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Competition 34 - Half-Life Re-imagined

Competition Index > Half-Life Re-imagined

Time Remaining

Name: Half-Life Re-imagined
Opened: 1st December 2016
Closing: 1st April 2017
Type: Full Map
Game: Half-Life and Source
Judged: Together

Strider Penguinboy

Competition 34 - Half-Life Re-imagined Brief


Choose a map from Half-Life 1 (or Opposing Force/Blue Shift) and remix it in an interesting way. Your entry must resemble the original map in an obvious way - whether it be in aesthetics, gameplay or design.

The key is to create a map that feels like the original version, without simply cloning it. We're looking for a new spin on the maps that we all know and love. The new map does not have to be for the same game or gameplay type as the one you choose to remake.

- Choose a singleplayer chapter and make a new level for it with the same ambience and style
- Use the layout of a multiplayer map and texture it in a unique way
- Turn a singleplayer map into a multiplayer map, or vice-versa
- Take the major gameplay elements from a map and make a new map that uses those same elements
- Use your imagination! Surprise us!

Visit the official thread for any questions.

Submit Entry

TWHL Competition Rules and Regulations

You must include a readme in your entry!

A readme is a text file (usually named readme.txt) containing your TWHL username, the name of your entry, the game the entry is for (not just the game engine, the game as well), and any additional information you want to add.

Please also tell us which map you are remaking, and include some screenshots or a link to a video of the original map to make judging easier.

  1. Your entry can be for the Steam version of any Valve Source or Goldsource game. The judges have them all!
  2. The judges realize the limitations of the GoldSource and Source engines. Entries from different engines will be judged fairly.
  3. Custom content is allowed, but custom code is not.
  4. Any custom content should be included with the entry in the correct folder structure, or embedded into the BSP file itself. A mini-mod package is also permitted.
  5. Entries must be zipped. Do not upload the uncompressed .bsp file.
  6. An entry must run without error! We will not chase authors if an entry doesn't work.