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Posted 7 years ago2013-03-25 21:04:01 UTC
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I watched Real Steel. I was expecting a shitty action movie, but what I got was neither an action movie or shitty. It was hardly a masterpiece for the ages but it actually made a single tear run down my cheek at one point, so was at least competent in what it tried to achieve. Might've been the rum, too.

I had a very hard time accepting that it took place in 2020.

Before that I watched Frogs. It was so fucking bad that it was good. But seriously, it was bad.
Posted 7 years ago2013-03-18 22:30:25 UTC
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Posted 7 years ago2013-03-17 22:10:08 UTC
in Body Parts Post #313075
Not sure if serious or if no one else besides Disco and I watched The Simpsons back when it was the best show on TV.
Posted 7 years ago2013-03-10 07:56:42 UTC
in TWHL Database Hack Post #313000
Question: Was it possible to discover and inform PB of the exploit without deleting a bunch of our stuff by actually following through with it?
Posted 7 years ago2013-03-07 01:09:23 UTC
in I'm rusty help me out. Post #312920
Tetsuo + TJB = your answer.
Posted 7 years ago2013-03-05 05:44:17 UTC
in Insurgency (Early Access) Post #312904
I really, really enjoyed the mod. Found it a unique middle-ground between brutally realistic and still accessible to the average gamer who might not enjoy such realism. After all, how many times do we repeat that "real life is not fun" when people make complaints about game mechanics not being "realistic"?

This is good news, had no idea you were involved in this. Cool stuff bro!
Posted 7 years ago2013-03-04 00:17:27 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #312882
It's definitely not for everyone, and it's another game that's all about the multiplayer. Just like most shooters coming out, if you buy it to play singleplayer, you did it wrong. It's the best in the series from that perspective, but it's the best of a mediocre series, so take it as it is.
Posted 7 years ago2013-02-26 23:42:13 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #312777
I really like that trim texture combined with the floor. Cool stuff, man.
Posted 7 years ago2013-02-11 09:55:13 UTC
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Posted 7 years ago2013-01-31 14:37:21 UTC
in Last movie you saw? Post #312390
Saw Django as well. The pacing was really screwed up but it was good otherwise. Nice to see Samuel L Jackson get a good role and play it well.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-30 22:10:43 UTC
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That's golden.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-27 19:20:54 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #312335
Yeah! I also love how potions are "flasks" and just get emptied, then fill up slowly as you kill. Genius take on D2's "magazine-belt" of potions. Love it.

What's your account? I've got a BF3 showmatch in an hour so I can't play until after then but I'll play some with you. You'll probably be ahead of me by then though, IDK how that works yet.
User posted image
Match will be shoutcasted live featuring multiple player's perspectives at and starts in one hour!
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-27 17:25:01 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #312332
It's what Diablo 3 should have been. It's almost depressing. I don't even know where to begin really. Here's the skill tree:
User posted image

This is an online game too btw guys, no single player. My favorite change is probably how they do hardcore. When your HC toon dies, instead of being erased, he just gets moved to softcore. They eliminated the one thing that turns players off of what makes the game so much better. Now the incentive not to die is essentially just bragging rights of still being in the Hardcore League. All the tension and reward is there, without the punishment. It's quite smart.

The beta's open just go play it lol. If you liked Diablo 2 you'll like this.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-27 04:37:42 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #312329
Path of Exile open beta.

It's really good.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-19 06:13:30 UTC
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My teammate's perspective from our CEVO 5v5 pre-season Battlefield match last night.

We won 2-0 despite a teensy bit of a rocky start.

This stuff is funnnn.

second round, from another perspective though
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-19 01:21:54 UTC
in Now Playing: ... Post #312255
Dude I've been listening to Walk off the Earth too. I love their cover of People of the Sun, and the video for Sunny D and Rum is friggin hilarious.

[edit] woot! found it online! listen up yo!

Do it for the people of the sun ;_;
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-15 03:48:01 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #312205
That's a pretty good set! The size and shape deviation is very nice, it reminds me of the model packs that are in Starcraft 2's editor. You can do cool things with a very few well made shapes and sizes. Keep it up!
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-13 04:09:52 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #312171
It looks exactly the same lol. That shot could be confused with an alpha shot of minecraft, but whatever. I don't know if you've seen shots of Infiniminer or not.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-12 07:23:19 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #312161
lol, ok.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-12 06:17:01 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #312159
No, the most recent one was pretty obviously Crollo. It happened a couple days after he disappeared suddenly. Hadn't happened in a long time and hasn't happened since. And he's back some months later, but using a different name? For no reason at all? Sure. Whatever.

Pretty damn coincidental if you ask me.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-11 04:32:06 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #312150
That's actually a pretty cool effect. Some minor tweaking to make it believeable, like others have said, would be good though. While it's admirable you're willing to scrap your own ideas for the good of the map, I'd like to see you polish the effect rather than scrap it. Cool effect anyways.

