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Posted 3 months ago2020-04-12 20:10:54 UTC
in Question about a Scripted Sequence I want to make Post #344091
You'll probably want to decompile the map to get the exact speed values and relative sequence positions, but all you should need is a func_door named "push" made to look like a car and a scripted_sequence that makes the garg run up to the car and play the "pushcar" animation.

For anything else similar where an NPC interacts with the world during a scripted sequence you'll have to open a version of Half-Life Model Viewer and see what events are being called; If it's event 1003, then the Options field is the targetname of the entity to trigger on that frame. It's a pretty simple way to do stuff, though it does limit each sequence to being used once per map because there's no way to set the targetname to be anything else short of editing the model to have a duplicate of the animation.
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Posted 4 months ago2020-03-28 15:12:35 UTC
in Opposing force and Blue Shift source code? Post #343980
In general, or when the savegame is one that was made previous to the compile?
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Posted 5 months ago2020-02-25 13:03:26 UTC
in Shameful mapping confessions Post #343786
When I was first starting out I read some tutorial somewhere that recommended using a "realistic" thickness for walls, which was probably meant as "Don't make them paper thin, and don't make internal walls 64 units thick!" but which I interpreted as "eyeball it, just do what looks right to you"
Because that tutorial didn't also emphasize the importance of staying on the grid, I didn't. As a standard, I made every wall 6 units thick, rather than 8 or 16, meaning every level I made during my goldsource days was severely off-grid. I only learned that this was a horrible, terrible mistake from working on the BM Hazard Course mod, because we were making the maps in sections, rather than having each level designer be assigned to a specific bsp.
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It's been a while since I've dusted off my Goldsource hat, but I seem to recall HLCSG sometimes throws the "outside world" error for invalid (usually concave) solids rather than things too far off the grid. Hammer 3.x might not have this (I don't recall when it was added) but see if you can use View>Go to Brush Number to find Brush 34 and check it, or otherwise use Map>Check for Problems to see if Hammer has detected an invalid solid.
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Posted 7 months ago2019-12-06 19:55:36 UTC
in Proposal: A community code of conduct for TWHL Post #343442
I'm glad we haven't had any incidents with this before, but yeah, given recent events in the Valve community, probably a good idea to have a code of conduct in place before it becomes an issue.

I'm happy with the current proposal!
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Posted 8 months ago2019-11-22 14:55:48 UTC
in Half-Life: Alyx Post #343389
Literally the only reason I'm not super excited for this is because I can't personally afford (or have physical space for) a VR setup right now. I'm gonna be late to the party by a few years so I'm trying to not get hyped up.

But it looks gorgeous, gameplay looks exciting, and they're gonna be releasing tools again. This is a net positive for Valve, for fans, and for the industry because this'll sell a lot of Indexes and other VR headsets, opening up the market for even more VR games.

For the past 8 years I thought Valve had lost their touch but it looks like no, they've still got it.
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Posted 8 months ago2019-11-11 03:23:54 UTC
in half-life still updating with necessary features Post #343341
Same with bunnyhopping, the hardcore HLDM players have chosen it as the hill to die on and keep attacking the BMS devs for not re-implementing it after Valve patched it in the engine.
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Posted 9 months ago2019-10-25 01:57:43 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #343250
Oh, she's beautiful!
I really miss living with cats. Grew up my entire life without them but I lived with a roommate who had three of them one year and it was really nice to have them around.

There's one cat I keep seeing across the street when I'm outside tossing stuff in the dumpsters or handling beer bottle returns at work but I'm always busy and usually have dirty hands so I can't go over and pet them.
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Posted 10 months ago2019-09-18 14:31:49 UTC
in I have a problem with registering Milkshape Post #343140
Yeah, photosourcing is an invaluable resource! Anything I do that isn't done procedurally in Substance Painter is done with photosourced layers in it. Sometimes even the procedural stuff gets extra layers and detail from it.

