So I just bought a dehumidifier.

Posted 4 years ago2018-09-24 16:53:32 UTC
Striker StrikerI forgot to check the oil pressure
It's basically a small fridge.
What is your latest weird purchase?

[EDIT] It's been on for more than half an hour an nothing really happened, then all of a sudden I hear a small dripping sound and I'm like "oooohhh your first poop!" pats the dehumidifier
[EDIT2] If anyone expected an /r/jokes style post, I'm sorry, but I'm kinda dried-up on jokes right now.


Commented 4 years ago2018-09-24 22:46:46 UTC Comment #101527
Dehumidifiers are useful, just don't forget to empty the water bins (And maybe put the contents into the water tanks for your humidifier to use come winter, if you have one of those as well)

As for strange purchases...
I haven't actually bought anything that isn't food for a while now, so I dunno.
Commented 4 years ago2018-09-25 21:35:00 UTC Comment #101528
I don't really do unusual purchases these days. It's either gaming related or buying or replacing something functional for the house. Not sure if missing out or just becoming one of these "adults" I hear so much about...
Commented 4 years ago2018-09-26 02:08:31 UTC Comment #101530
I bought a japanese pull hand saw because i'm sick of the western push style crappy ones and i'm too cheap to buy a proper table saw / circular saw.

That and i bought a custom wrench to fit on one of my guitars because OF COURSE THEY NEED A CUSTOM TOOL TO ADJUST THE NECK. shakes fist at Jackson Guitar Company
Commented 4 years ago2018-10-03 18:21:54 UTC Comment #101546
What is your latest weird purchase?
My dignity. Still trying to pay it even though it's almost worthless...
Commented 4 years ago2018-10-10 20:54:36 UTC Comment #101550
I bought a 3d printer a few weeks ago.
I've actually been using it to make a small scale dehumidifier, as PLA filament absorbs moisture surprisingly quickly.

I got it with the intention of making mechanical devices, but so far I haven't actually had the time to do any of that.

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