Commented 1 day ago2022-07-01 23:03:01 UTC in journal: hee hee hee haw Comment #104600
Jamie, your maps look pretty good to me. It's hard to give meaningful feedback on a multi-player map before you have played it with other people though. If you host a game some day, announce it to @Multiplayer Crew on TWHL's Discord - it will ping anyone who has given themselves the Multiplayer Crew role and wants to know when there's a game. I always join a game if I'm home and not too busy. PS. "Initiative" is misspelled in your map's name
Commented 4 days ago2022-06-28 19:18:26 UTC in vault item: zm_mars_base2 Comment #104595
I think this is for one of the server-side zombie mods
Commented 4 days ago2022-06-28 16:09:29 UTC in vault item: dm_poisongarden Comment #104594
The "sound" folder was misnamed (it was named "sounds") and the game couldn't find the sound file so I took the liberty of fixing that in the download
Commented 4 days ago2022-06-28 16:01:51 UTC in vault item: Payload beta3 Comment #104593
The link works now, he fixed the download
Commented 5 days ago2022-06-27 20:42:42 UTC in vault item: Op4 Alert Light Comment #104588
It's been a while, so I took the liberty of fixing the .bsp and .map using a hex editor. decals2.wad is no longer required. I hope that's alright. If not, I left backups of the unmodified originals in a subfolder in the download.
Commented 5 days ago2022-06-27 19:54:35 UTC in vault item: narcosynthesis_test4 Comment #104587
Because gearbox.wad and overturn_ads.wad are nowhere to be found, I have replaced the .bsp in the download with a modified version that can be played without them. I left a backup of the original .bsp. It took a few seconds with a hex editor (you replace "valve\gearbox.wad with "valv\halflife.wad" etc. - the folder names don't matter). The map never used any textures from those WADs.
Commented 5 days ago2022-06-27 19:22:46 UTC in vault item: c32_legitzkrieg Comment #104586
Ew! Those trees! Is that happening for everyone?
It is for me
Commented 2 weeks ago2022-06-18 12:48:21 UTC in vault item: de_twhl2011 Comment #104559
... which maps do you fap to? Altdel?
Commented 2 weeks ago2022-06-18 11:51:38 UTC in vault item: Let's Build a Rocket Comment #104558
It's in the Steam Workshop. Also here
Commented 2 weeks ago2022-06-18 11:27:43 UTC in vault item: func_tanks in CS:S! Comment #104557
Joebama was clever. But Suparsonik? SUPAR klevar!
Commented 2 weeks ago2022-06-18 11:08:13 UTC in vault item: cs_sarajevo testing Comment #104556
The download is dead and apparently, 0rth0doX doesn't have this version anymore. We only have the beta version:
Loading embedded content: Vault Item #5282
Commented 2 weeks ago2022-06-18 10:47:58 UTC in vault item: de_abandoned Comment #104555
It's never too late to rename the map or to upload a new version
Commented 2 weeks ago2022-06-12 18:53:53 UTC in vault item: Fy_pepino_us Comment #104538
The download died. Do you still have this one, Juan?
Commented 2 weeks ago2022-06-12 18:39:14 UTC in vault item: gg_villa_final Comment #104537
also the tools seem to be broken, as they all show the paths without "/"
TWHL's old code was incorrectly removing backslashes. It was a bug affecting every post on the site. I have edited the log and put backslashes back where they likely once were, for readability.
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-11 22:20:43 UTC in vault item: deathrun_clarion_final Comment #104536
The download died. Do you still have this map, Lajron?
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-11 22:04:25 UTC in vault item: Aim_andai_us Comment #104535
The download died. Do you still have this map, Juan?
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-11 21:24:48 UTC in vault item: Dust_pro_us Comment #104534


The download died. I have replaced it with what seems to be an early version of the map found on 17Buddies. It doesn't use the tree models and is fullbright.

If you ever return to TWHL, Urban Six, you might want to replace the download and move this map vault entry back to the "Completed" category. We have a higher file size limit these days so you don't need to use an external file sharing site.
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-11 20:16:02 UTC in vault item: fy_steppes Comment #104533
Do you still have this, Blitz? :) The download died
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-11 19:40:29 UTC in journal: #5526 Comment #104532
It's Midsummer soon. If you want to celebrate, get some friends or family together, have some nice food - whatever you usually eat at Christmas or Easter works - out in the garden or a park, eat strawberries with milk, drink some snaps, stay up until next sunrise. You can wear your local traditional dress or dance around a pole but those things are entirely optional and frankly too much effort. There is no wrong way to celebrate Midsummer Eve so long as you spend the day with people that you like and sit outside if the weather is nice.
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-10 23:36:51 UTC in vault item: Animal Farm Comment #104531
I have added station.wad to the download so the map can be played now
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-09 22:40:14 UTC in vault item: Expanded Counter-Strike FGD Comment #104529
I had no idea those entities existed. Interesting
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-08 19:57:35 UTC in vault item: The_(c)Striker's Cubicle Comment #104528
The download died. Do you still have this, Striker?
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-08 16:29:31 UTC in vault item: Secret Santa 2011 - X-LAyer2 Comment #104527
Do you still have this, James? The download died
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-06 20:43:05 UTC in vault item: Equip Zones Comment #104524
I think it's for both single and multi-player.
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-06 20:41:18 UTC in vault item: 6D Alpha Comment #104523
Does anyone still have this? The download has died
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-06 20:19:28 UTC in vault item: cs_control Comment #104522
It's good for a chuckle but it's a one-star map
Commented 3 weeks ago2022-06-06 18:58:55 UTC in vault item: Fake 2D Skybox Models Comment #104521
This is really cool
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-05 03:38:31 UTC in journal: #2021 Comment #104514
It's next year now
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-05 03:31:46 UTC in journal: #2366 Comment #104513
The upgrade to TWHL 4 destroyed my chessboard :( Who will pay for it?? Penguinboy?? πŸ‘ΏπŸ§
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-04 18:50:52 UTC in vault item: Half-Life Static Friction Comment #104512
The download works if you copy the address ( ) and paste it into your browser's address bar. The reason clicking doesn't work is that the download is hosted on The Mighty Atom's website which is HTTP only and these days browsers are getting more and more restrictions on unencrypted/insecure websites.
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-04 17:59:16 UTC in vault item: Institute Test Comment #104511
I love how you hid a tnetennba in most of the rooms
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-04 17:48:46 UTC in vault item: Institute Test Comment #104510
I added zillafinal.wad to the download. I also compiled a .bsp.