Generally I'd recommend hand painting solid colours then grabbing some stuff either from photos you've taken or from a resource like, making them grayscale (or very desaturated, depending on the look you want) and using the overlay or multiply blend modes in your photo editor of choice, adjusting the opacity until you're satisfied with that section of material, repeating for all the different surface types on the texture. You can also do it in the opposite order, blending solid colours on top of the 'texture' layers, but I generally go for the former technique.

Add some hand-painted edge highlights (white with a low opacity and the screen blend mode is usually best I find), shadows as needed (Black with multiply, mix shadows and highlights as needed to get surface height definitions newer engines would do with a normal map or more polygons) and multiply on a baked AO (Make sure it's normalized so the non-shadowed areas are pure white) to really make it pop, and you've got yourself a nice looking diffuse texture!

It takes some practice to get good at it but with those tips in mind you should be able to get yourself making good quality textures relatively quickly.
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Posted 10 months ago2019-09-05 14:33:52 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #343105
I've always modded my Bethesda games pretty heavily after the first playthrough, but I always make sure to go with lore-friendly stuff. No tank engines in my Skyrim or modern weapons in my Fallout (Unless it's one that appeared in Fallout 1 and 2!)
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Posted 1 year ago2019-06-25 23:13:14 UTC
in Black Mesa Xen Post #342802
Yeah, I feel like a small taste will just ruin the full meal when it's time.
I'll probably check out the earthbound chapters real quick to see if a couple outstanding bugs have been fixed yet but otherwise just keep thinking about what to do next on the map I'm working on.
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Posted 1 year ago2019-06-21 18:09:34 UTC
in Half-Life 3 Confirmed! Post #342771
I dunno, I kind of have to agree with that point. Since their goal is to have everything feel like Half-Life 2 they're spending a lot of time reinventing the wheel to replicate what Source does out of the box (down to the physics bugs in the locomotion) which is taking a lot of time away from them actually making improvements.

Boreal Alyph is on Source and while they're also in a very early stage being on Source means their time has been spent on updating the engine and making the gameplay feel better rather than doing stuff like trying to replicate HL2's (kind of dull) gunplay.
And frankly I find it more impressive.
You could easily make the valid argument that once the core stuff is finished Project Borealis' team will have an easier time making new content because they're not bogged down by Source's clunky pipeline, but until they're done with that there's not a whole lot they can work on gameplay-wise. Some of the stuff PB has shown off looks very promising but they're devoting far too many resources on stuff that's already been done in Source.
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Posted 1 year ago2019-06-11 17:30:31 UTC
in E3 2019 Post #342729
BOTW sequel, new Luigi's Mansion, Banjo and Kazooie are coming to Smash, a few new details about Animal Crossing, and Pokemon Sword & Shield looks good, all wrapped in a no-BS presentation...
Yeah I think Nintendo 'won' E3 this year.
...I need a Switch.
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Posted 1 year ago2019-06-11 02:12:42 UTC
in E3 2019 Post #342724
So I missed this reveal, but uh,
This is something I'm very much looking forward to.
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Posted 1 year ago2019-06-09 12:55:28 UTC
in E3 2019 Post #342714
I haven't really been paying attention to E3 this year, to the point where I didn't realize it was this week. Can't think of anything I'm overly excited for this year, and I doubt we'll get any surprise announcements of anything cool.
Though maybe I should break out the rum...
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Posted 1 year ago2019-04-08 14:30:46 UTC
in The Gildryte Chronicles Post #342435
'Blasters' of some kind, I assume, since Urby mentioned wanting to get rid of hitscan weapons so the player can dodge fire (A scientifically accurate laser would be even more of a hitscan weapon than a firearm, though that's maybe being a bit pedantic for a video game)
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Posted 1 year ago2019-04-07 14:05:22 UTC
in The Gildryte Chronicles Post #342426
Depending on how many 'advancements' are being added maybe mirrors could be implemented that show a player model? Probably too much work for so little gain but I seem to recall seeing a few mods years ago that implemented realtime reflective surfaces.
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Posted 1 year ago2019-04-04 15:29:28 UTC
in The Gildryte Chronicles Post #342401
Don't count this as a vote, because I participated in the Twitter poll too, but I like the Same Protagonist (Nobody) option. Having the same protagonist helps keep a connection going between the player and the character they're playing as, IMO, and I quite prefer the way, as an example, HL1 treated you over the way HL2 did. People are counting on you, some appreciate your actions, but most don't really know who you are and nobody treats you like some kind of god.

