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Mapping for Half-Life Deathmatch is a question that has appeared in the forums many times, with questions like "how do you make weapons respawn?". This handy tutorial features an in depth guide to all your queries about Half-Life Deathmatch (HLDM) mapping.

Mapping for multiplayer

An HLDM map is much like any other, you build your architecture, you light the map and you put in a starting point and some weapons. However:

Design considerations

An HLDM map can be broken down into three basic elements:

Adding atmosphere

In HLDM (as with any map) it is important to make your maps look more alive. Try using func_trains to make moving objects, or env_lasers to make your maps look like real locations that have a purpose. Having locked doors and windows give your map the feeling that your map isn't just sitting in an empty void, but actually makes up part of the world.

Testing your map

Once you feel you've done everything in your map, and that it is complete, its now time to test it. Open up Half-Life and create a server (preferably LAN) with your map. The reason we are doing it this way is that if we were to just type "map mapname" into the console we would start the map with Half-Life thinking you were playing a single player game. By creating a server, Half-Life is making a multiplayer game, and thus is giving you the HEV, crowbar and pistol from the beginning. You will also respawn when you die. This is a good way to test the map yourself, but if you want to see how it fares in a real deathmatch, you should find a group of people to help you test your map in a proper match.

Hopefully this tutorial has given you a better insight to the structure of a HLDM map, so have fun making and playing your map!


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