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Posted 11 years ago2008-03-02 17:53:04 UTC
in Competition 25 Post #247066
I'm gonna make a map for this as well... would do one of the DM maps from Star Trek: Elite Force but the CD's corrupted >.< so I'm probably going to end up doing dreads Halo.
Posted 11 years ago2008-02-29 03:31:53 UTC
in THE SIMS 2 (TWHL PROJECT 2) Post #246846
wonders who'll be the first to set the kitchen on fire
Posted 11 years ago2008-02-28 03:55:44 UTC
in THE SIMS 2 (TWHL PROJECT 2) Post #246768
Hm. With a bit of digging around, I may be able to find the files I made for my own S2 project.

Bugger that, screenshot taken in-game (hopefully it's enough)
Just being pensive with a microwave.

And my shirt image:

And before I wander off and forget to write it, my star sign is Capricorn.
Posted 11 years ago2008-02-23 13:12:59 UTC
in TWHL3: The Buglist Post #246355
Here's that screenshot of overlapping avatars, Ant. Here
Posted 11 years ago2008-02-23 06:32:19 UTC
in TWHL3: The Buglist Post #246245
  • The larger avatars (Tetsu0, Hunter, etc) tend to overlap the edge of the post (unless that's just my screen size) [i]I'd like to see a screenshot of that - Ant
you need to press F5 -pb[/i]
Posted 11 years ago2008-02-20 17:09:57 UTC
in Spirit and Elevators Post #246042
Ok, I copied the stuff into a separate map. My method does work! (I did have a bit of a panic at one point but then realized I'd done something stupid, fixed it, and it worked.)

Unfortunately, I can't see it working with the rest of the actual map around it because I simply don't have time for the compile right now, but I probably will tomorrow.


Heck with that. starts the compile

EDIT: And of course when the compile finished I find out something's gone wrong. :/
Posted 11 years ago2008-02-20 12:33:13 UTC
in Spirit and Elevators Post #246030
No, I don't have it. All I have in my Spirit RMF folder are tests for particles, shiny water and UT Sky.

And I hadn't thought about adding the parts into a smaller map. Gonna have to try that at some point.
Posted 11 years ago2008-02-20 10:15:18 UTC
in Spirit and Elevators Post #246018
Ok, let's try this again. :

In a map I'm making, I have an elevator that is yet unrunning. I don't want to gun this and hope it works, because the current compile took nearly two hours, and I don't want to waste that just because I've done something stupid.

The elevator is to have doors that move with it. This wouldn't normally be a problem, I would read the tutorial here, but I'm using Spirit, and that tutorial doesn't cover the movewith function of Spirit.

What my method uses is a series of multi_managers and trigger_changetargets.

Say the elevator is on the upper level, and somebody presses the call button on the lower level. The call button (lowerbutton) activates the second upper multi_manager (eleuppermm2, the other for arriving at the upper level).

This multi_manager then triggers five things.

At 0.01 seconds, it triggers the trigger_changetarget 'lowerbuttondummy'. This changes the lower call button's target to a door in an unreachable part of the map, in a way disabling it.

Also at 0.01 seconds, it triggers the trigger_changetarget 'elebuttondummy'. This changes the button inside the elevator (set to movewith the elevator) to a second dummy door.

At 0.1 seconds, it triggers the outer pair of doors.

At 0.2 seconds, it triggers eledoormain and eledoorother, the inner doors, the former of which is set to fire the elevator on close.

Upon reaching the lower path_corner, the first lower multi_manager is fired. This undummies the button inside the elevator and the upper call button, leaving the lower call button dummied until the elevator returns to the upper level.

The question is, would this method work?