The bad omen idea is also pretty interesting, though... Perhaps you could have a deuteragonist system going where there are a couple/few player characters whose paths never directly cross but whose previous actions impact what's going on in the current episode? That could also play into the stranded/killed endings eventually... Maybe you often play as someone entirely new but occasionally end up back in the boots of someone who survived their episode(s)?
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Posted 1 year ago2019-03-12 02:19:35 UTC
in The Gildryte Chronicles Post #342225
You caught me... I forgot to list inspiration, but that's in there in some respects. :P
I'm actually honoured that anyone would find anything to be inspiring in that old hunk of junk, so no worries there!
Of course, most of what I did USS Darkstar did first, but...
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Posted 1 year ago2019-03-11 23:47:48 UTC
in The Gildryte Chronicles Post #342221
1970s, so think Alien's Nostromo
I would like the player to be able to avoid all incoming attacks by moving around.
At this stage I think I will be sticking with GoldSource modding.
Sol...okiller is still making that Sharplife source-port/addon that ups the limits right? I guess Goldsource could work?
now I need to finish The Core.
Please do. ^_^

My goldsource days are long done, and after Peer Review I plan on jumping ship on Source as well, to the greener pastures of Unreal where I can easily script things instead of having to struggle with C++ compilers and don't have to worry about max_map_brushsides or other limitations, but I miiiiight be convinced to come back to contribute some art or something for a project like this when the time comes. A few elements are reminiscent of some of the things I regretted not doing with Colony 42 back in the day, as well. (Also don't think I didn't notice you going back to look at that for some reason - you left a comment! :P)
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Posted 1 year ago2019-03-05 23:20:43 UTC
in The Core Post #342164
I wholeheartedly endorse you finishing The Core and moving to, if not a new engine (although...) then at least having the freedom to use whatever story, setting, and mechanics you want to.

Getting away from Valve's IPs is something I still haven't quite managed to do myself...
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Posted 1 year ago2019-01-10 00:22:56 UTC
in RunThinkShootLive's Ville Competitions Post #341608
"Compo 36: Rob a bank!"
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Posted 1 year ago2018-12-01 22:12:00 UTC
in Peer Review Post #341372
Reveal Trailer
The rest of PSR and I have been working for quite a while on a remake for Half-Life: Decay, the PS2 Co-op campaign.
As you're probably aware, Crowbar Collective has remade Half-Life with Black Mesa, and Tripmine are working on Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty, the remakes of Opposing Force and Blue Shift. But despite many attempts by the community, there hasn't really been a long-lived Decay remake - So we decided to change this.

We're currently in a very early alpha state, and looking for more manpower to help us increase the speed at which we work, as well as the quality of some of our assets. If you're interested in becoming part of the team, you can browse currently-open jobs here.
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
User posted image
This project has been a long time coming for us, and we hope that you like what you see!
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Posted 1 year ago2018-10-24 19:20:35 UTC
in Competition 35: Vanilla Half-Life Post #341064
Mine fell completely by the wayside and there's no way I'd be able to finish it before the deadline, so I guess I'm out.
Everyone else's stuff is looking great so far, though!
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Posted 1 year ago2018-09-18 03:09:53 UTC
in Hassassins killing each other Post #340906
Assuming you mean the female assassins and the male assassins are fighting each other, the reason is the faction set-up - the Black Ops fighting the standard Grunts was something that didn't get introduced until Op4, so Valve just set the female assassins to be the same faction as the hgrunts - Human Military. Op4's male assassins use their own faction that's hostile to Human Military, IIRC. I seem to recall they also changed the female assassins to that same faction in Op4 as well, which is what I would recommend doing.

