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Posted 1 year ago2020-11-06 01:25:24 UTC
in Delta City 2155 - looking for Mapper Post #344826
You might want to post information about what kind of pay someone can expect. I'm not looking for freelance work, but if I was, it would be important for me to know that I could get decently paid before I would even consider work from an individual on the Internet. Programmers with a little bit of professional experience and a Linkedin profile get messages from so many recruiters they don't even bother to read everything or to reply "sorry, no". I understand that for a project like this the joy of being part of this creative project and the love for the game are valuable rewards, but if money is part of the incentive, it's good to have at least a rough estimate. I wish you luck
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Posted 1 year ago2020-10-14 10:24:27 UTC
in Making Deathmatch Classic Maps in J.A.C.K? Post #344771
That sounds right, Captain P. To clarify, you can use official Half-Life WADs (such as halflife.wad). Though those textures would probably look out of place.
If you want help, provide info so we have something to go on. Show us the code
Posted 1 year ago2020-09-03 21:15:31 UTC
in Need playtesters for a CS 1.6 map Post #344694
It's a really beautiful map, especially with the detailed surroundings. And it was fun. I bet I didn't find all the places you could climb and explore. I don't really have any good advice for balancing, I have pretty peculiar taste in maps and don't care much about balance, in CSGO I play 80% Office. Maybe A site has one too many places for hiding? Maybe
It was around here somewhere that I got stuckIt was around here somewhere that I got stuck
Posted 2 years ago2020-07-03 16:22:57 UTC
in Good old Counter Strike 1.6 maps Post #344501
They're absolutely not bot friendly, but Nipper's old maps are great. So many good memories from crazytank maps <3
Nipper's maps
func_vehicle is a right not a privilge
Well... bajs (created by Lassse,, originally published on TWHL, download link is not working)
I think you can safely ignore that one, you're likely not missing out on anything. In mine and Lassse's language bajs means poop. When I was a stupid 13-year-old I had a TWHL account that got banned (with good reason) and I only commented on four map vault items. It so happens that one was on this map. My comment was simply "suck". I don't know if I meant that the map sucks or if I meant "sigh" ("suck" in Swedish).
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in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #343959
I tried one in Edinburgh. I may have diabetes now.
Posted 2 years ago2020-03-27 13:03:47 UTC
in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #343957
We're gonna have a fight about the mushrooms, though
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to double down on this one. Mushrooms can fuck off forever.
Mushrooms are nice. They're especially good on pizza. uwu
My brother! Chanterelle pizza is the best!
Nah man. Sweet popcorn is a thing here in the UK as well and it's the best.
I should be disappointed. But you are the country that has those awful (but simultaneously delicious) sweet monstrosities, deep-fried Mars bars, so what can I expect?
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in TWHL! Sound off! (who are you) Post #343953

About You

Name: Oskar Larsson HΓΆgfeldt
Age: 17. +/- 10 years.
Hometown: A village outside Falkenberg on the west coast of Sweden
Relationships: One. Ongoing for 2Β½ years. We had to do long distance for 1Β½ years which was painful, but she was finally able to move back to me a month ago and we're happier than ever
Occupation: Software developer. Mostly web with React, and NodeJS servers, at the moment. Working on payment systems. I feel like studying law some time in the future - took an intro course and found it exciting
Current goal(s): Save up some money to buy an apartment. Would like to try life in another country, though that would have to wait a few years until my girlfriend can become a Swedish citizen. I'm working on a game engine. Would love to finish that some day
Politics: My opinions often align with social democracy, social liberalism, and the Pirate Parties.
Religion: None

Favourite Things

Food: Palak paneer
Hot drink: Coffee or hot chocolate
Cold drink: Weihenstephaner Hefeweißbier
Snacks: Yes, please
Movies: All kinds: romance, comedy, action, horror, sci-fi, documentaries, drama, musicals... RoboCop (1987) if I have to name a favourite. Or maybe Kung Fu Hustle. They're both hilarious.
Videogames: Alone: Life is Strange (play this!!!!!!!!!) and Deus ex. Couch: Halo (1 or 2) or Tetris vs Puyopuyo. LAN: GTA2 or Rainbow Six 3. Online: I play online games until I get tired of them :( Battlefield 3 perhaps. Or Warcraft III.
Music: The Cranberries. The Strokes. The Cure. The Killers. The Planets by Gustav Holst.
Other: You