Posted 11 years ago2008-02-11 19:23:11 UTC
in Entity Challenges Post #245503
I'd build a machine but GoldSource doesn't have the engine for it and Source mapping doesn't work on my crappy computer. A shame, because I like doing this sort of thing.
Posted 11 years ago2008-02-11 04:04:47 UTC
in !!LEAKED!! or is it? HELP ME PLZ! Post #245444
A leak can be anything down to one unit small; don't automatically think there are no holes. Things to try:

1) Use the pointfile
2) Make sure you haven't accidentally placed an entity in the void
3) Check to make sure that none of the walls facing onto the void are entities
4) Check to make sure that none of your entities poke out through a wall into the void

A suggestion to try is creating a hollow box, just big enough for some of your map, and then compile it with the box in different places; this should help narrow down the area which the leak is in.
Posted 11 years ago2008-01-19 06:24:14 UTC
in wrong falling damage Post #243804
... :rly:
Posted 11 years ago2008-01-14 03:46:36 UTC
in block light with doors question Post #243380
Making the doors opaque won't make any difference, because light goes straight through func_brushes.
Posted 11 years ago2007-12-22 06:42:49 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #241705
Did say the supports were missing. But also as I said, they'll come when I get around to it.

In fact, if I want to get it compiled at all today, I need to get on with that now.
Posted 11 years ago2007-12-21 21:17:19 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #241684
Hm, wrote a post and TWHL promptly deleted it. :|

A couple of maps based around the BMRF's transit system I'm making. Before anyone complains about textures, lack of detail and fullbright lighting, etc, I'll explain that a)These maps are still in progress so detail and retexturing will come later, b)this is actually the Hammer view, because one of my maps is so far incomplete as to have leaks all over the place, and the other hasn't got sufficient lighting on its current compile and I can't be bothered to load up HL for the screenies anyway.

takes a deep breath

1: Exit to Area 6 Topside Dorms (Doors will be locked)

2: Area 6 Platform 1

3: Transit train entrance to Area 6 station

4: The three levels of Transit Control (complete with rubbish texturing and no platform supports at all!)

5: The Sector F Line platform at Transit Control (hasn't quite made it onto the texturing list yet)

Oh, and I'm obsessed, if you couldn't tell. :pwned:
Posted 11 years ago2007-12-16 17:07:41 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #241214
I, for one, will continue mapping with Goldsrc...

Until I can get the frigging Source SDK to start up, of course. :rly:
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-19 12:38:48 UTC
in Kickstarting HL2 download Post #238805
And what do I find but the fact that the GCFs are still incomplete. :roll:
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-19 04:24:15 UTC
in Kickstarting HL2 download Post #238789
(Sorry for the double post)

I don't know what happened this morning, but Steam liked it enough to start the download up again so now it's finished. :D
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-12 12:57:01 UTC
in Kickstarting HL2 download Post #238203
1) Absolutely nothing. I'll have to check on the firewall but other than that I don't know.

2) Only reason I use WMP over WA is because on this computer WA takes about five minutes to start up.

3) When I first got the Christmas HL2 pack (HL2, Episode 1, HL: Source), entering the CD key got me all those missing textures. As Ant said, it was probably an incomplete GCF/improperly downloaded GCF.
Posted 12 years ago2007-11-12 04:14:53 UTC
in Kickstarting HL2 download Post #238190
For ages my HL2 redownload has been stuck at 79%. It's been this way since I tried to reinstall it after several missing key files. Now, yesterday, when I updated Windows Media Player from v9 to v11, it seemed to kickstart it up again. But it only made it as far as 83% before my dad thought it was slowing the system down and made me shut it off. After discovering a process which WAS slowing it down, I turned it off, then turned Steam back on, only to find... the download's now stuck at 83%. I've tried everything suggested in the Valve troubleshooting page. Is there any way I can kickstart it again?

(Files that HL2 were missing included the first BSP of Route Kanal, the Eli model, and several obvious textures.)
Posted 12 years ago2007-10-01 01:48:24 UTC
in Dungeon Keeper 2 Post #235357
I played it. Got bored when I couldn't finish it, so I cheated. :| Dunno where it is now, my brother's probably lost the disc.
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-27 11:21:12 UTC
in Really Stuck / making .bsp Post #235112
I had the problem you're describing, and it was because I'd screwed up along the compile line, and set the compile options for Spirit when the map was saving in the Valve/Maps folder. Make sure your HL is looking in the right mod directory when you compile, or separately load up HL and choose the mod you want before using the console to run the map.
Posted 12 years ago2007-09-06 11:03:13 UTC
in TWHL Mix 2? Post #233578
I hope this isn't going to die. :o


The light above the power box is on a pulse, and the hanging light is flickering.

