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Posted 6 years ago2016-04-29 14:14:48 UTC
in Strange Invisible Walls Post #330002
Nah, I had it pounded into my head long ago that carving is best avoided.
Posted 6 years ago2016-04-29 13:55:33 UTC
in Strange Invisible Walls Post #330000
Seems to have been the door, not entirely sure why since it was just a simple rectangular sliding door, but I deleted it and made a new one which fixed the problem.

Thanks for your suggestions guys.
Posted 6 years ago2016-04-28 22:31:13 UTC
in Strange Invisible Walls Post #329994
Hey TWHL, long time no see. I've got a problem I've never personally encountered before and haven't been able to dig up any info on through Google. Basically, after compiling my map I've found two instances where there are invisible walls that can be passed through from one side but not the other.

The first I've encountered is through a doorway, which can be passed through normally going the direction you're supposed to be travelling, but if you try to backtrack you'll be blocked. Even more oddly is that sometimes it seems like you can jump over or crouch under this wall to bypass it.

The second appeared in the middle of a random hallway, but also has disappeared completely after recompiling the map with no changes made (the first one has remained despite multiple compiles).

Obviously I didn't construct anything of the sort in Hammer, and I don't think I'm seeing any errors in the log either.

If you're interested, here's a link to the map files. Maybe someone can see something I'm missing, it has been 4 years since I made a map after all.

You'll find the invisible wall right in the first doorway if you try to backtrack once walking through it.
Posted 9 years ago2013-06-09 00:37:27 UTC
in Resolution glitch? Post #313905
Didn't think of that, thanks
Posted 9 years ago2013-06-08 23:42:13 UTC
in Resolution glitch? Post #313903
I just installed Half-Life on a new computer. I started the game up and went to set the resolution to widescreen but for some reason the resolution looks like this now:
User posted image
I can't even switch the options menu tab to video so that I can change it back to normal. I also already tried to reinstall. Anybody know of a solution?
Posted 9 years ago2013-06-08 23:12:41 UTC
in New gameplay video from The Challenger D Post #313902
Hm, haven't played a good Half-Life mod in a while. I'll have to check this one out.
Posted 9 years ago2013-01-09 21:13:45 UTC
in Half Life alpha 0.52 Post #312138
Anybody else getting errors saying "Can't int monster human_assault" when they load up maps with the minigun grunt in them? I don't know if he's just broken and doesn't load with this version of the game or if it's something on my end.
Posted 9 years ago2013-01-09 03:08:39 UTC
in Half Life alpha 0.52 Post #312128
I used Hammer 3.5, The old worldcraft version included tells me I'm missing my d3drm dll which I'll assume is because the version of DirectX it uses is old and I don't have it.
Posted 9 years ago2013-01-09 00:02:34 UTC
in Half Life alpha 0.52 Post #312120
I've already tried mapping with the included fgd. Unfortunately I get a "mod_loadbrushmodel wrong version number error" which I assume comes from the fact that the compiling tools in Hammer are too new for the old engine.

Either way it's pretty damn awesome, but does anyone know how to enable the 'use' key, or if it even existed this far back? It's not under options anywhere I noticed and while shooting stuff in the default tech demo map works, it does not in the actual game. I pretty much have to noclip through doors right now.
[EDIT] I found out that it's b
Posted 9 years ago2013-01-07 20:07:55 UTC
in The Great Debate Post #312098
I like Cherry Coke, I always felt it tasted kinda like Dr. Pepper. I don't drink soda very often though, and when I do it's usually just plain Coke or Pepsi.
Posted 9 years ago2013-01-06 22:46:18 UTC
in The Great Debate Post #312071
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-22 00:39:28 UTC
in Complete bullshit new law passed in US Post #311767
I don't see why the argument over gun laws always has to be two extremes, guns and no guns. Personally I think stricter gun laws would be beneficial and at the same time allow people to still keep their weapons for defense and hunting. Does any civilian really need an assault rifle? What would we use it for? Unless your house is under attack by a huge group of armed men, self defense can be handled with a handgun or shotgun and hunters can easily kill a deer without one. So why sell them for public use? Can't there be a middle ground where everyone is happy? Gun people get to keep their rights and people who think it'll reduce shootings will be more content knowing people can't easily get their hands on these weapons.

