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Posted 4 years ago2016-10-30 02:57:20 UTC
in Scientist speaking without being told to Post #332148
The sentence is played by the animation - if you look at the 'push_button2' animation in Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer, it says:

"Frame: 0"
"Event: 1008"
"Options: *scientist/c1a2_sci_darkroom.wav"

There's 'push_button' that is the same anim but without the sound tagged on.
Posted 5 years ago2016-01-28 19:08:28 UTC
in Help with scripted_sequence. Post #328526
Check the flags "repeatable", "no interruptions", and "override AI" on the scripted_sequence. For some reason, if "repeatable" isn't checked, the sequence has issues playing.
Posted 9 years ago2011-12-09 03:59:03 UTC
in trigger_camera movement Post #301404
Did you set movement speed for the camera?
Posted 9 years ago2011-11-09 06:46:01 UTC
in "File Read Failure"? Post #300627
Just tested it. Reinstalling worked! Whatever the problem was, it's been resolved. :)
Posted 9 years ago2011-11-09 05:45:17 UTC
in "File Read Failure"? Post #300626
Funnily enough, it's only the "c1a3" map that screws up. I tried the other sections of "We've Got Hostiles" and they work fine, but when I go to "c1a3" it gives me the error. I will try reinstalling, see if that works.
Posted 9 years ago2011-11-09 03:00:45 UTC
in "File Read Failure"? Post #300619
I was just playing the chapter "Office Complex" in Half-Life, WON, version, and when I reached the end, after trying twice to go to the "We've Got Hostiles" chapter, HL crashes & gives me the error, "File read failure.".
Posted 9 years ago2011-11-07 23:13:02 UTC
in Question about making safety rails Post #300576
I do run the game in OpenGL mode, so... yeah. Anyways, problem's fixed.
Posted 9 years ago2011-11-06 19:00:30 UTC
in Question about making safety rails Post #300526
Ok. That makes sense. Thanks Atom!
Posted 9 years ago2011-11-06 17:36:41 UTC
in Question about making safety rails Post #300523
I'm making a single player map set in the underground area of Black Mesa. Part of the map is shown in these 2 pictures. The rail in pic 1 is visible, but when I look through the other rail in pic 2, the formerly visible rail isn't visible anymore! I'm not sure whether this is something to do with the game engine or w/e but I'd appreciate some tips on how to get around it, thanks. ~gameaddict117o7

Picture #1 (Rail on far side visible) :
User posted image
Picture #2 (Rail on far side invisible) :
User posted image
Posted 9 years ago2011-10-02 00:30:00 UTC
in "Enemy Type" keyvalue for &quo Post #299691
Oh. That's really cool! : )
Posted 9 years ago2011-10-01 14:55:40 UTC
in "Enemy Type" keyvalue for &quo Post #299673
I was messing around with the Opposing Force fgd in Hammer. I noticed there were 4 more types of "tank" entity. They are the same as the originals, but their names have the "_of" suffix, and they have one new keyvalue: "Enemy Type". The values for "Enemy Type" are: "Player", "Ally", and "Random". I've got no clue what any of these mean.
Posted 9 years ago2011-09-08 01:59:08 UTC
in 'Host_Error: PF_Precache_Model_L "m Post #298732
Ohh. Thanks Dimbark! :) Where have you had the error before? Just curious.
Posted 9 years ago2011-09-07 23:29:35 UTC
in 'Host_Error: PF_Precache_Model_L "m Post #298730
Hi. I seem to be having a ton of problems with HL modding/mapping, lol.

Anyway, I tried making a new weapon (really a modified copy+paste of MP5.cpp) and I'm 99.99999% sure I got everything right because when I compiled the dlls I didn't get any errors.

But, when I go into the game (usually I go to the map "c2a5" [the "surface tension" chapter]) and try to use the console command "give weapon_m4", I get booted out of the game and the error 'Host_Error: PF_Precache_Model_L "models/v_m4.mdl" Precache can only be done in spawn functions!' comes up in the console.

What does "Precache can only be done in spawn functions!" mean? I extracted the models to my default HL models folder (after making backup dll files).

The models 'v_m4.mdl' , 'p_m4.mdl' , and 'w_m4.mdl' are in my HL's models folder (E:/SIERRA/Half-Life/valve/models) and it still gives me this error.

What's up? Is it because the weapon isn't loaded in the default maps, kind of like trying to spawn a monster that isn't loaded in the map?
Posted 9 years ago2011-09-05 13:54:37 UTC
in Crowbar "attack miss" Sound Post #298668
Here's the code I used (the bold is what I modified for that particular section:

void CCrowbar::Precache( void )
void CCrowbar::PrimaryAttack()
if (! Swing( 1 ))
	SetThink( &CCrowbar::SwingAgain );
	pev->nextthink = gpGlobals->time + 0.1;
	[b]// play whoosh sound
			switch( RANDOM_LONG(0,2) )
			case 0:
				EMIT_SOUND(ENT(m_pPlayer->pev), CHAN_ITEM, "weapons/cbar_miss.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM); break;
			case 1:
				EMIT_SOUND(ENT(m_pPlayer->pev), CHAN_ITEM, "weapons/cbar_miss2.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM); break;
			case 2:
				EMIT_SOUND(ENT(m_pPlayer->pev), CHAN_ITEM, "weapons/cbar_miss3.wav", 1, ATTN_NORM); break;
Posted 9 years ago2011-09-05 13:49:08 UTC
in Crowbar "attack miss" Sound Post #298667
I did the method Dimbark suggested, and made four sound files. "cbar_miss.wav" (original pitch), "cbar_miss1.wav" (null sound. The crowbar's viewmodel plays the default sound on top of the sounds in the code, which sounded weird to me.), "cbar_miss2.wav" (pitched down 5 units in audacity), and "cbar_miss3.wav" (pitched up 5 units in audacity).

After that, I went into the source code, and changed "cbar_miss1.wav" to "cbar_miss.wav", added miss2 and miss3 and it works like a charm! :)
Posted 9 years ago2011-09-04 14:55:31 UTC
in Crowbar "attack miss" Sound Post #298646
Self-variable? As in, the sound file itself was made at a different pitch?
Posted 9 years ago2011-09-03 21:33:51 UTC
in Crowbar "attack miss" Sound Post #298626
This has been bugging me for a while now. In C++, how would I go about making the crowbar's "swoosh" sound when it misses play at a random pitch (sometimes a bit higher, sometimes a bit lower, etc.), like in older versions of Half-Life 1 (pre- Right now, it just plays the sound like I'm repeating it in Windows Media Player or something. Hope what I said was understandable.
Posted 9 years ago2011-08-19 17:40:14 UTC
in Trigger_Camera Assistance Post #298182
I just tried that. But now it comes up out of the paper on the desk. -_-'
EDIT: Nevermind. I got it rotated. But the camera still turns a bit too far to the right when it gets to its destination.
Posted 9 years ago2011-08-19 16:20:24 UTC
in Trigger_Camera Assistance Post #298177
I'm attempting to make a sort of "first-person cutscene" for a map, showing the player seemingly getting out of the chair, and turning to face the exit to his office cubicle. I feel I set up the entities correctly (func_train w/ origin brush in center, multi_manager, trigger_teleport, etc.) But, for some reason, the camera wants to keep facing the map's origin. I posted the map in the "problem maps" section for Half-Life 1 GoldSrc.