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Posted 6 months ago2018-03-31 09:13:37 UTC
Admer456 Admer456What's this? Custom title? OwO
So, my 3ds Max 6 DVD is no longer usable as my DVD drive seems to be dying. :/
I could use my 2005 HP Compaq to make an image of the DVD, so there's still hope.

Looks like I'll try out 3ds Max 2012 and 2016 soon. It really makes me wonder if either of them will run. :)


Commented 6 months ago2018-04-01 10:14:06 UTC Comment #68523
Blender for the win!
Commented 6 months ago2018-04-01 17:47:26 UTC Comment #68526
Not a fan of Blender TBH.
Besides, the latest Blender needs OpenGL 2.1 to run, so I had to use an earlier version of Blender, but even then I got 25fps when I selected a cube. -_-

I just don't want to learn it until I learn 3ds Max, so there.
Commented 6 months ago2018-04-01 20:00:31 UTC Comment #68524
I've used 3ds Max, Blender, Lightwave and Milkshape 3D. I hate Blender's interface (I know it's highly customizable, but I'm not into spending an hour coniguring it's interface for my needs). 3ds Max was ok, but there were things that irked me when using it. Milkshape 3D is just bare-bones for modelling, and I forgot anything about Lightwave.

I prefer Wings 3D for modelling, it's simple, effective and convenient. Though it's designed mainly for modelling and UV Mapping, so you'd better get a plugin if you want to render something, and you can't animate in it. And it may also lack other things, as it's subdivision modeller.
Commented 6 months ago2018-04-02 09:05:32 UTC Comment #68527
If Wings3D uses OpenGL to render the viewports, then I won't use it until I get a new PC. For some reason, my GPU has OpenGL support on Windows XP x86, for example, and it has OpenGL support on Windows 7 x64. The difference being that it's working in XP, but broken on 7 (x64, since x86 was fine before I upgraded).

So, I managed to finally install 3ds Max at around 00:10. When I launched it, the viewports were broken but I switched the display driver to legacy Direct3D. And, I have to say...

3ds Max 2016 looks so much sexier than 3ds Max 6. O.O
And it runs on my 11-year-old laptop. ^^
Commented 6 months ago2018-04-02 09:58:12 UTC Comment #68525
It uses OpenGL, but latest release moved from old rendering pipeline to mostly shader based one. I've yet to update and check it's performance, a lot of optimization was mentioned in release log on Wings' forum.

Maybe it's a problem with graphics driver, have you checked that?
Commented 6 months ago2018-04-02 12:23:08 UTC Comment #68528
I've tried at least 5 drivers (2 official by Intel and Fujitsu, 3 modded), lol. They all have one thing in common - providing broken OpenGL support.

On Windows XP, this isn't a problem.

Also, old rendering pipelines are the only things my Intel GMA X3100 can support. xd

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