Disliked/Hated Things

Food: Most meat, and the ones I like (such salmon) I try not to eat too much
Hot drink: Sweetened coffee
Cold drink: Rat piss? Haven't tried it
Snacks: In Taiwan and Japan they put sugar on popcorn. They should be saaaaaaalty!
Movies: I try to avoid anything with Scientologist actors. Best not to finance their crimes.
Videogames: MMORPGs. It's not that they can't be fun. It's that they're too easy to get hooked on and before you know it you've lost a year of your life, or more. Happened to many of my friends. Plus they require you to be very social to enjoy them fully, and half the time I play games is when I don't feel social, because I've been social all day already.
Music: The autotuned, soulless music the record labels pay radio stations to repeat all day every day for months. And any music that's put on just to kill the silence. I love music, and silence is beautiful music too.
Other: Fox. They cancelled Firefly, Dark Angel, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Dollhouse. I loved those shows, and Fox only gave them one or two seasons each. They're all still very much worth watching.
Posted 2 years ago2020-03-22 11:20:50 UTC
in Post Your Timeline Post #343936
User posted image
Had to add a few places and remove Seoul where I only changed planes, though I hope to be able to go there some day.
Biggest highlight for me has probably been my two months in Tokyo. What an incredibly warm and welcoming people the Japanese are.
That's my experience too, kind of. Once you get to know them, yeah, they're wonderful. But they're so shy and polite before they open up. Even worse than Swedes :P

Kyoto in Japan is probably the favourite place I've been to and I'll probably go back a third time since my best friend moved there years ago. It's a very beautiful city. What surprised me is how much it feels like home. Much more so than cities in continental Europe. The best times I've had travelling were in Gibraltar and Edinburgh, but those were study trips and I was only there for a few days. I hope to see more of Scotland.
Posted 2 years ago2020-03-14 13:56:06 UTC
in Sierra.avi and valve.avi video format Post #343896
I thought that tribute works are not prosecuted
The response from media companies depends on who in the company notices it, what company it is, what material you use, how you use it, and what you are making. Some are even happy to see fans remix their material. They don't normally -prosecute-. They send emails/messages requesting you take it down. They contact YouTube, ModDB etc. asking that they take it down. It's usually only when people don't comply that they take legal action. Having that logo there might just make them think you are trying to present this as an officially endorsed product, and that might make them more inclined to make you take your mod off the web.
Posted 2 years ago2020-03-11 20:55:40 UTC
in Sierra.avi and valve.avi video format Post #343889
You should probably remove the Warner Brothers logo from the video. It makes it look like they endorse your game, and companies can get aggressive about that. Especially since the name makes you think of Israeli Jewish extremism or national socialism.
Posted 2 years ago2020-03-07 22:09:17 UTC
in Sierra.avi and valve.avi video format Post #343870
The files I have must be different from the ones you have Admer. I have two different versions of WON HL and VLC says "Cinepak Video 640x480 15fps" with "araw" audio, mono 22050Hz 8bit.

Ffmpeg can probably tell you more, Abbadon.
Posted 2 years ago2020-03-05 07:34:24 UTC
in Now Gaming: ... Post #343843
I used to play it against bots and thought it was so interesting. I wish I got to play it with other people, though if I did that today it might ruin the magic.
Posted 2 years ago2019-12-17 20:33:41 UTC
in Hidden gems / Underrated games? Post #343470
Have to agree, Duck Game is a blast playing with friends in the couch. The Jackbox Party Pack games are fantastic in that context, too.

The number #1 game that hasn't and isn't getting enough attention is in my opinion Grand Theft Auto 2, specifically the multiplayer mode. I don't know if the popularity of its successors overshadowed it or what happened because it's soooo fun to play online, even today. It's free and with GTA2 Game Hunter it's not hard to find a game if you have a little patience. Tiny Town is my favourite map :)

Rainbow Six 3 is underrated as a LAN game. It's FUCKING difficult and unforgiving, and that's what makes it good. Trying for two hours to get more than a few meters into a bank at the beginning of a map with your friends...