Whether or not this will reduce shootings and gun violence would remain to be seen, but WHY NOT do it? I haven't seen one good argument over why civilians should be able to buy military grade weapons, even if there wasn't shooting problems, civilians simply don't need them.
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-11 20:13:55 UTC
in The Core Post #311493
Posted 9 years ago2012-12-08 02:56:09 UTC
in What inspired Half-Life? Post #311408
I loved the book, as King is one of my favorite authors. As for the movie I don't remember much but I do remember liking it. I can surely see the connection between it and Half-Life, maybe not the actual story but the situation is very similar.

I also would very much recommend Raising the Bar, it was a great read that'd I recommend to any HL fan.
Posted 9 years ago2012-11-26 21:15:41 UTC
in Autumn Steam Sale Post #311195
For me L4D and L4D2 didn't have much replay value, but the initial playthrough (with friends as said above) can be really fun.
Posted 9 years ago2012-11-26 19:22:49 UTC
in Autumn Steam Sale Post #311187
Civilization V: Gods & Kings - 75% off
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl - 50% off

Been bored and decided to try a new game. Anybody played Stalker so that they can tell me if I just wasted my money?
Posted 9 years ago2012-11-26 01:04:40 UTC
in Ideas for TWHL's x-mas special Post #311163
I like most of the idea's put out so far. As long as there's some HLDM involved I'd love to join. Maybe however, separate compos and prizes for different games. So that anyone who doesn't have a game doesn't miss out.
Posted 9 years ago2012-11-05 02:01:21 UTC
in TWHL Big Brother 2012 Post #310799
The Core > Everything :P
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-31 21:52:14 UTC
in Most wanted upcoming titles Post #310692
Is there any word on Dishonored dlc? After playing through the game twice I'm hoping there will be something good to keep me playing.
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-22 18:00:21 UTC
in The Core Post #310536
Thanks Urby, It's not that often you get mod that gives you so many little pies. :P
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-21 22:36:07 UTC
in The Core Post #310522
It's amazing how far the Goldsrc engine can pushed when you show stuff like this. Great job, I get more excited to play this mod with every little piece of media you release.
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-19 23:52:19 UTC
in TWHL Big Brother 2012 Post #310466
Indeed, curious for the next part of series here too.
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-18 18:08:53 UTC
in Your Username Post #310433
Before I got into PC gaming I played Metroid Prime Hunters on the Nintendo DS almost every night with friends. On that I gave myself the name "Super-X" and other variations of that like "Nightmare-X" and "Omega-X" The first word in that name was always just a word I thought was cool. The X comes from the game Metroid Fusion, which was one of my favorite games and still is, where the 'X' were the main enemy. I took the 'X' from that name and used it X-LAyer2.

The layer2 is another story all together. Back in my days of only playing Nintendo systems my friend had bought Medal of Honor for the Gamecube. When playing spilt-screen you could customize your name but it would always default to "Player1-4" My friend was customizing his name and had only gotten the chance to change the 'P' in Player which he changed to 7. He then stuck with that name whenever he played '7layer2' was his official nickname at that time and in that game. I took the layer2 and turned it into X-Layer2.

The reason that the 'A' is capitalized is because whenever typing the name in somewhere I always made the type of holding shift for a bit too long and the 'A' would end up capitol, after a while I just stopped correcting that and it became part of the name, X-LAyer2.

So basically a combination of an enemy from Metroid,and a typo of Player2.
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-15 22:18:16 UTC
in Processor vs Graphics? Post #310391
I've had an Acer Laptop for three years in December and have not once had to get any repairs done.
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-15 18:43:30 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #310388
The possible peace treaty has nothing to do with that quest. The peace treaty quest is a main quest only available if the player has not yet completed either civil war quest line by the time of capturing a dragon in Dragonsreach.
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-14 16:00:57 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #310371
Just beat Dishonored and it's definitely a game that I could play through more than once and still have it feel different. I knew I would get the 'worse' ending killing people instead of sneaking past so now I have to try it the other way around.
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-13 23:16:16 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #310362
Mainly why I never play much of the main quest when I play now.
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-09 22:25:36 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #310295
Any opinions from those of you who bought Dishonored? I was thinking about getting it but wasn't entirely convinced by the trailers.
Posted 9 years ago2012-10-04 23:31:18 UTC
in Desktops of October Post #310236
Posted 9 years ago2012-09-18 20:00:54 UTC
in Black Mesa: Source Set for Release! Post #309924
At least the scope looks nice, not like the classic circle of vision with black surrounding it you get in every other game these days.
Posted 9 years ago2012-09-17 20:28:03 UTC
in Black Mesa: Source Set for Release! Post #309901
So basically the equivalent of Episode 2's garden gnome?
Posted 9 years ago2012-09-17 00:35:31 UTC
in Black Mesa: Source Set for Release! Post #309879
Burst fire? How?
Posted 9 years ago2012-09-16 23:12:05 UTC
in Black Mesa: Source Set for Release! Post #309877
I generally stick to the magnum for long range and shotgun for close, but sometimes I do feel the mp5 is better like if I'm fighting a bunch of enemies at close range.
Posted 9 years ago2012-09-16 14:01:25 UTC
in Black Mesa: Source Set for Release! Post #309860
Administration set them up to discourage workers from playing on them. :P

