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Created 11 years ago2012-12-09 07:24:42 UTC by TheGrimReafer TheGrimReafer

Posted 10 years ago2013-10-04 07:40:32 UTC Post #316077
Whoa, awesome stuff! Hope to have some worthy screens to add soon ;)
Captain Terror Captain Terrorwhen a man loves a woman
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-04 13:38:57 UTC Post #316078

The lines are created with sprite trails parented to a func_rotating which is parented to a func_movelinear.

I used a movelinear because you dynamically control how far it moves. The starting position is underground (0) and then it moves up to position 1. At position 1, it STARTS moving back to 0, but return to 1 after a second or so.. rinse and repeat. Source is nice because the movelinear triggers itself once its fully open - once set into motion, it's automatic and forever.

As for the other stuff, its just a sprite, some sounds, 2 fades, an actual teleport, and a spark effect when you land.

I'll outline everything in the example map with the prefab. I just don't want to release it yet because im using teleports in my compo map.

If you want a goldsource analog, its totally possible...

The circles can be replaced with ring beams riding path tracks. The advatage of beams is their ability to toggle on and off. The spritetrails i used in source are always on - which is why the mover-parent spawns underground.

The teleport doesn't work unless its active, and masters can be used for that.
Sprites are simple in goldsource. start off, toggle on when tele is active.
Everything else is just sounds and timing.
Ambient generics and multisources will work fine.
Goldsource has env_fades too so everything should work with some effort.

The only disadvantage is that mysetup uses around 15 entities so renaming and relinking them will be very tedious if you want more than one.

So i used the "&i" extension on all my entities when i made the prefab.
If you paste a prefab in the map, teleport01 will link to destination01. paste another, everything gets renamed to 02, and all the links remain within themselves... So nice :biggrin: :hammer:
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-04 16:36:39 UTC Post #316079
That's nice that you have the option to turn the teleport on and off. And from your description making such a prefab seems simple enough.

My method of creating multiple prefabs with many entities in goldsource is by tacking for example b at the end of every entity involved in the copied one.

How hard is it to make terrain brushwork in source? I just may have to load up the sdk ;)
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-04 16:56:13 UTC Post #316080
So far there's no deactivation sequence, only an activation sequence.
They will remain on once activated, but now that you mention it, I'll have to make a deactivate sequence before releasing the prefab. THANKS FOR THE COOL IDEA, YO!

As far as terrain goes, there's a magical thing called displacements in Source.
Its a sculpting tool. You turn a brush face into a subdivided plain and then you raise, lower, smooth, shift the vertices. There's no need to select individual points, because once a face is selected, all the points are active and can be manipulated. The tool has falloff options so you can move groups of vertices OR just a single point. You can also blend 2 textures together with an alpha channel.

Terrain is effortless in source as compared to goldsource.

Penguinboy has a 3-Part tutorial on displacements you could always read up on. Part 1 is here.

I recommend taking the leap into source. Today's computers chew through it, the compile tools support multiple cores. Scripting is amazingly powerful, the lighting is better, the AI is more easily controlled/coerced...

And you know where to go to get tips :-P
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-04 19:36:51 UTC Post #316082
Yes, after I complete this competition's entry I will move to source just as a side hobby. I will soon spend time learning all ends of construction along with working full time and maybe some school so it's good bye to binge mapping.

Also, my work entails nothing but computer work so mapping along with it really bogs me down.

I'd post more wips but all I've done the past two days is one giant interior and texturing. This kind of scheme's visuals are so pronounced that screenies give away everything leaving nothing to surprise.

I will say this though, when combining gameplay with visual quality it's quite a task especially using so much vm'd terrain in goldsource. The light quality on my rock faces is really poor and boring. I'll have to break up the walls with something. So far I am pretty impressed with it but geez there's lot's of work to do!
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-04 23:29:58 UTC Post #316083
You can always break up the texture with a shadow or another light.
Maybe a decal or a tree stump. Some random other texture rock.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-06 00:27:59 UTC Post #316097
Thanks, some good ideas there. I also broke up the terrain into more triangles and shifted the vertices around to make the shadows less dull. I'll also add some more ledges as well.
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-06 13:25:27 UTC Post #316110
Awesome! Can't wait to see it
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-06 20:59:10 UTC Post #316123
Ugh, MAX_MAP_CLIPNODES and I have another entire island to make along with a bunch of floaters. Time to start clipping.
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-07 01:32:14 UTC Post #316128
yeahhhhhh have fun with that :(
that's awful to hear

Isnt there a way you can increase the clipnode size?
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-08 03:09:25 UTC Post #316130
Edit: Does someone know how to enter -cliptype smallest in hammer's expert mode? I just select the csg_exe in the compile/run commands and enter it in the parameter's field like this $path$file -cliptype smallest ?