If that's not the issue, it's probably still an issue with the factions, so double-check those.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-08-31 23:21:45 UTC
in Competition 35: Vanilla Half-Life Post #340759
I always wondered why Valve didn't release more of their prefabs, like the vehicles. There's no way they actually had every level designer make a new SUV or Tank from scratch every time they wanted to use one.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-08-22 20:00:11 UTC
in Post Your Desktops Post #340638
I'm not usually one for LEDs, but those are some nice colour accents when the room is dim like that.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-08-17 12:27:16 UTC
in Competition 35: Vanilla Half-Life Post #340575
I don't think they were ever used, no. I was mainly just making a joke because you were calling Urby a "rebel" for making geometry not directly present in the original game.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-08-17 01:27:59 UTC
in Competition 35: Vanilla Half-Life Post #340572
Oooh, you have a physical copy! What version number is that?
Golly gosh urby I dont recall there being square pot plants in original HL campaign you rebel
Compo 36: Literally Just Decompile a HL1 map
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Getting a "Spirit Ultimate" codebase up and running sounds tempting, but coding is the one thing I can't seem to get any kind of grasp on.
I hadn't realized the core gameplay of HL had changed so drastically since launch - learn something new every day!
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Actually, check that download out anyway, I just downloaded it and it looks like it has a fully functional Spirit implementation as well as the OP4 recreation source code. Will investigate further.
EDIT: Yeah, it's not entirely without bugs, and a couple of the weapon behaviors are changed (viewsway, and the game actually plays both the holster and draw animations when swapping weapons) but it seems to be exactly what you're looking for. Where was this 10 years ago when I actually did goldsource modding?
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If you want to use Op4 weapons and enemies but have the HEV suit HUD, you're going to have to recode them from scratch. There have been some mods that attempted to remake all the Op4 content so mappers could use them, but I don't know if any of them are still available these days.
EDIT: I remember 2muchvideogames making a mod that brought in a bunch of Op4 content and other new stuff, if I'm remembering correctly I did a couple model hacks for it. That was years ago and it never released, but maybe he still has the code lying around?
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Posted 1 year ago2018-08-16 02:37:00 UTC
in Competition 35: Vanilla Half-Life Post #340554
Oh, vents, that's what I need!
...Should probably start on a layout first though... Starting very prelim work on an idea. Should probably install Sledge.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-08-14 16:20:14 UTC
in Competition 35: Vanilla Half-Life Post #340539
I don't have any specific ideas yet, but since we have 3 months I might be able to come up with something.
Two questions: Are we allowed to submit multiple bsp files, and will this be judged using the original models, or the HD pack? Need to know whether or not I'd be able to use beta animations that the HD pack removed.
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Posted 1 year ago2018-08-10 17:33:45 UTC
in (Release) Half-Life: Echoes Post #340472
Oh boy. That was a ride.
I have to say, this mod is the first time Half-Life has scared me since the first time I played the original a decade ago - there are a lot of tense moments in there that really got my blood pumping. Everything is fine-tuned, balance-wise - I only died a couple times, mainly due to my own stupidity, but there were a lot of encounters I came really close (and then was immediately rewarded with a healthkit or two!)

Really excellent work, definitely among the top 3 Black Mesa Incident-based mods of all time.
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Posted 2 years ago2018-07-29 16:37:23 UTC
in Half Life: Blue Shift map for Source Engine? Post #340323
I think tools like HammUEr work with Goldsource .map or .rmf files as well as Source's .vmf files. You'd still need to open up the game's pak files and decompile the .bsp files though.
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Posted 2 years ago2018-07-29 00:15:12 UTC
in Half-Life : Catastrophe Post #340310
If you hadn't told us you only started a week ago I would have assumed you've been mapping for years! That's some amazing work, and great use of the original HL textures! Looking forward to it!
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Posted 2 years ago2018-06-11 14:53:10 UTC
in E3 2018 Post #339888
While I'm sure everyone else is going to write up detailed reactions and reviews for Bethesda's E3 conference, I have only one thing important enough that I have to say it first:

