yesterday i played portal for the first time. but i ended up uninstalling it because my small dumb stupid brain couldnt solve the puzzles. But i got inspired, and decided to make a portal deathmatch map for Half-Life, because, why not?

So i got inspired by TFC´s 2fort, and made something like that:
User posted image
It felt kinda empty, so i added a few corridors and windows:
User posted image
Also i added a few offices:
User posted image
User posted image
So far is lookin good, but we need the aperture super complicated white/gray/blue tridimensional cool sliding door
I started to make something, and so far it looks like this:
User posted image
Well i havent finished the map, but i will upload it as soon as i finished it =p
Mean while meet jerry, the bullet hole-made man!
User posted image
PD: Images not showing up for me pls help

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