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Habby Pirthday!
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C# is pretty awesome. It's a really pretty language. Microsoft just open-sourced .NET libraries, so I expect it to get more popular!
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I wish I had the time to help you out with those tools! I know how hard it is for art people to work without tools. Major game engines have full suites of tools including material editors, scripting languages, and WYSIWYG map editors that allow for fast prototyping. Artists/designers can focus on making the game without direct programmer intervention for 80% of their needs. It really sucks to start from nothing in comparison! I had to write from-scratch tool stuff for my studio too.

What kind of a game are you making?
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The train thing is kind of weird but I enjoyed it. Very stylized. Thanks for the recommendation!
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It's not a scam. He actually came up with a pretty nice solution to voxel raycasting. Still, he exaggerates the power of it.

The title of that video alone pisses me off.

There are still inherent limitations. There are still lots of re-used assets, although there are more of them then there used to be (probably because of the data-HD-streaming he mentioned in the video). There is a jerkyness to the camera movement. The lighting isn't the "most realistic" I've seen. He can't do animation either. If he does get animation it will be limited in some significant way.
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I wondered the same, Scotch. You'll have to pay some royalty to use it.

It's a perfect song though. It's good "driving down the road" music.
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Merry birthdaymas!
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I'm not sure yet. We've just been greenlit, so we don't know all of the details of the steam API yet.

Most likely yes though.
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It's not actually up on steam yet!

It will be soonish.
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At the lowest level, OpenGL and DirectX are triangle/line rasterizers. They paint triangles/lines onto the screen.

A vertex shader is used to transform your world geometry into 2D screen-space. You should look into homogeneous matrix transformations to understand how rotation, scaling, translation, and perspective transformations can be conveniently packed into a single matrix transformation. You use these transformations to position your cube in the world where you want it. Then you transform that world matrix by a view matrix, which moves the entire world in front of the camera. It's interesting to note that when matrix transformations are used, moving the entire world around the camera is the same amount of work as moving point in the first place. Then you transform the positions by a perspective transformation matrix. A perspective transformation projects 3D points into 2D screen clip-space.

After each of the vertices are transformed into screen clip-space they are rasterized. Points define triangles, but these are just points. A rasterizer takes the points and "fills in between the lines" to form a collection of pixels that form the rendered primitive. These pixels get sent down into a pixel shader, which decides the final color of the pixel as it is written to the screen. Texturing and lighting computations are performed in a pixel shader.

Aside from the rasterizing, DirectX / OpenGL provide tons of abstractions that make rendering tasks more efficient. These abstractions are mostly about controlling GPU memory.

That's a mini-description of the rendering pipeline that OGL/DX use.
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Terrible but pretty
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When I was younger I was told a half life mod was a virus, which is bullshit. I think it was Spirit.

I was just getting into mapping at the time, so I silently installed it back.
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I agree. DS9 is more about personal development and character interaction than the others. It's the only star trek that has overarching political plots, and the only trek where a religion has a heavy influence. Every episode isn't an "instance" where everything just starts over at the next episode. You have to admit there was one episode that played out like a Dragon Ball Z episode though.

Voyager was more about survival, tough moral decisions, unfavorable situations, and techno-babble. The number of opportunities they passed up to get home annoyed me, but it's a great series. The last episode of voyager in particular was a damned great episode. I like how that episode framed it so that they could end the series whenever they wanted.

TNG was more about social/moral issues, and contact/tolerance with other races. It introduced the holo-deck, which was a pretty brilliant idea. It allowed them to explore ideas/locations in any setting they wanted. It's a damned solid series, but I wish Barclay had more episodes.

Enterprise sucked for a while, but it got pretty good towards the end. It was probably the only star trek series that I hated any of the actors in. It would've been significantly better if T'Pol wasn't there (although she was hot), and if they didn't try to ret-con giant history changing events into the Trek rhetoric (The Xindi weren't mentioned in any of the future trek series.) It did put star-trek technology into perspective though; It was the only star-trek that really showed any grit or inconvenience in their daily lives. I think they even showed a bathroom! The others were all about using well-established "science!" to accomplish things with minimal effort. I enjoyed the fact that they didn't have replicators. Also, Shran was awesome.

tldr; You should all watch Star Trek. Start with The Next Generation if you are new.
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That really reminds me of the cave section from Resident Evil 4.

Pretty cool.
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I was referring to the "I wish Moffat had a plane crash" statement.

