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Posted 1 year ago2020-09-03 03:32:12 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #344689
You all started beta testing? Can i help? I will try to play it in WON to see if anything comes up.
so little ppl actually make czds maps, i once tried adding custom czds maps onto the 'map' in the game, it didnt go well
Posted 2 years ago2020-02-26 02:05:58 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343797
i got something i meant to use for descent ready for this, but i'm trying something nonstandard in hl mapping, so I hope it doesnt break on other ppl's computers.

I can also test the mod on won if u need me too. There was a won only error in TWHL tower 1 and at the time I noticed fair number of ppl had run into that problem.
Posted 2 years ago2019-11-06 01:31:35 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343317
i cant open the rar file with my rar handling software. do u have a zip version?
Posted 2 years ago2019-11-06 01:18:02 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343315
will very likely join. I still have a couple of map snippets waiting for an excuse to get released. Gonna download the template and check it out later
Posted 2 years ago2019-09-27 09:30:07 UTC
in Female Assassin Viewmodel Post #343165
U can download some mods that have black ops as the player character, like black operations and Black Death. They might have black ops view models.
Add a trigger transition. Don’t just use trigger changelevel.
Posted 3 years ago2019-06-19 19:00:11 UTC
in Found several new Hl1 SP mods..... Post #342758
wow cool, i never seen these either. I've been on russian and czech modsites but havent seen a spanish one... I might want to playstream these, but I rather not stream babby's first mod so I'll wait for u to play all of them first.
Posted 3 years ago2018-08-27 17:14:25 UTC
in Gaming Rage Post #340695
wasnt there some guy who went all the way to another players house to kill him because of loosing in counter strike?

Anyway I'm guessing that guy had major issues in his life unrelated to gaming, and loosing the tournament was prolly the last straw.
if you're using Op4 you can't recolor the HUD but you can change how most of it looks since that is set in sprite files.
As Unquenque said. Ok, I looked around and it turns out client.dll controls the color, that's pretty sad. You only need to edit 3 lines, too. Easiest way would probably be to edit and compile that op4 recreated code that 23-down has. I think i'll take a look in there too.
It sounds like you want to use the opfor dll (code) but your main problem is that you dont want green opfor HUD sprites. Lucky for you someone actually made a set of sprites specifically for this purpose. I assume you made a copy of opfor folder and used that for you mod. To get the default HEV HUD sprites back, go in your mod folder and into the sprites folder, delete these files:
  • 640_pain.spr
  • 640_train.spr
  • 640_hud1.spr
  • 640_hud2.spr
  • 640_hud3.spr
  • 640_hud4.spr
  • 640_hud5.spr
  • 640_hud6.spr
  • 640_hud7.spr
  • 640_hud8.spr
  • 640_hud9.spr
Deleting these sprites will cause the mod to use the default half-life versions of these files (the HEV HUD sprites)

Next, download this zipped folder:

This contains HEV HUD versions of the OP4 weapons. Follow the instructions in the readme and credit the guy who made it.

That should be everything you need

PS: If you want both flashlight AND op4 weapons, you will need custom coding.
Posted 3 years ago2018-08-13 21:20:12 UTC
in Competition 35: Vanilla Half-Life Post #340532
I sure hope i have a map lying around that fits this theme
Posted 3 years ago2018-08-12 00:50:07 UTC
in (Release) Half-Life: Echoes Post #340495
its a kiddie who thinks hes hot shot, going around antagonizing ppl

anyway i must be lucky to have not run into crashes, or video would go down the gutter...
I didnt use the cg.dll or whatevers that came with the game, maybe that had to do with something.
Posted 3 years ago2018-08-11 17:29:36 UTC
in (Release) Half-Life: Echoes Post #340488
yeah i turned off dynamic lights at the start of the video because it would lag me horribly in opengl, my computer preferred d3d video mode but valve removed it in steam. I could play in won but obs doesnt detect it correctly
Posted 3 years ago2018-08-11 04:35:15 UTC
in (Release) Half-Life: Echoes Post #340479
lets play
Not much I can do about video quality, youtoob did something to it and i dunno what.
Posted 3 years ago2018-08-07 20:22:57 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #340445
why stop there? there are hundreds of mods, some even more unique than mcpoker, very exciting
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Posted 4 years ago2018-05-08 18:39:46 UTC
in Half-Life RPG (one for the coders) Post #339527
Probably possible. I've seen mods that have implemented stuff like this.

