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About this entity
Check out this tutorial to learn how to use info_node_air correctly: Tutorial: All about info_nodes.
info_node_air has the same responsibility as info_node. The main difference is that this one is designed for flying monsters like the Alien controller (monster_alien_controller), flying flock (monster_flyer_flock) and the cut Stukabat. It is also designed for aquatic monsters like the Leech (monster_leech) and Ichthyosaur (monster_ichthyosaur).
This entity is not very well suited for helicopters
For helicopters like the Apache (monster_apache) and the Osprey (monster_osprey), it's better to use path_corner instead of info_node_air entities.

For the Apache, using info_node_air will work but will have difficulties finding it's enemy and will wobble weirdly.

For the Osprey, the game/mod will crash because it expects path_corner entities and not info_node_air ones.



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