I forgive Todd Howard for not delivering the dynamic economy he promised for Skyrim way back in the middle of 2011, because this is a thing that actually exists.
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Posted 2 years ago2018-06-02 14:04:01 UTC
in TWHL4 Discussion / Bug Reports Post #339770
This is gonna take some getting used to, but I'm glad it's here.
JeffMOD Approved!
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Posted 2 years ago2018-05-20 13:21:40 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339669
Surface Tension
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Posted 2 years ago2018-05-18 13:46:09 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339651
Oh god I think this is the hardest decision we've had to make this entire tournament.

I think I have to go for Unforseen Consequences, because it takes the great level design of Anomalous Materials, as well as the environment that level design represents, and turns it on it's head. I'm a big fan of how the game makes you familiar with the Sector C labs and then has you go through a ruined section of it - it was also great seeing that happen to the trainstation in City 17, and basically every location you visit in Neil Manke's HL mods.

Also, UC is full of iconic setpieces - Waking up in the ruined AMS chamber, the entirely optional falling scientist, the first Vortigaunt (who is deemed important enough by Valve to be referenced in Ep2's G-man Heart-to-heart!), the Akira-inspired funicular ride, the giant canal, the box smashing room...
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Posted 2 years ago2018-05-08 15:55:28 UTC
in Half-Life RPG (one for the coders) Post #339522
It's 100% possible, since Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines was a Source game, and it had a dialog system. Not sure what you'd need to do to implement it but it'd be using VGUI.
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Posted 2 years ago2018-05-03 12:12:10 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339487
Surface Tension. QE is a masterful use of bounce design, but Surface Tension has more length and bombast.
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Posted 2 years ago2018-04-30 13:23:06 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339467
Prepare for... Unforeseen Consequences.
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Posted 2 years ago2018-04-29 20:05:48 UTC
in Post Your Photos Post #339454
To be fair, it's a really picturesque backyard.
The rest of the area looks equally good.
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Posted 2 years ago2018-04-23 18:21:48 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #339419
How comprehensive is SMU? Does it change stuff like the dialog when entering Diamond City, or interactions with follower characters, stuff like that, to totally scrub the main quest, or does it just defer the main quest until you go to Vault 111?
If it's the former I should give it a shot.
EDIT: Was looking at it on Nexus and found you by happenstance. Small World.
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Posted 2 years ago2018-04-20 12:08:44 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339396
Anomalous Materials
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Posted 2 years ago2018-04-19 12:31:37 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #339380
To be fair to Bethesda, the core gameplay loop vis a vis combat was excellent. It's just that they removed any non-combat options from the game. If the next Fallout game plays exactly like Fallout 4 but has the 4-option dialog limit removed and more attention given to writing and quest design so players can make some actual choices, I'll be happy. If it brings back skills and skill checks, I'll be ecstatic.

Of course there are other improvements that can be made, like making enemies overall weaker and just adding a couple more per encounter to compensate so they're not sponges, replace Survival Difficulty with a NV-style Hardcore Mode (plus the disease system 4 had), implement backpacks and other wearable pouches since those have been mods people have put in every Bethesda game as far back as I can remember...
Oh, and if they're gonna re-use the settlement system, doing a Sim-Settlements style "settlers can actually do stuff on their own" option would be appreciated, as well as making settlements actually have some depth and benefit besides "You have now completed Radiant Quest #623, now go do #624 wherein you walk halfway across the map to shoot 3 dudes in another settlement. Also you will be timed."
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Posted 2 years ago2018-04-19 02:26:53 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339367
Questionable Ethics.
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Posted 2 years ago2018-04-15 23:08:47 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339331
That's a very tough one, but I'll throw my vote for Unforeseen Consequences.
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