So I drink coffee now...

Posted 2 months ago2023-11-26 01:12:16 UTC
CaptainQuirk26 CaptainQuirk26Lord Fruglmeister, El Dorito, etc.
First off, I'd like to say that this is my first journal that I am posting to both TWHL and SoFurry. I'd also like to add the disclaimer that I am not encouraging anybody reading this on TWHL to seek out the SoFurry platform, as that would violate the site's rules. In fact, I'm going to say that if you're not there already, you're not the kind of person who should go there. Anyway, onto the journal.
So I recently started drinking coffee, which is of course much higher caffeine than my previous go-to, Dr. Pepper. Well, last night I drank two coffees and failed to fall asleep at all. It's now five in the afternoon and I'm still not "tired." Which means I see a high likelihood of this becoming a recurring problem...
Why do I keep doing this shit to myself? I'm easily the most self-destructive person I know. I'm going to end up working myself to death, or lazing myself into morbid obesity. I can't find a middle ground in anything. I like to say that I don't think in black and white, but I can't seem to find the gray...


Commented 2 months ago2023-11-26 02:25:47 UTC Comment #105657
First: That opening paragraph needn't be there... Why mention the other site at all?

Second: You say "last night" you drank two coffees? Here's a crazy idea. Don't drink coffee at night before trying to go to sleep.
Commented 2 months ago2023-11-26 10:26:19 UTC Comment #105658
As Urba says, try avoiding any caffeine in the afternoon.
If you find yourself enjoying the taste of coffee and would like some in the afternoon anyway, I can recommend caffeine-free coffee. Alternatively cocoa (either as hot chocolate or a bar of dark chocolate) is also a source of caffeine but at a much lower dose and better to have in the afternoon than coffee.

As for the last part, self-destructive behaviour is often a symptom of some other cause, like stress, anxiety, and it could help to talk to someone professional about it.
Commented 2 months ago2023-11-26 10:44:29 UTC Comment #105659
Yeah, decaff is a good shout. I drink coffee throughout the workday and then switch to decaff in the evening. That way I still get the yummy hot drink but I don't have any trouble sleeping.
Commented 2 months ago2023-11-26 16:12:23 UTC Comment #105661
I once drank iced coffee in the afternoon and managed to stay up til 6 in the morning.
Never doing that again unless I really really reallyyyy have to. Few things in life are worth sacrificing one's sleep.
Commented 2 months ago2023-11-29 14:06:02 UTC Comment #105673
How do people make caffeine work on them i don't understand aaaaaa

All I end up doing is just falling asleep anyway
Commented 2 months ago2023-11-30 02:32:32 UTC Comment #105674
Same Windawz but coffee is tasty so I drink it anyway :)

But yeah if it affects you a lot and you want to drink it at nighttime then just get some decaf, it tastes the same.
Commented 2 months ago2023-11-30 12:47:44 UTC Comment #105677
I've noticed that i'm sleepy from 9 to 12, and after 12:30 i enter turbo mode, no matter how many energy drinks or coffees i'm on. Maybe that's a common thing

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