The map's looking good too, you improve pretty consistently. I still think those corner brick models look very out of place considering they are on nearly every corner of every building regardless of what that building is textured with. Minor detail, but I can't unsee it.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-11 04:22:39 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #312149
Isn't this the same kid that spammed gay porn and gore a couple days after he decided to abandon the Crollo profile? Why is he still allowed here?
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-09 05:13:24 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #312131
Yeah I agree. It seems like when WarZ got announced. Even though I like the original game, I'll play whichever ends up being better. It's just more likely that it will be the original.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-09 03:58:37 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #312129
The second point I cannot argue against. The first point seems like "at least it isn't admitting it's attempting to rip off Minecraft!" which I don't get. I'd prefer that it just admit it. If it ends up being a better game, then great. We'll all have a better game.

edit: oh, i read that wrong. It's openly admitting to being inspired by Minecraft? Thats a step above admitting nothing at all but a step behind admitting that it's a clear rip-off. It looks identical.

I'll keep an eye on it, but I predict that it will fade out pretty quickly considering the rate that Minecraft continues to release updates at. It's tough to compete with mountains of money.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-09 01:47:39 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #312122
That looks exactly like Minecraft. The UI is even identical, except for lacking experience and hunger bars.

In Now Gaming news, I'm thinking of playing Spec Ops: The Line since Yahtzee gave it his game of 2012 pick. He picked a modern-themed shooter as best game of 2012. Didn't expect that at all, holy crap.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-08 02:10:25 UTC
in Review everything! Post #312103
Wait, CS gives penalties for quitting games while you're losing now? AWESOME.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-06 07:42:50 UTC
in Masks Post #312055
Luke for Moderator.

oh crap i just got banned.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-06 04:35:27 UTC
in Masks Post #312052
Not too stiff, just too busy with more important shit, like, you know, life. It is Pengy and Grim at this point, lets face it, and they both have lives.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-06 03:33:51 UTC
in Masks Post #312049
You know what would be a funny experiment? A "Mapping Only Week" on TWHL.

With the exception of the shoutbox, Now Playing and Now Gaming threads, any discussion on this mapping site that is not directly related to mapping by any user results in that user being banned for the rest of Mapping Only Week.

Random political or nationalistic thread? Ban for the rest of the week. Random journal about something you saw in the news? Ban for the rest of the week.

Granted this experiment would take a lot of moderation and its not fair to ask our two active mods to do extra work, but its a fun idea.

My prediction is that the WIP thread and the current compo thread would rule the front page all week, with the exception of a few good "i've got a problem" threads.

At the very least it would be quite funny. We'd probably all get banned.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-03 02:24:40 UTC
in Masks Post #312015
Yes Grim. That is part of why so many TWHL veterans have left. The other part is that they simply have either grown bored of mapping after so many years, or don't have the time to lately due to work, getting married, etc etc. That, however, should not be and is not enough to cause a person to leave a community. There's much more to it. The fact that a few still very actively mapping older members barely show up at all, despite not "officially" leaving, is testament to that.

I, like Grim, hope that when the new engine launches we see a bit of life breathed into the site and see a few older members make returns. At the pace we're going I can't really see that happening though.

tl;dr ban people for offensive comments/post which contribute nothing to the site/mapping.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-02 00:46:27 UTC
in Masks Post #311992
Ok added you both Urby and Moomoo. I'll be in touch. Cheers. The everyday-IRC-crew includes Zombieloffe, Srry, Caboose, Hugh, Nickelplate, Grim, Weebl, (sometimes Dewdle although he's going to be in China for a while really soon) and others. Hope to see you in there occasionally, Urby.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-02 00:28:57 UTC
in Masks Post #311990
Wait, do I still have you on Steam, Urby?

[edit] you got it moomoo, you're in like Flynn.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-02 00:25:11 UTC
in Masks Post #311988
Part of me wants to beg you not to leave. Part of me has seen many, many veterans leave but still keep in touch with me regularly and is not worried about losing touch. Many I talk to every day.

Maybe it's my own absurd stubbornness that has caused me not to leave with the others. If you change your mind, and I hope you do, I'll be glad.

If you don't, that's fine too. It's your decision. I'm going to send you an IRC channel on steam where you can hop in every once in a while to shoot the shit with some of us. You can share it with Archie too.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-01 15:01:20 UTC
in NRA blame video games Post #311980
Nation wide public votes do not happen. We are a representative democracy.
Posted 7 years ago2013-01-01 06:03:49 UTC
in NRA blame video games Post #311977
"Stupid NRA finding a single, simple scapegoat to blame countless, unrelated tragedies on!" oh and also "Guns are the reason bad things happen. Yeah I'm picking a single, simple scapegoat but it's not the same because I'M RIGHT!"