1. Inventory System
  • This was in cry of fear
2. Single weapon per category
  • Easy, this is in counter-strike, also in afraid of monsters: directors cut
3. Dialogue Boxes
  • Sounds like u wanna make Fallout in Goldsource. It probably does not to be THAT elaborate. I think cry of fear had choices during cutscenes like that
Posted 4 years ago2018-05-01 19:08:31 UTC
in Big enemy health values Post #339472
It is as how they behaved in half life. You prolly want to copy skill.cfg from the valve folder into you mod's folder and open that file in notepad. This file contains the HP and attack damage of almost every enemy in the game.
Posted 4 years ago2018-04-15 20:01:45 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #339329
is that from solo ops
Posted 4 years ago2018-04-09 01:53:09 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339259
i was gonna vote for lambda core, then i remembered the halfway flooding glitch.
Posted 4 years ago2018-04-03 06:01:11 UTC
in Best Half-Life Chapter Tournament Post #339157
i like the part in power up where i can just skip it using a trip mine
Posted 4 years ago2018-03-28 18:42:49 UTC
in Choose one Post #339122
Nice, time to get to it (used umbrella)

Next mod I use MYSTERY MELEE as requested by mr burns
Posted 4 years ago2018-03-27 20:59:51 UTC
in Choose one Post #339119
There's some new mods I need to play so please pick a weapon for me. Thanks.
User posted image
Suggestions also welcome
Posted 4 years ago2018-03-26 17:39:41 UTC
in Errors when compiling with custom weapon Post #339114
do u even need a header for a custom weapon? WHen I made them I dont remember needing a header for new weapons. All that could just go into the cpp file
Posted 4 years ago2018-03-25 20:10:29 UTC
in Errors when compiling with custom weapon Post #339107
hl_baseentity.cpp, hl_events.cpp, hl_objects.cpp, and hl_weapons.cpp need to be included in cl_dll project, I think they should have automatically be included but better make sure.
Posted 4 years ago2018-03-23 22:46:13 UTC
in (Goldsrc) Locked doors Post #339082
"speedrunners often use a specific door in surface tension to increase their health into the thousands"
Posted 4 years ago2018-03-23 22:44:10 UTC
in Make a killabe gman/kingpin... in HL1 Post #339081
env render only makes it invisible. use the Kill target of a trigger once and type in the name of the monster (gman, generic, etc.)
Posted 4 years ago2018-01-14 20:05:18 UTC
in Help me Post #338644
"I have to be super perfectly good expert at thing that I just started or else I am shameful and might as well give up"

Nobody teaches people to think like this yet everyone has this idea in their head, isn't that a bit suspicious?
Posted 4 years ago2018-01-13 18:53:39 UTC
in zombie is eating - scripted_sequence - h Post #338637
only ceertain animations can be used as idle animations, u will have to ocheck with model viewer

for dying animations the script itself doent actually kill the monster so i use a trigger hurt on it as the sequence plays
Posted 4 years ago2018-01-08 20:16:59 UTC
in Modular level design in Half-Life? Post #338591
if this is single player id play it
Posted 4 years ago2018-01-08 20:14:39 UTC
in game breaking glitch Post #338590
he opens the door after talking a long time. you have to wait for him to finish even if he wasnt actually talking. im more surprised u didnt run into the glitch where the core only floods halfway even with both valves turned
Posted 4 years ago2018-01-05 22:21:08 UTC
in Modular level design in Half-Life? Post #338576
sounds like randmap
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-27 18:21:31 UTC
in Black Mesa Post #338508
does it still have those deadly aimbot soldiers?
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-22 03:25:14 UTC
in Old HL1 mapping tutorial sites? Post #338467
snarkpit is still around?