Unfortunately classic_kleineh_dod.wad was too big to add to the download but you can get it from 17Buddies. You only need it if you want to work with the .rmf, though, as I wadincluded the necessary textures from it in the .bsp.
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-04 17:32:33 UTC in vault item: Spencer Comment #104509
I have added zillafinal.wad to the download, and absolut_vodka_1.wad can be downloaded here
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-04 17:28:26 UTC in vault item: Spencer Halls Comment #104508
You had a thing for dark horror levels, didn't you Dawley? I think you could have made something really nice if you took the time to make something bigger
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-04 17:27:07 UTC in vault item: Spencer Halls Comment #104507
Two WAD files were missing, absolut_vodka_1 and zillafinal. I have added zillafinal to the download, and absolut_vodka_1 can be downloaded here
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-04 17:13:16 UTC in vault item: Tunnels Comment #104506
Find the crowbar and escape. Simple concept. Watch the battery level on the flashlight and watch out for any surprises. Cute little map. Not bad.
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-04 17:11:59 UTC in vault item: Tunnels Comment #104505
58 megabytes. That's how big all those WADs are. Fortunately, the map only uses ONE custom texture (nm_metal6 from neilm2.wad). I have added that WAD to the download and modified the BSP using a hex editor so the map can finally be played after all these years, without any texture or WAD errors. I have left a backup of the original .bsp in the download, too.
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-03 21:40:54 UTC in vault item: bdaw_shockstorage Comment #104504
Download link was bad ;)
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-03 21:35:15 UTC in vault item: MAR: JeffMOD's observation centre V2 Comment #104503
Do you still have this, Notewell? The download died
Commented 4 weeks ago2022-06-03 20:47:56 UTC in vault item: "Triangle" construction Comment #104502
No. Trust the engineer (Tetsu0). They are tetrahedrons (tetra hedron - four faces).

A tetragon is something entirely different, it's a 2D shape with four edges (tetra gon - four angles). Squares and rectangles are examples of tetragons.
Commented 1 month ago2022-05-30 01:02:25 UTC in vault item: sp_gravity Comment #104479
The download is no longer available. The one at Thinking With Portals isn't working either. Do you still have this, Les? TWHL supports 16MB uploads these days.
Commented 1 month ago2022-05-29 23:19:47 UTC in vault item: fy_bigblocks Comment #104478
The missing texture e7panelwood can be found in e7.wad, 2muchvideogames:
Commented 1 month ago2022-05-29 22:57:06 UTC in vault item: See where you are like in CZ but for HL Comment #104477
I have compiled and added a .bsp to the download
Commented 1 month ago2022-05-29 21:56:14 UTC in vault item: Radiation: Day 1 (for Flat-Life) Comment #104475
A nice little map, I really like the look of it (you took the screenie in the least interesting place haha)! I had forgotten how hard it can be to aim in side-scrolling Flat-Life though!
Commented 1 month ago2022-05-29 21:46:47 UTC in vault item: tp_xeria (for Flat-Life) Comment #104474
The same thing happens for me. There is no error message, the game just closes.

The external download has been down for years: I am replacing it with the relevant files from , I hope that's okay.
Commented 1 month ago2022-05-29 00:53:16 UTC in vault item: Rising water example Comment #104469
You can add these screenshots to your vault post if you want: one, two, three.
It sucks to look through the vault and see maps without screenshots

Added. Thank you for your service. - Urby
Commented 1 month ago2022-05-28 23:56:52 UTC in vault item: The colour making machine Comment #104468
I have added a modified version of the map to the download, that doesn't require tfc.wad or tfc2.wad. The map never used any textures from those WADs so it was a simple matter of replacing references to those WAD files with references to halflife.wad using a hex editor.

In other words: It works now
Commented 1 month ago2022-05-28 22:47:55 UTC in vault item: Freeman Survival Comment #104467
I agree with the Captain
Commented 1 month ago2022-05-28 22:30:20 UTC in vault item: Hangar Comment #104466
Do you still have this, LCP?
Commented 1 month ago2022-05-28 21:44:16 UTC in vault item: Edge of Death - Series 1 Comment #104465
Do you still have this, Moaby?