As for single player games.... Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars, an old point-and-click action adventure game. It was very well received at the time of its release but now is largely forgotten. It has aged very well. The characters and dialogue are hilarious and loveable. I can't recommend the "Director's Cut" version. Go for the original version if you want to try it out.
Broken Sword trailer
Yeah, that looks perfect to me. Good job
Potato seems to be arguing for tolerance of intolerance, which is a dangerous way to go.
No, I am arguing for the complete opposite. I am arguing for tolerance of diversity, because all speech is offensive to someone. What's offensive or not is completely subjective. People are still getting killed for the offense of supporting gay rights, or the offense of saying maybe there isn't a God.
Suggesting that offensive shit shouldn't be disallowed because some people (often the same people) are shitheads is a bad idea.
I agree, which is why I am not saying that. "Shitheads" (I don't like that term) and people who have strong feelings about things (which is almost anybody, really) get offended by innocent, well-intended, friendly comments. It's not uncommon. Read the comment section of any news site. To ban offensive comments is to ban innocent, well-intended, friendly comments.
Inclusivity is not about allowing absolutely everything and anything onto the site, it's about ensuring that people are treated with respect and dignity. If your opinions and beliefs go against the concept of inclusivity, then maybe TWHL is not a place you want to be in.
I agree completely. Intolerance is the one thing a tolerant community or society can't tolerate if it is to stay tolerant.
I think the mods are capable of telling whether something is being said in good faith.
Again I agree. Which is why the code of conduct shouldn't contradict their common sense and tolerance.
Pretending to not understand the spirit of such a rule should ring obviously hollow.
If that's aimed at me, I suggest you reread my comments. While the spirit of that rule is excellent, its wording is terrible. It needs to be clear and unambiguous, because what else is the point of a formal code of conduct?

Offensive doesn't mean intolerant. It just means someone gets upset. And some things are worth upsetting the narrow-minded about: ideas like tolerance and acceptance.
I should also add that there are avenues for vibrant political discourse. Maybe a Half-Life level design community is not the best venue for such things.
You're saying we don't need a Politics section in the map vault? πŸ˜‰
I wasn't refering to whatever went down on Discord (I wasn't there), but I think I see your point. I think my angle, as you put it, works, since we have moderators that at least I trust to be able to separate hate (or intolerance based in emotions) from disagreement. And if one of them fail at that job, there are others.
Offensive comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, [....all of this section]
Point 2 was in reference to this. It's problematic to not be able to say offensive things related to those topics. Tolerance, acceptance and respect is offensive to some people (for example: recognising the marital status of a married homosexual couple when there's a conservative Christian listening). And some topics are so sensitive that people are offended by differences of opinion even when everyone has the best of intentions and tries to be respectful and considerate (for example: the topic of gay men's blood donations). Even the covenant itself could be considered an example of
Offensive comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, [....all of this section]
if read by someone unreasonable.

Perhaps a distinction needs to be made between comments that offend, and comments that intentionally harm or are unreasonably inconsiderate
I like most of it, but I have four concerns
1) It's very long. Few people are going to read it.
2) With a big enough audience, any well-intended comment is offensive to someone. To ban offensive speech is to ban all speech. Talking about Taiwanese as a nationality is offensive to many Chinese and pretending that it's not a nationality is offensive to Taiwanese. Are we just not allowed to talk about Taiwan as a country? The intent behind the comment and the care for other people that the commenter displays should be what matters.
3) "Jokes that resemble the above, such as "hipster racism", still count as harassment even if meant satirically or ironically." See 2). Hipster racism is harmful, but genuine jokes about racism are not, even if they loosely resemble racist commentry.
4) Not permitting "*simulated physical contact (eg, textual descriptions like "hug" or "backrub") without consent*" is just ridiculous. If someone is hurt by an innocent virtual hug, it is up to them to let people know they don't like it. It's like having to ask people for permission to say "good morning"
Posted 2 years ago2019-11-22 19:28:23 UTC
in Half-Life: Alyx Post #343392
Moo! I tried a Vive once, but that was with a program for visualising linguistics research data at uni. Was pretty cool and felt decently natural, though a bit pixely but that might have been the software's fault. Couldn't complain about the responsiveness
Posted 2 years ago2019-11-21 23:03:38 UTC
in Half-Life: Alyx Post #343374
What better excuse than this, I bet we'll see a few more old timers show up. :)
They should release games more often, then :) Wait, we already knew that
It has been a critical part of HL death match to the 0.5% of players who take the game very seriously. To the rest of us, it's an annoying bug.
By all appearances the amount of development time Valve is willing to put into improving Half-Life and GoldSrc is very limited. It's great and unexpected that they're even doing anything at all after all these years. Since Hammer has good alternatives in Jack and Sledge I think it would be a waste of that precious developer time for them to work on Hammer.
Posted 2 years ago2019-11-05 02:24:43 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #343308
What is it you're building with that, Admer?

Looking good, Windawz
Posted 2 years ago2019-11-03 00:10:12 UTC
in TWHL Tower 2 Post #343294
That pistol looks a lot better than the normal HD one
Posted 2 years ago2019-10-09 21:09:09 UTC
in The Core Post #343201
"My little Half-Life mod finally has a release date!" (Q3 2020)

Glad to hear it :) Looking forward to playing it
It's difficult to diagnose without knowing when, how, and where this code is executed.

