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func_detail - [Pseudo]-Brush Entity

Introduced by Vluzacn's Compile Tools, this brush "entity" functions as an intermediate of proper brush entities (such as func_wall), and world brushes and can help reduce wpoly count by preventing unnecessary face splits (chops).

Similarly to world brushes it doesn't support render modes and will chop, and be chopped by, touching geometry. However unlike world brushes, how this brush will chop, or be chopped, by touching world brushes and func_detail's can be controlled using its Detail level property and any detail level greater than zero will cause it to be ignored by VIS.
Further it can have its clipping information removed, becoming fully non-solid, using the Passable property.

The entity is turned into an ordinary world brush as part of the compilation process.

Entity Properties

Class Info


The entity has no flags.

Detail Level

All levels from 2 and up behaves just as level 1, but will be chopped by any level equal or less than its own detail level, and chop any details of a greater level.
This continues ad infinitum.


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Commented 6 months ago2024-01-06 06:19:43 UTC Comment #105850
What I can gather from the community's collective wisdom:
  • func_detail does not reduce world leaves
  • func_detail instead reduce VIS portals generated by HLBSP. if without it HLBSP makes VIS portals around detail geometry, with it it just treat the surrounding area as a single VIS leaf
  • func_detail is gone at the end of HLBSP, and is world geometry after that point
  • hence HLRAD cannot treat it in any way other than opaque world brush because it's gone by the time it's run

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