zeeba-G1 year ago2020-10-15 16:23:54 UTC 13 comments
After mapping for Goldsource for 16+ years, it's time for something different.

I've been messing with Unity and learning C# in my spare time.

I want to make very simple 2D games and have already started a simple platformer.

So far i've programmed my character to respond to the arrow keys and move side to side and jump. He also plays his idle and walk animations. I did so by following along tutorials on YouTube but took a step back to run through tutorials on C# in general. It's a huge beast to understand for someone like me but i'm very slowly beginning to understand the fundamentals.

Does anyone here have experience in Unity?
zeeba-G2 years ago2020-03-20 00:17:51 UTC 18 comments
How's everyone coping? I'm doing good, same old same old. Just practicing social distancing and using hand sanitizer more. Stocked up on grocieries yadayada.
zeeba-G3 years ago2019-03-15 19:29:59 UTC 3 comments
Rodless Reel - Kickstarter

After over three years of developing this tiny fishing reel, i'm finally ready to release it. Check it out on Kickstarter and let me know what you guys think.

Ships worldwide for free.

Mapping for half life is what introduced me to 3D modeling at an early age and influenced me into studying architecture. In doing so, I was exposed to the world of design. I am now a CAD Drafter and in my free time I 3D model and prototype ideas.

Thanks for your support guys and gals!
zeeba-G3 years ago2019-03-06 16:34:40 UTC 7 comments
I re-modeled the geometry from hammer in rhino and 3D printed a model of the house from my map.

It would be really cool to build some day.
3D Print House - 13D Print House - 1
3D Print House - 23D Print House - 2
3D Print House - 33D Print House - 3
The small holes in the grass part are for fake trees. :)
zeeba-G4 years ago2017-08-25 14:25:21 UTC 8 comments
Check out Hurricane Harvey, he's on his way and I live in Houston, TX. :0
zeeba-G4 years ago2017-07-04 21:47:48 UTC 5 comments
Check out this pottery wheel I designed and built.

Please leave a like if you enjoy it. Thanks.
zeeba-G6 years ago2016-06-07 23:02:12 UTC 14 comments
cs meme...
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zeeba-G6 years ago2016-02-02 00:09:50 UTC 12 comments
27! What what.
zeeba-G6 years ago2015-11-25 19:23:59 UTC 4 comments
Will be test playing my ScoutzKnivez remake later today prolly around 5-6 pm central time.

Come join and check it out, cs 1.6 server.

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zeeba-G7 years ago2015-02-01 19:11:21 UTC 15 comments
I'm twenty six today! Thanks TWHL for being so 4w350m3! ! ! Such a warm and cozy community. TWHL is like a cardboard box with a bunch of fuzzy kittens in it.
zeeba-G7 years ago2014-12-03 18:49:50 UTC 29 comments
It's finally arrived after literally three months. Took me eight hours to assemble.

Now to get it running and make some prints.
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zeeba-G7 years ago2014-08-21 19:31:17 UTC 37 comments
Bout to order this guy.
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gmax 3D Printer...
zeeba-G7 years ago2014-08-12 18:43:23 UTC 20 comments
I was riding flatland bmx on my bike yesterday in the cul-de-sac in front of my house when a thunderstorm began to roll in. As the first lightning struck right in front of me I felt a strong shock in my left thumb. I had been slightly shocked by it!

I headed straight inside. My thumb is still very slightly stiff. I think I'm lucky I didn't get it worst.
zeeba-G7 years ago2014-07-27 00:31:02 UTC 7 comments
I've gone from studying architecture to making toys.

I have too many irons in the fire as they say, so i'm trying to focus on one hobby for now.

Let me know your favorite childhood physical toys :D Mine were probably legos and transformers. Any suggestions as to toys I should check out?
User posted image
Yes that's Samus in the back ground, she wasn't cheap.

Oh and neither was the Omega Supreme G1 transformer!

I've had to further divide my shelves.
zeeba-G8 years ago2014-06-20 12:40:26 UTC 19 comments
Got me a Bass Raider 8 with a 50lb thrust trolling motor.

Time to hit the water.
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