It's fine to be jealous though. I don't consider that dark. I have plenty of friends with minority scholarships I can't get because I'm white. That annoys me too.
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That's.. dark?
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Merry Christmas, TWHLites
but don't celebrate long.
Work on the competition,
or I'll eat your Mom.
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Nice! I can't get any of my friends to watch B5, heh. Great show though.
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Got it up to 112.
User posted image
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User posted image
I didn't think I typed that quickly. :o
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I'm seeding a BMS torrent, and my ratio is 10+ now. I must spread the BMS love.
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Do yourself a favor and turn word wrap off. :D

Also why are there so many opening and closing php blocks right next to each other with no HTML in between them?
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Hard to do Stojke. The same thing happens to me at my web-dev job too. Time goes by painfully slow.
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It's only subliminal if you can subconsciously understand it. I think that excludes QR or binary codes, heh.

Happy birthday!

Also, stop giving him attention.
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We need to re-write lots of the goldsource hammer tutorials to be goldsource/source agnostic.

I just don't see that happening with the shitty tutorial system we have. :P
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Dreamhost is what TWHL uses. It's pretty awesome, and it's cheap too.
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It's me and my immediate boss' office. Other higher-ups have the keys to it, but other people have no reason to go into it. My boss was out for lunch or something.
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I had a streak of bad luck the other day getting to work. I was like 4 hours late.

Some set up: I don't drive, and I stay at work past the time that the busses stop running. I take my bike with me on the bus in the morning, and bike back home in the evenings.

One day I woke up late. My brother had used up all the hot water before my shower. Also I had an awful taste in my mouth to find out that I was out of tooth-paste. I go grab my bike, and as I head towards the bus stop I see that the bus is driving off without me. I waited outside in the hot shitty weather until the next bus came, but it didn't have a bike rack so I had to wait for the next one. Because the next bus was ~40 mins away I decided to bike to work. About half-way to work my bike chain breaks in such a way that I can't fix it without tools. I didn't figure this out at first, and so I wasted time trying to fix it. I walked my bike home because I didn't want to leave my broken bike at work. By the time I got home the bus had already gone by, and so I had to wait on the bus again. When I finally got on the bus one of the stops had a disabled wheel-chair person at it, and it took forever to get the person inside with the slow chair-lift. After that we hit heavy traffic. Once I finally got to work I decided to take the elevator because my job is on the 6th floor and I just wasn't feeling the stairs. It was really slow, and lots of people got off when it finally got to my floor. Once I was on, a guy that got on with me went down to the first floor (ground-floor is second). When it went back up it stopped at the second floor again, where a random influx of people got on the elevator. They then proceeded to hit every floor button on the way up. After I finally make it to my floor I go to my office door and realize that my brother had taken my keys and not given them back. I had to get someone else in my department to let me in.

That was about a month ago. >_<

tldr; I really need to learn how to drive.
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My older brother's car eats tires. At one point he went through 3 blown tires in 2 weeks. Always on the same wheel too.
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That site doesn't allow image access to outside sites. Broken image+link. :(

I hope the greys are like the Asgard from Stargate. They're bro's.
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Good cigars are about taste. Their nicotine content is actually pretty poor. You're supposed to puff on one, where you only inhale slightly. You aren't supposed to inhale much of it at all.
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"So, I owe you like a hundred dollars right?"
Commented 10 years ago2012-05-28 10:38:49 UTC in journal: #7810 Comment #44821
Previously Crollo
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That's probably the most saturation I've seen from something in the unreal engine, heh. Its pretty cool, and you replicate the styles of both pretty well. I think my only two complaints are that the back of the island looks strange in how it 'converges', and that the air line loops happen too often and in the same places.
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Another fun project is to make an active web chat with an ajax script. You basically make the script send a request for messages newer than your last update time every ~second, and if the request comes back with something in it the message is appended onto the end of the chat window. It's a pretty cool project to see work, and a good extension to your project if you're interested. :P
Commented 10 years ago2012-04-25 06:58:36 UTC in journal: #7758 Comment #51437

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My teachers were always good about partial credit.

If I had the most of the process right but I misplaced a few things it was just a few points off.
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I work with a guy named Adam Jensen. That was fun for a couple of weeks, heh.

Edit: Also I love that a few of the 'related videos' on that IMDB page are titled "Films That Suck".
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They're so cute
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Its good to know about caching and how low-level memory is handled to properly optimize though. Knowing how memory is managed between CPU/GPU is nice too. Aside from that, you don't need to know too much.
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Hell yeah, I'd watch that.
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int blue = map(temp, 0, 25, 255, 0);
int green = 0;
if(temp < 45)
green = map(temp, 15, 45, 0, 255);
green = map(temp, 45, 70, 255, 0);
int red = map(temp, 45, 120, 0, 255)
Commented 10 years ago2012-03-25 10:27:03 UTC in journal: #7699 Comment #57933
Are there floating point numbers or do I only get map()?
Commented 10 years ago2012-03-15 05:13:46 UTC in journal: #7680 Comment #66886
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Armpit crystal is best crystal
Commented 10 years ago2012-02-06 23:22:48 UTC in journal: #7606 Comment #55885

Odd; Usually I trust Rotten Tomatoes.
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