May I suggest you put in code to write messages whenever the relevant functions are called. You could have the messages include the values of the of the variables. This should help you follow the flow of the code and figure out what's happening.

By retardant I assume you mean delay? A retardant is something that inhibits for example fire.
Posted 3 years ago2019-08-10 14:54:13 UTC
in Post #342988
I have now :) Interesting project. I think I have some files to contribute
Posted 3 years ago2019-08-01 10:07:33 UTC
in What's new for HL1 in 2019? Post #342948
Vluzacn's compilers are a must. Sledge is great when it works, but unfortunately it often doesn't in my experience. I may have to give JACK a try someday, with so many people recommending it.
Glad to hear it, you two πŸ™‚
Thanks for explaining. I might make something stupidly simple just for fun if I find the time
Zeeba-G makes a func_vehicle map... Urby I think you can award the first prize right now

Out of curiosity what did you do to make it float but not able to access the beach? Add a box under the seafloor to the boat? Because that's what I would have tried
Func... func_vehicle?
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in E3 2019 Post #342721
Wow. I guess I'm lucky I'm not a fan because I'd have a hard time not getting upset seeing that "Commander Keen" video. You have my sympathy. I hope Valve never does anything like that with the Half-Life series
Great! I have no thoughts of taking it down, I'm just curious :)
I'm curious to know if anyone (other than me) is still using this, and if anyone stopped using it and if so why
Posted 3 years ago2019-04-08 08:43:52 UTC
in Turning ladders on and off ? Post #342431
What might work for you is to instead of using func_ladder, you create an extremely thin staircase, with each step being 18 (=the default value of sv_stepsize... actually you might have to make it 17, don't know) units tall and 1 pixel deep. Then turn that into a func_wall_toggle. If you think it looks ugly, you can make it invisible and combine it with a func_illusionary that is the visual representation of the rope, which you then hide/reveal with two env_render entities.
Posted 3 years ago2019-03-29 12:35:18 UTC
in Brush distortions when using rotate Post #342364
I tend to keep brushwork untransformed and rotate it by turning it into a func_rotating and giving it pitch yaw roll values. Not optimal in terms of resource use, but it works no matter what tools you use.
Did you increase the memory limit to >6GB?
I am experiencing lag spikes when playing on the server every other second or so no matter where in the world I go (including the Nether). I have cut the power to my machinery and farms to rule them out, and it may or may not have improved things (I'm keeping it off for now), but I'm still experiencing lag spikes. I remember getting some before, but things seem to have gotten worse lately.
I wouldn't mind helping you out next time we're on the server
Posted 3 years ago2019-03-05 17:08:00 UTC
in The Core Post #342162
Thanks for taking a look, Solo. I think I'll get rid of my Powered Spawners and use Mob Duplicators instead to avoid this happening in the future. They're better anyway since they're much easier to manifacture.
I'm having some problems with an unknown large number of skeletons having spawned in my basement for some inexplicable reason. I can't kill them. They don't do anything. But they make the game lag whenever I look in their direction (even when I can't see them). They are very near where I used to have a spider Powered Spawner, which may or may not be related (I moved it and turned it off for now). If anyone has any ideas of how to get rid of them, please let me know.

@Muzz: Could you maybe try using the command /kill @e[type=skeleton] when you are in my lower basement? I read that it should kill all the skeletons. I'd appreciate it. How come I haven't seen you in the game, by the way? :)
User posted image
I am building an autonomous manufacturing plant in my basement. It requires no player interaction and produces all the resources it needs.
On the left: crafters, furnaces, alloy smelters, etc. On the right: containers for ore and other mineralsOn the left: crafters, furnaces, alloy smelters, etc. On the right: containers for ore and other minerals
So far the most complicated thing it constructs is a simple redstone furnace, but it should be fairly simple to expand to more complicated things now. The completely automated production of a redstone furnace requires, amongst a whole bunch of other things: a cactus farm, tree saplings, an atomic reconstructor, a water pump, and hoes. It sounds like the start of a strange Olsenbanden/JΓΆnssonligan film (Scandinavians will know what I'm talking about). I think I want to autocraft some decent solar panels next. I'm using way too much energy building up buffers of metals and items.
Posted 3 years ago2019-02-21 18:28:24 UTC
in Firebot problem Post #342066
User posted image
The only things worse is finding a thread with "nvm fixed it"
Maybe I'll join you one day when I'm bored. Haven't played Minecraft in years. Could you whitelist PotatisInvalido, please?