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The "outside" skin/face plane/facets boundry of a model or map. HL maps have 4 hulls, one for visual rendering and three for collision detection. Hull is mentioned when you have a LEAK error.

More info on HULL's from VERC:
HULL 0 is the physical hull. The planes and brush faces.
HULL 1 is the hull that limits where a standing player can go. Basicly the hull info from HULL 0 is "moved in" 15 for player width to his center point, and up 32 from the floor to the player's center, and down from the ceiling 32ish to the players center. This keeps players from getting "buried in the floor or the wall".
A player is really just a point in space, the model has little to do with the hulls.

HULL 2 is the hull that limits where a crouching player can go.

HULL 3 is reserved for special purposes- read " In HL it is not used at all".

HULL 4 is a bogus hull error. There is really no such hull.
Note that none of these is tied to a floor, ceiling or wall especially.


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