Also I wanted to ask, did anybody else think the Assassins were a bit too quick? They seemed a little super-human to me.
Posted 9 years ago2012-09-16 13:28:56 UTC
in Black Mesa: Source Set for Release! Post #309858
Just finished last night, and I agree with most of the nitpicks already said but I can easily overlook them because I really enjoyed playing. After playing the Half-Life campaign more times than I can count, this didn't leave me uninterested or bored ever. While some parts were frustrating (notably grunt battles) overall the gameplay seemed fun and balanced most of the time. I'd give it 9/10. I'm looking forward to Xen, hopefully we'll get it within the year.
Posted 9 years ago2012-09-15 17:17:25 UTC
in Black Mesa: Source Set for Release! Post #309842
Well not achievements entirely, but the text for them yes. I downloaded the torrent from the website, did they just forget to put it in or something?
Posted 9 years ago2012-09-15 15:58:55 UTC
in Black Mesa: Source Set for Release! Post #309838
Does anybody else have a problem where chapter titles don't display properly?
Posted 9 years ago2012-09-15 14:27:38 UTC
in Black Mesa: Source Set for Release! Post #309833
Did anyone give the scientist sitting on the toilet some toilet paper? That sold the mod for me :P
Posted 9 years ago2012-09-02 21:16:58 UTC
in Black Mesa: Source Set for Release! Post #309577
Mother of god... I never thought I'd see the day.
Posted 9 years ago2012-07-27 19:56:46 UTC
in Steam Virus? Post #308510
I use McAfee, which has yet to show up in this thread.
Posted 9 years ago2012-07-15 22:26:25 UTC
in How do you TF2? Post #307878
The ring sends a message to everyone currently playing TF2 when you send it to someone. That's about it.
Posted 9 years ago2012-07-14 02:30:04 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #307865
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion because I've never played it and since I loved Skyrim so much I thought I should try it out. I've only played about an hour so far but I've been having fun, as expected. Plus it's on sale for pretty cheap.
Posted 9 years ago2012-07-11 14:38:57 UTC
in How do you TF2? Post #307783
I do best with Sniper and Spy and enjoy them the most but of course get bored of playing just two classes so I switch to Soldier or Scout.

I like CTF maps which seems to be against popular preference but prefer Control Point maps over it. The new gamemode is pretty fun I just hope they add some more maps for it eventually.
Posted 10 years ago2012-06-04 19:44:28 UTC
in E3 2012 Post #306758
Treyarch has always seemed to be the CoD developer to make something new. While I probably would buy Black Ops 2 if it were more of the same I feel it would be the last of my CoD purchases if that were the case. I don't know how long other fans would continue to buy the same thing and I assume Treyarch thought the same. I feel that the series needs a change or else it will die out within the next few years.
Posted 10 years ago2012-06-03 14:14:26 UTC
in Hours of gaming Post #306710
HL: Opposing Force- 234 hours
Fallout: New Vegas- 127 hours
Garry's Mod- 126 hours
GTA: San Andreas- 100 hours
TF2- 95 hours
Half-Life- 83 hours
Posted 10 years ago2012-05-21 23:37:01 UTC
in Source to Goldsrc Post #306374
HL2 WC map
Posted 10 years ago2012-05-21 23:02:38 UTC
in Source to Goldsrc Post #306372
I'm sure this question has only been asked about a thousand times but is it possible to open a decompiled Source map at least partially in Goldsrc Hammer?
Posted 10 years ago2012-05-20 13:52:49 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #306338
Oh, I don't play on PC sadly. Xbox 360, my computer can't handle the game.
Posted 10 years ago2012-05-20 13:30:49 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #306333
After having BF3 since November I finally got into it. It took me a while to get used to since it's very different than other games I've played but now that I can play properly it's fun as shit.
Posted 10 years ago2012-05-13 01:45:45 UTC
in Last movie you saw? Post #306120
Just saw the Avengers too. Amazing, can't wait for the sequel.