The entire gun/media situation in a nutshell.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-31 00:47:58 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #311945
Ninja that looks really good for a learning thing. I couldn't tell my butt from my face when I tried blender. You should keep at it because that's pretty good.

Have you made any single models, like props for source maps yet? You should try that if you haven't. I bet you'd be good at it.

Oh, and Habboi, that looks fucking awesome. TONS of improvement from last time we saw it, where it already looked awesome. Good idea on simply tethering that stack of pipes together, I remember that being discussed. Much better and more simple solution that any of us suggested.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-29 03:57:38 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #311917
If single player map: Spooky! Awesome! That could be scary!

If multiplayer map: OH DEAR GOD NO, WHY, WHY?
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-27 23:17:41 UTC
in Don't use Gamefront/Filefront Post #311899
Step 1: free VPN

Step 2: Fuck the Gamefront police
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-26 18:02:32 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #311878
CT: Why Minecraft? Two words: Hardcore. Mode.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-26 16:07:50 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #311875
Looks pretty good dimbark, all I'd change is those lightly-colored stones lining every edge of the building. They don't really match up with the texture and look very out of place.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-24 03:12:23 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #311834
Yeah I tried to tweak it. Every time I launched the game it would reset though. After doing this every time I went to play I just gave up.

At the time I was still on a 16:10 monitor so it'd actually be 65 horizontal, which is still a bit low. I play my comp BF3 matches with about 85 so maybe I was talking out my ass when I said I can handle 70.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-23 23:20:47 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #311831
I understand that it makes the game look more realistic, and I can play 70 and above. I'd be able to tolerate 45 for a really good single player game if it didn't make me physically ill. I really hope the new Metro game has an FOV slider.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-23 23:00:23 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #311829
I enjoyed the little I played of it, but the locked FOV of around 45 or whatever it is made me sick to my stomach after 30 mins or so. Really put a damper on it.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-22 06:28:24 UTC
in Competition 33 Post #311787
Damnit I came here to say "Oh yeah, well wait 'til you see what Dewdle has planned!"

But he beat me to it. Crafty bastard.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-22 06:22:02 UTC
in Complete bullshit new law passed in US Post #311785
Uh, I don't think Penguinboy was supporting you Zeeba.

The opening post in this thread was Obama and Hitler together on puppet strings with a burning US constitution behind it. You literally can not get more stupid than that.

Hitler killed like six million people. Obama signed one shitty law. Comparing the two is laughable, not to mention, quite frankly offensive.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-22 04:30:28 UTC
in Complete bullshit new law passed in US Post #311777
It's hilarious how we are still discussing gun control in the US as if it is logistically possible to change.

What part of this do you people not understand?
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-22 02:58:28 UTC
in Complete bullshit new law passed in US Post #311772
TJB made the most technically informative post so far, but none of the previous posters are even going to read it, lets be honest.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-22 01:31:12 UTC
in Complete bullshit new law passed in US Post #311768
I don't see why the argument over gun laws always has to be two extremes, guns and no guns
Yes. That is the US gun control argument by people who don't live in the US and have no idea what they're talking about. It's either "no guns" or "guns".

Everyone in the US knows that there are more guns than there are people, and just a little more than half are actually legal and registered, and that removing guns from the US is logistically impossible. We know this entire debate is completely and utterly pointless.

Quite frankly I'm disgusted whenever something like the Sandy Hook shootings, or Virginia Tech, or Columbine happens and people are so quick to use it to support their own political or sociological ideals or arguments.

No one was talking about how much of a problem guns are a week before 20 children died. No one here was debating gun control in the US the day, week, or month before the shooting. The day after, everyone can't shut up about how their own political stance would have stopped this. It's like people wait for this sort of thing to happen just so their opinions can be justified. It's absurd.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-22 00:12:26 UTC
in Complete bullshit new law passed in US Post #311766
A both informative and thought provoking comment.
Posted 7 years ago2012-12-21 23:55:32 UTC
in Complete bullshit new law passed in US Post #311763
Six out of fifty states in the US allow teachers to conceal firearms in order to defend students, as absurdly rare as that situation is, under several conditions:

1: They must buy a licence, not just a gun licence, a licence to carry a firearm on school grounds, which is normally so fucking illegal that it's not even funny. Children have been expelled(not suspended, expelled) from school for unknowingly having a single bullet in their jacket pocket leftover from their last family hunting trip, in my own home town.

2: They need to attend a very lengthy training course on indoor, tactical firearm usage.

3: They need to use ammunition specifically designed not to pierce targets, or ricochet off surfaces. The ammo disintegrates upon impact.

4: The district(not school, not town, district.) needs to give the specific teacher a written letter of permission, which the teacher must apply for.

To put all of this into perspective, the requirements for being an armed security guard(which lots of people are suggesting large schools have an armed security guard at the door) are not even fucking close to this.