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Brush Entity

Combined with func_vehiclecontrols, it creates a player-controlled driveable vehicle. Quite buggy, but it serves its purpose if set up right. Consult this tutorial for more detailed info on getting it to work.


[li]0 = Normal [li]Render Mode (rendermode) - Controls the type of rendering that is used for an object. Options are: [li]FX Amount (renderamt) - If Render Mode is not set to Normal, this defines how transparent the object is (0 - invisible; 255 - fully visible)[/li]
[li]FX Color (rendercolor) - If Render Mode is set to Color - this defines in what color the object will be filled.[/li]
[li]First Stop Target (target) - Name path_track used to align the vehicle (consult tutorial).[/li]
[li]Sound (sounds) - Choose from a list of sounds for your vehicle to emit when moving/idle (for some reason - there's no "Vehicle 5" sound in the latest FGD ;o ): [/li]
[li]Length of the vehicle (length) - Length of your vehicle. Controls handling (the longer the car - the harder to steer)[/li]
[li]Width of the vehicle (width) - Width of your vehicle. Controls X Axis tilt when making turns.[/li]
[li]Height above track (height) - Defines where the vehicle will collide with ground (0 = at center of origin brush)[/li]
[li]Initial speed (startspeed) - Vehicle starts moving at this speed.[/li]
[li]Speed (speed) - Maximum speed (0-2000; anything beyond that might bugger things up)[/li]
[li]Damage on crush (dmg) - If the player or any damageable entity is caught between the vehicle and a solid brush, this is the amount of damage it will sustain.[/li]
[li]Volume (volume) - Defines how loud the vehicle sounds will be (0-10)[/li]
[li]Bank angle on turns (bank) - This is the angle the vehicle will tilt when cornering.[/li]
[li]Minimum Light Level (_minlight)[/li]



Information thanks to Counter-Map.


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