Things needed to be done here:

Fix the FX on the glow sprite inside the airlock (you can see the black square through the window)
Add door out of room (corridor not built yet)
Add glass to overlook elevators (corridor not built yet)
Posted 12 years ago2007-08-05 13:49:31 UTC
in Switches Post #231321
How do I program the func_door to emerge from the building?
Create the size of block you need, then insert it into the building so the edge is on the same grid as the wall. Then, tie it to a func_door entity. Use the angle control in the top right of the entity properties to make it go out in the right direction (check your top down grid map for the direction you need).
"Make sure you put a negative lip on the door equal to the gap between the wall and the catwalk to make sure it reaches all the way!"

haha what does that mean?
Find out how many units there are between the building and the catwalk, then on the func_door's properties, under 'lip', type that number in as a negative number.

Also, if you want the bridge to stay out and not slide right back in again, go to the tags tab of the properties, then make sure 'toggle' is checked.

That should be about right, haven't used Hammer in a while.
Posted 12 years ago2007-07-26 06:30:01 UTC
in how do i make Post #230322

swears louder because he can't get it
Posted 12 years ago2007-07-21 11:11:46 UTC
in Design an Emoticon! Post #229845
Just hard to do within 15x15. In that you've got a very limited space to work with.

and I should stop thinking.
Actually a very good idea.
Posted 12 years ago2007-07-21 07:30:27 UTC
in Design an Emoticon! Post #229817
Hoping this works...
User posted image
Smilie Code - :ciggie:
User posted image
Smilie Code - :crosseyes: (Could also be replacement for :sarcastic:)
User posted image
Smilie Code - :gak:

There are others I made ages ago, but A) they were for another forum and B) they're bigger than 15x15.
Posted 12 years ago2007-07-18 01:46:10 UTC
in Nothing there Post #229389
If you use HL and Spirit, make sure you haven't selected to use the other compile options.
Posted 12 years ago2007-07-06 13:16:20 UTC
in Hl2:dm Post #227601
I can't be bothered to upgrade to FF 2.0. Beta 1 works fine for me.
Posted 12 years ago2007-07-01 10:56:27 UTC
in ABC Half-life Post #227000
O: Office Complex
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-30 14:15:13 UTC
in ABC Half-life Post #226928
curses because he didn't see the second page
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-27 01:50:47 UTC
in Mornington Crescent Post #226545
If I roll a 9 now, I can do a runner from here to Bank which would also net me the bonus of protection against anything you can throw at me, but only once.


4. Dammit. This only lets me get as far as Aldgate and a headache.
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-26 16:33:47 UTC
in Mornington Crescent Post #226503
I put on my LU driver's cap and roll a 4, letting me move to Aldgate East on condition that I pay at least one busker. I nearly forgot that St. Paul's was closed &gt;.&lt;
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-25 13:49:27 UTC
in Noob Elevator Problem Post #226394
Set path_corner flags 'Wait for retrigger'.
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-23 09:42:35 UTC
in TWHL Mix 2? Post #226267
Thanks, espen, much appreciated.

Sajo - well, that was from only the second time through the compile (first time had a light on which made it appear fullbright). So yeah, it needs touching up a bit.

Oh, and I assume that when we're all finished with custom textures they'll be combined into one WAD? Or will we just include them in the BSPs?
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-23 08:48:18 UTC
in TWHL Mix 2? Post #226262
Texture, and thanks. :D
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-23 08:24:08 UTC
in TWHL Mix 2? Post #226257
Ok, scrapped most other stuff, but will probably end up recycling it. This time, I know what I'm doing. More than last time.

Instead of finding all the electronics in a cupboard at the end, which is unrealistic, the player has to get separate parts from wiring boxes - eight of them. Catches are, they have to get the ones furthest from the exit to the hub to avoid electrocuting themselves, and some removing some electronics will help and hinder them, e.g. removing a particular part disables some security doors that slammed against you when you tried to come the other way, but also disables the elevator you need to use.