User posted image
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-08 10:35:26 UTC Post #316141
-cliptype simple

At least i always though it gave me the greatest clipnode economy. Wild-looking screens btw Zeebs! =)
Captain Terror Captain Terrorwhen a man loves a woman
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-08 18:38:35 UTC Post #316145
Oh, thanks! Yes just got the outside main mapping complete. Now for the interiors.

I also experimented with some trigger_relays to add a cool feature to the map.
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-09 00:56:28 UTC Post #316146
... a wild inspiration appears.

Wouldn't compile. :(
Rimrook RimrookSince 2003
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-09 02:47:56 UTC Post #316147
Well MAKE IT compile. It's not like you don't know.
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-09 07:10:25 UTC Post #316149
I tried to make a chandelier and turn it into my entry for this compo. Hammer was all like "nope" and shit.
Rimrook RimrookSince 2003
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-09 17:40:30 UTC Post #316150
What about that cool entry you had posted a wip of?

Edit: Nice, just found out to use trigger_changetargets to make my elevator doors work properly!
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-09 21:12:51 UTC Post #316164
i think i almost creamed myself when i found out how useful changetargets were
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-09 23:48:48 UTC Post #316167

Ya me too Tetsu0, only at the very end of my GoldSrc career.. =P
Captain Terror Captain Terrorwhen a man loves a woman
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-10 01:52:45 UTC Post #316168
So I heard ya'll like particles?
User posted image
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-10 01:59:19 UTC Post #316169
Wow that is awesome looking water! Jumps for joy for source. I would use a texture with less grass though on such a steep slope.

Finally done with the bulk of my map. Now for the fun, details!
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-10 11:15:11 UTC Post #316170
Still WIP but i appreciate the tip:)
My goal for tonight was to master the particle editor.
I think its a success.

The next few days are just terrain and simple puzzles.
All my technical risks are gone IMO
User posted image
Particle editor is nice. You can see your changes in-game without needing to compile :D
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-13 02:18:50 UTC Post #316210
I thought my lighting was too dark but I was working on my tv monitor. When I switched to my laptop's monitor I noticed the lighting is actually pretty good.
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-14 02:13:36 UTC Post #316219
It's time for the obligatory once a month question:

So is this contest dead?
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-14 04:21:45 UTC Post #316220
Today I'm gonna have a session on my map, try and bring it up to par for the compo.
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-14 08:22:17 UTC Post #316221
Same here, I still have a shit-ton of work to do on mine, but gawd can't wait to see the entries for this :)

And i will be submiting finished or no. If i can't finish it as a defuse map, I may just submit it as a prefab pack, and a example map for spawning/respawing Players in a MP game onto a moving train(not that it's hard to do or anything) ;)
Captain Terror Captain Terrorwhen a man loves a woman
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-14 16:24:24 UTC Post #316226
Imma try to wrap things up. I have to cut one of my puzzles but i really want to enter this in time.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-14 19:32:40 UTC Post #316233
I'm finished with just about everything. Just have to align textures, add a few special effects and try to compose a song or find one's suitable. Also may try to make a few new textures.

I've spent literally the entire last week and weekend working on the map, many hours, at least 70-120. I can't wait to see everyone's did Trempler still enter?
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-15 12:16:38 UTC Post #316243
I probably have about 25-30 hours in it.
It's going to need another 10 to be done ugh.
I'm going to jam on it tonight but if it's not coming along, i need to cut a LOT MORE! D:
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-15 12:59:00 UTC Post #316248
Haha. I came across an RMF in my Core directory. Apparently I was going to enter this at some point. It would not have been good. I can safely say my heart wasn't in it. I deleted it in case it got committed to the SVN and other saw it... euw.
monster_urby monster_urbyGoldsourcerer
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-15 14:00:17 UTC Post #316251
Holy hell, there's a particle editor!?
Dimbeak DimbeakRotten Bastard
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-15 14:42:57 UTC Post #316256
Yes, Dim there's a particle editor =]
There's a steep learning curve, but it doesn't take too much time to climb.
The hardest part for me was modifying the particles_manifest.txt file. You need 2 copies of the darn thing and keeping them synced can be a pain at times.
Then I need to remember to supply the files with the map i submit ahhh