I know the biggest back inthe day was planethalflife, and hangar 16, Good times.
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-21 07:28:56 UTC
in What the Health? Post #338451
meat is definitely less healthy than vegan diet. However I dont want a documentary to dictate my lifestyle. I generally dont' like it when people impose their beliefs/ideas/lifestyles/habits on others. And I know how public health is like which is all about doing that. And I got sick of it.
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-21 07:12:49 UTC
in Old HL1 mapping tutorial sites? Post #338450
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-17 18:03:37 UTC
in win10 is the most retarded os i ever see Post #338415
Just wanna apologize to everyone for being a **. Was having really bad days and just didnt like Win 10 in general. (Still don't lol) I mean I'm certainly not the first person on twhl to have complained about it. 8 was just retarded because people dont buy a personal computer to use it like an iPad, whoever thought that was a good idea probably felt they were inferior to apple in some way
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Posted 4 years ago2017-12-15 18:14:46 UTC
in win10 is the most retarded os i ever see Post #338401
you should probably. think about what you read. before u post. what kind of retarded os gives core system file status to an empty folder that came from another computer? and if you saw my 2nd post i said it doesnt even let me. see. the. permissions to edit them.

i. NEVER had this problem with any other OS, the most would be not admin and. thats it. here you cant even delete an empty folder as an admin, what retard thought that was a good. idea? as if they think even an admin dont know what to do. this is extremely insulting attitude from. win 10

if i have. to. get a virtual. os. justt to delete. an empty folder thats that is not a user friendly os. crap like this belongs in a superfund. site
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-15 02:23:24 UTC
in win10 is the most retarded os i ever see Post #338387
its a brand new win 10 computer, cant be having corruption already. And i was trying to delete an empty folder, its not even a file. The folder just happened to have come from another computer via a flash drive so windows doesnt give me permission to delete it. An empty folder with nothing inside.
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-13 23:14:56 UTC
in win10 is the most retarded os i ever see Post #338368
when you try to delete it it says 'access is denied' even when im admin. Then when you try to change permissions on the file it says you dont have permission to edit the permissions and you cant even see it. You wouldnt know how retarded win 10 is till you actually use one
Posted 4 years ago2017-12-13 19:25:49 UTC
in win10 is the most retarded os i ever see Post #338365
what kind of os doesnt allow you to edit or delete files on your OWN f@#KING computer? just because it come from another computer is no excuse. what did u think everyone is trying to delete crucial legal evidence or something? its a f@#king empty folder for gabens sake.

last year i thought that mobile phones with unremovable manufacturer adware was. retarded, but this is on aa whole other level of jean picardfacepalm.jpg
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-22 03:21:42 UTC
in Net neutrality Post #338143
there wont be any by next year
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-12 17:05:07 UTC
in Use HTTP Secure to protect login informa Post #338028
well i just hope there isnt gonna be another lemon party
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Posted 4 years ago2017-11-06 00:27:26 UTC
in Retract monster_turret Post #337974
turrets automatically retract into the ceiling after a delay when they dont detect any enemies. You can also toggle turrets on/off by having a trigger once target them, but I don't think this has an "ON only" or "OFF only" option
Posted 4 years ago2017-11-03 07:20:59 UTC
in Half-Rats: Parasomnia Post #337943
i heard you fixed the thing where you can stand on that guy's head and reck him. How am i supposed to beat him now? He's like the parry master. Even when doing that he tanked harder than a garg

Note: I haven't actually tried the steam version yet
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Posted 4 years ago2017-10-27 00:26:25 UTC
in Not gonna be around anymore Post #337847
this is actually a PC vs mac argument thread. Personally I think apple suxx0r but if your destiny is slideshows thats what it is.