Shows the airlock entrance to the maps, exit to the hub is behind. Of course, vents will be provided so that the player can still get out after he's shut down the airlock's power. (Hence the green light on the doors.)
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-20 10:46:35 UTC
in TWHL Mix 2? Post #225824
Still good over here.
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-19 10:58:30 UTC
in Your Mod's (past and present) Post #225649
I never got involved with anyone else's mods, but there's one idea that won't stop bugging me.

HL - Transit - HL mod running alongside Black Mesa Incident. I only ever mapped a couple areas; The office area where a tram crashed (which failed completely because then I was a complete noob and hadn't even heard of the Arc tool and was busy using hollowed cylinders) and Transit Control with again the hollowed cylinders and a lot of leaks. Got redesigned several times, especially after I learned the limits of Hammer and the Goldsrc engine.
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-04 18:06:04 UTC
in London 2012 Redesign Compo. Post #224420
Yeah, I'm listening to the radio and apparently hundreds of other people share the same opinion, fourth.
Posted 12 years ago2007-06-01 19:27:05 UTC
in Your Games List Post #224099
Here's my load (Note: Garrys Mod 9 does not work whatsoever.)
User posted image
Posted 12 years ago2007-05-08 02:30:07 UTC
in A GIFT TO ALL TWHLer's Post #221374
awaiting password so he can complain to himself about download times

What? It'll give me something to do.
Posted 12 years ago2007-05-02 02:22:34 UTC
in Mini-Compo #00002 - Post #220669
Right, so does that mean we have to add something beyond the red door that stops the player from walking through it?
Posted 12 years ago2007-04-30 14:35:51 UTC
in Compile Versions Post #220507
That worked. It still plays the music though.
Posted 12 years ago2007-04-30 11:29:58 UTC
in Compile Versions Post #220489
I found the answer to my door problem, but it lead to a whole new problem. It wasn't that the doors had something wrong with them. In fact, in the actual map, they're not doors. They're solid brushes, and they date from the time before I turned them into doors.

I've tried moving one of the doors. Still nothing. Hammer seems to be refusing any changes that were made since I started creating the inside of the building. And to confuse matters, every time I run the map it's playing one of my recently played songs in WMP in the background, and it did that by itself. Any ideas? Should I place this in the Problem Map vault?
Posted 12 years ago2007-04-30 02:10:24 UTC
in Problem with Doors Post #220471
Ok, this is weird - even when I move the info_player_start inside the building, it just reverts to the previous position outside. Something's bugging me here.

EDIT: Make that doubly weird - I ran the map after fixing a Texture Axis Perpendicular to Face (didn't fix anything) and it started playing one of the songs I recently listened to on WMP, and I have no way to play music in the map at all.
Posted 12 years ago2007-04-28 11:26:44 UTC
in Problem with Doors Post #220325
Angles checked, they look fine. And if it isn't a func_door, Hammer is lying to me.
Posted 12 years ago2007-04-28 04:19:41 UTC
in Problem with Doors Post #220308
Yes, it's a func_door.

Srry - I put the triggers there afterwards to see if I could get the door to work, which it didn't. I run up against the door and it doesn't open.
Posted 12 years ago2007-04-28 03:11:09 UTC
in Problem with Doors Post #220305
In my map, so far, I have an outside area and an inside area. It's not planned to make sense, because I'm going to use it as the base for a drawing, but still. My info_player_start is in the outside area, and to get to the inside without noclip I've made a door.

Only this door won't work.

I've got two trigger multiples, one on each side, to activate it, but it still won't open.

To make matters worse, the inside area appears to be leaking but isn't. Instead of a lit up room, I get, well, nothing. No world at all, according to noclip. I've tested it, there's a monster_scientist in there, but I still can't access the inside properly.

I can't see anything wrong with the compile log, but I'll post it if you need it.
Posted 12 years ago2007-04-17 15:04:59 UTC
in Hammer crash while compiling Post #219366
Well... what does the error message say?
Posted 12 years ago2007-04-12 02:28:34 UTC
in TWHL Mix 2? Post #218765
Ok, looked at suggestions, improved.

Old: Old Office

New: New Office

Added wiring
Added new computer bank, blast damage (there is intended to be a blast decal on the wall behind it, I haven't got it to work yet)
Broke the light, added flicker and sparks
Added fallen chair and tipped cart
Added vent (unseeable from picture angle)