Source really doesn't make it easy to add and distribute custom content :-/

Maybe I'll write up a tutorial...
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-15 19:32:31 UTC Post #316259
Yes please do, I'd use it! Haha @ Urby, well at least you tried. I had started an entry a while back that I too scrapped.

Edit: I wish scroll textures could be tied with solid rather than additive to render masked, one of my effects looks weird but I may keep it anyway because it's pretty interesting.
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-15 23:29:03 UTC Post #316273
speaking of interesting effects...
User posted image
I just need to script the ending sequence, do a few test runs, tweak the lighting.... :D
So close i can almost taste it
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-15 23:36:46 UTC Post #316278
That's trippy! I'm almost done too!!!, just adding ambience. I love walking around a freshly made map.

Question, does anyone know how many info_player_deathmatch entities I should add to my hldm map?
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-16 02:50:02 UTC Post #316279
It really depends on the size or desired chaos level.
If its a small map, 4-6.
Medium map 6-10
Large map 12+

Of course that's SINGLE spawns... you don't want to spawn in the same location all the time right?
Whew. That was a nice mapping marathon!
All i need to do is make my skybox and script the actual ending.
All puzzles, sounds, effects are working.
So if all else fails i can at least submit something.
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-17 05:13:03 UTC Post #316305
Ok thanks!

Woo twenty hours left, working away.
User posted image
User posted image
Edit: Hehe, my brother and I just came up with a secret that will have me pushing into the deadline. :crowbar:
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-17 07:34:44 UTC Post #316308
15 hours left, be sure to get your entries submitted! Remember: no late entries will be accepted!
Penguinboy PenguinboyHaha, I died again!
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-17 08:36:13 UTC Post #316309
I will be working from now right up until the deadline, and will submit my map as a WIP =)

Good luck everybody! =P
Captain Terror Captain Terrorwhen a man loves a woman
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-17 22:02:18 UTC Post #316320
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-19 01:13:19 UTC Post #316350
Wow looks really good Tetsuo, i'll have to install episode2.

Mine is in the vault
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-19 03:33:29 UTC Post #316353
Looks real nice!
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-22 10:53:29 UTC Post #316415
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-22 12:07:51 UTC Post #316418
I'm no moderator, but thats not really the point of this thread showing your stuff here lol
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-22 13:11:07 UTC Post #316419
Wow that looks pretty neat xawari! Reminds me of the movie Up, and Tremplar's Zathura WIP =)
Captain Terror Captain Terrorwhen a man loves a woman
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-22 13:24:44 UTC Post #316420
Malle: sorry, I thought the opposite (^_^)
Captain Terror: gotta dig that movie, never seen it. I just had some rough house prefabs made by my friend, I decided to pick and repaint them, and the sky island concept just came out of nowhere. )

This topic is awesome! Can't wait to see results! I just love floating islands. =)
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-22 14:56:43 UTC Post #316421
Here's a picture of the updated version of my map. There are 6 solid changes and a few unnoticeable ones that I thought were necessary. I'll (re)upload to the vault when the competition gets judged. Still no actual gameplay though, I went for a purely visual approach.
User posted image
I think it could still be improved but the effort involved isn't worth the outcome.
Moaby MoabyMk. III
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-22 15:28:01 UTC Post #316422
HORY SHEET!! That's awesome Moaby! :o That looks amazing! *A*
Ghost129er Ghost129erSAS1946 Certified Nuisance
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-22 20:27:48 UTC Post #316429
Moaby that's so awesome.
Love the sybox-water transition. Its seamless from the picture
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Positive Chaos
Posted 10 years ago2013-10-22 21:53:56 UTC Post #316432
Thanks you two.

The lower in height you are the more seamless it becomes and vice versa; without HDR it's clearly visible but it just looks like a horizon.
Moaby MoabyMk. III
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