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Posted 4 years ago2019-04-02 15:12:29 UTC
So I had a train of thought the other day, while playing Borderlands 2, a bit out of the blue, which I kinda wanna write down and since I wouldn't know where else, I'll just do it here.

Basically what I thought was - Half-Life 2 plus episodes isn't really big on optional objectives or the likes. In fact, no Valve game I've played is. Side quests aren't really a thing (Lambda caches don't count) and being very linear is pretty much a staple of the whole series. And I wondered what it'd be like to try and build some optional stuff into maps... like, go make this boom, if you're willing to take a detour, you can make it easier, I dunno, blow up Combine machinery and if you take a detour first to take out their radio relay comm thingy, it'll be easier because they won't send reinforcements. Stuff like that. Or, for instance, if along the way in Nova Prospekt, you had the opportunity to liberate incarcerated rebels and vorts, who would subsequently serve as allies during combat situations. Etc etc.

Now that's all kinda heavily influenced by my current playing through Metal Gear Solid V, where I usually, before sneaking into an outpost, start by planting explosives around their comms, power supplies, anti air guns etc, but also some through Borderlands 2 - if you bother with the sidequest of getting the power back online at station whatsitcalled, it'll unlock the shops, garage and spawn point there. Etc. I figured stuff like that would be pretty cool in Half-Life 2. Or (didn't think about that as much) Black Mesa. Fulfill objective X in area controlled by grunts, if you turn on the power for the conveyor system, you'll get supplies from the conveyor belts. Or take some time for secondary objective this and that to turn off the AC so you can sneak through the then-unlocked vents. Etc etc.

So yeah. Bit of an odd rant here... just had to write this down to revisit once I'll have time and energy to maybe try and make use of that, at some point in the distant future... do with that as you will, I'd love to hear some thoughts from yall maybe


Commented 4 years ago2019-04-02 16:08:35 UTC Comment #101938
I've actually had an idea for a mod like this. Basically it would be a bunch of interconnected maps that basically act as a freeform open world, with objectives throughout that can be approached from multiple directions.
Commented 4 years ago2019-04-05 19:32:49 UTC Comment #101942
I like that concept. My mod will be more like "do whatever you want whenever you want", so it's all optional but still linear, sort of like GTA: San Andreas.
Commented 4 years ago2019-04-05 22:00:20 UTC Comment #101943
Just had a thought I might try and build into something.... again drawing inspiration from Metal Gear Solid V (almost 200 hours on record, I seriously need a new addiction to get away from this game)...

basically taking MGSV's prison facility, Camp Omega, and its POWs you can liberate throughout the missions, and putting that into Black Mesa.... what I'm thinking here is, primary objective: go there, do this. Secondary objectives: liberate security staff held captive by HECU, rescue scientist xyz who's hiding out in the labs, destroy HECU comms centre... each side op shipped off into a separate map would allow for easier creating the maps, but they should all interact with the main mission.... for instance, the security staff would form a squad and support the player, the scientist would unlock a retina-scanner guarded door to let the player grab a fancy weapon (RPG? Tau cannon?) and taking out the comms would disable reinforcements during a final battle...

I gotta draw shit up and chances are, I'll never have the time to do this (plus, BMS is tricky to map for because it sets the bar for visuals much much higher), but I'd love to flesh out the details for this one...
Commented 4 years ago2019-04-10 12:39:32 UTC Comment #101946
this would definitely be doable in goldsource if you wanted to.
Commented 4 years ago2019-04-10 16:01:55 UTC Comment #101947
I'm not really a fan of Goldsrc, I'd have to re-learn half of what I know about mapping for that. BMS' rad visuals make it hard to make a map that can match the stock maps, but it's pretty much the same as mapping for HL2, so it's a working environment I'm familiar with.
Commented 4 years ago2019-04-12 12:05:18 UTC Comment #101948
Far Cry 2 also has that system.

Whenever you had a main objective, your prefered buddy would call you to meet him/her in a house. He/she asks you to do a favor and in exchange he/she simplify your main objective assuming you agree and do the favor.

The problem with Borderlands 2 side objectives is that some of them aren't "logic" and are more like "challenges" (kill that bad guy with a pistol, kill 50 guys wuth critics...)

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