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Brush Entity

This entity allows you to create a player-controllable train / platform etc. that follows a path.


[li]0 = Normal [li]Render Mode (rendermode) - Controls the type of rendering that is used for an object. Options are: [li]Global Entity Name (globalname) - If your trian is going to cross level transitions, it'll need a global name.[/li]
[li]FX Amount (renderamt)[/li]
[li]FX Color (rendercolor)[/li]
[li]ZHLT Lightflags (zhlt_lightflags)[/li]
[li]Light Origin Target (light_origin)[/li]
[li]First stop Target (target) - The name of the path_track to start at.[/li]
[li]Sound (sounds) - Values:
0 = none
1 = rail 1
2 = rail 2
3 = rail 3
4 = rail 4
5 = rail 6
6 = rail 7[/li]
[li]Distance between the wheels (wheels) - This determines how the train behaves when turning corners. Generally the length of the object works here.[/li]
[li]Height above track (height) - This is the height above the path_track that the train will ride, based on the location of the train's origin brush.[/li]
[li]Initial Speed (startspeed) - The speed the train starts at, until overridden by player control or path_track settings.[/li]
[li]Speed (speed) - The maximum speed the player can make a controllable train go in units/second.[/li]
[li]Damage on crush (dmg) - If train movement is blocked by the player, deal out this much damage.[/li]
[li]Volume (volume) - Range: 0 - 10.[/li]
[li]Bank angle on turns (bank) - This is the angle the train will tilt when cornering.[/li]
[li]Minimum Light Level (_minlight)[/li]




Commented 4 years ago2014-11-24 15:31:52 UTC Comment #101139
Hmpf. Anyone know a trick to make func_tracktrain?
Commented 4 years ago2014-11-26 00:52:09 UTC Comment #101140
I'm experimenting with func_tracktrain at the moment.
I'll make a tutorial on my channel if I figure it out.

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