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info_hullshape - Brush Entity

Another useful entity introduced by Vluzacn's Compile Tools that allows the mapper to set a custom shape for the different collision hulls. The shape must be made of a single brush and must be tied with an origin brush to define the shape's center. For hull3 (crouching) the origin must be 18 units up from the bottom of the shape otherwise a crouching player may clip into the floor.

To use this you may either add zhlt_hull1, zhlt_hull2 and zhlt_hull3 keys whose values are the names of an info_hullshape for standing, big monster and crouching shapes respectively to any solid brush entity or func_detail, or set the defaulthulls key of the info_hullshapes accordingly to apply to all geometry by default.



The entity has no flags.


Example maps

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