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Ok folks, want cool dripping water without the mess of sprites and all that stuff? Well, it's pretty easy. The solution: env_blood (Link: ?entity=env_blood) . Yeppers! Set right, this gory little entity becomes I Can't Believe It's Not Water!

So, make an env_blood where you want the water to drip from. Give it a name, like "depends". Set the amount of blood ( amount for you non-smart edit folks) to 1 . Set the pitch yaw roll ( angles ) to 90 0 0 , or set the compass thing to down (setting the angles attribute is better though.) Now you simply have to make a multi_manager to trigger the little bugger every time you want it to drip. See my article on Looping Multi_Managers (Link: index.php?doc=1037635598-21852900) for help with that.

That's its folks, its quick, simple, and easy. Because the blood is gray (unless you specifically set it to red or yellow), it looks like water. I have an example map (rmf and bsp) here (Link: .
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