old-school kids board game for CS:S. Terrorists will roll the dice and pick cards against the ct team, and whichever team wins gets guns to kill the t's.

Sooo finally, hopefully at the end of a couple months i can complete these projects and feel like i'm accomplishing something ;)
Captain Terror6 years ago2012-06-10 22:50:00 UTC 4 comments
I love Radiohead.
User posted image

It's easy to forget how awesome they are with so much other music around to distract you, but dang i feel more time goes by it seems, i'm liking them more and more.

Listening to the entire discographie right now and loving it, thou i'll admit skipping some of the more queer tracks on pablo honey ;)
Captain Terror6 years ago2012-06-07 02:31:01 UTC 10 comments
Why are the "Grey" alien faces so scary?
User posted image
I just watched this video and iam scart outta my wits, and i don't normally get scared. Their faces are just so creepy!1 =/

thanks grim ;)
Captain Terror7 years ago2012-02-29 13:05:59 UTC 1 comment
Star Trek: The Original Seried - Remastered: Review
User posted image
Right. So, i'm making my way through the Original Star Trek Series now, after previously watching ST:Enterprise And ST:Voyager recently.

My first impression is for the time, i feel the physical props and sets are pretty damn good for the time, if not so much the writing and makeup, and i keep reminding myself that a show of this nature had been done/tried before not.

For those unaware, Paramount has updated all the original video/beam/viewscreen effects of the show with up-to-date CGI, which makes the shows much easier on the eyes if you've ever watched the original original series.
User posted image
I've obviously caught rerun episodes of Star Trek on the tube before, but not with any regularity, and i'd rarely sit through an entire episode. Watching the episodes concurrently is pretty interesting and great improvements are made very early in the series from the first episode.

Character development and the "feel" of Spock and the others is much improved for the most part by episode 3 or 4, but the writing just seems to stay pretty cheeze/bad for every episode i've watched. Again, I keep reminding myself this show was made in the late '60s, but implausible plot lines remain implausible, and over-simplified plots remain too simple.

That said, you can't help but enjoy the interplay between the original cast, as they all "click" together very well, which now makes it easy to understand how they were able to take re-purpose the original series into a very successful movie franchise with the same players.
User posted image
Though i'm enjoying the show for the most part, I am finding myself FF though some episodes or skipping altogether because the story is sometimes that bad. I have high hopes that seasons 2 and 3 will improve the overall believability of the show.

Verdict: The worst Star Trek series i've watched, but it's the first, so you still have to hold a place in your heart for genesis of the franchise. =P

Nextup for me after watching seasons 2 and 3, will be ST:Deep Space Nine, which i can't wait to watch. ^_^