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The multi_manager entity replaces the aging trigger_relay entity. The multi_manager can trigger up to 16 different entities at set time lengths.

The easiest way to explain this entity is to take you through an example. Let's say you have six lights that you want to turn on one second after the other. Let's also say that the lights are named light1, light2, light3... and so on until light6. First place a multi_manager in your level and have a buttons target it (the button will be to turn on the lights). Now go into the multi_manager 's properties and turn off Smart Editing. Now we have to add keys with values. This is how we tell the multi_manager what to trigger and when to trigger it. With Smart Editing off click on the add button. A window should pop up that wants you to put in a key and a value. The key is the name of an entity you want triggered and the value is how long after the multi_source has been triggered that the entity will be triggered. So on with our example we'll add 6 keys with the name of each of the 6 lights for the name of the key. The values for each key are shown in the table below.
Key: Value:
light1 0.0
light2 1
light3 2
light4 3
light5 4
light6 5
Now compile the level and then hit the button. Light1 should turn on, and one second later light2 should turn on and so on until all lights are on.

More on the Multi_Manager

It is important that you understand how to use the multi_manager because it's used everywhere. From scripted sequences to the Crossfire Airstrike you'll find the multi_manager.
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To trigger the same target multiple times, subsequent keys should be suffixed with #N where N is a number. This is simply because key names need to be unique to be exported to .map properly. The game code drops the suffixes when reading the entity keyvalues.
Key Value
boop 0.01
boop#1 0.5
boop#2 0.9
boop#3 1.2
boop#4 1.4
boop#5 1.5
All of these target boop.

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