History of Tutorial: Multi_manager

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#6567 - 2 weeks ago Admer456 Admer456 Reverting to revision #4747 (Reviewed) - SmartEdit is on by default and raw editing of keyvalues is considered "dumb" editing, thus, SmartEdit is turned off
#6566 - 2 weeks ago Dr. Orange Dr. Orange Reverting to revision #4747 (Reviewed) - You have to turn off SmartEdit to edit multimanager targets. SmartEdit is on by default. Revert
#6565 - 2 weeks ago Bobby Bobby Most likely a typo because the author of the tutorial mentioned that you must turn OFF the SmartEdit in order to edit the multi_manager but you need it turned ON in order to be able to use it. Revert
#4747 - 3 years ago Penguinboy Penguinboy Reviewed Revert
#4028 - 3 years ago Jessie Jessie actually fixed it Revert
#4027 - 3 years ago Jessie Jessie Fixed attachment link Revert
#34 - 19 years ago SlayerA SlayerA Automatically converted from TWHL3's tutorial database Revert