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Posted 8 years ago2014-05-31 08:52:04 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #319619
Hey, guys. Again, long time no see! Studying for finals primarily and working a bit on your map makes it hard to visit forums.

Urby, fantastic job, as always! I really like the theme you've got going.

Archie, I like the layout, though I can't say I'm familiar with the first one. Can't wait to see ingame screenshots.

Tremplar, I really like the concept, but, aside from the last image, it's really friggin' dark, and lacks the great lighting you put out so far.

Moaby, I remember working on humanoid creatures using brushes. It was a pain in the ass. It looks great, but needs textures. Badly.

Anyways, here's my contribution. I need comments! I've heard the lobby looks empty, and that the lighting is dull, but it's supposed to be a nightmare (vision from the G-Man), so I'm going for an uncomfortable vibe. The only sounds are from a vending machine and (will be) from the protagonist, Eli, typing.

Most of these are currently HL1/HL2/Ep2/CS:GO props and textures. I'll soon replace them all.

Also, do you advise against texlights? In CS:GO, I see VALVe uses normal lights where texlights should work. Is there a major reason for this?
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Posted 9 years ago2013-07-25 22:26:50 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #314456
Looks pretty cool start, Dimbark, but I SERIOUSLY Can't stand the displacement to brush transitions. Why doesn't anyone use decals or have part of the brush as a displacement, and fade it in? It would look so much better.

Anyways, how come in the first shot it looks almost unlit or has a leak. Also, in the third shot, I'd suggest removing some of the consoles or spacing them out. Having them all tucked into a corner looks strange and neven. I'd also put a couple of trims, and decorate the ceilings a bit more. Some of the buildings in the distance in the first shot look pretty bare. TF2 has a lot of good models to break it up a lot. Lastly, some custom content goes a long way into making a map look like its own. If you'd like, I could go ahead and make a couple materials or some basic props for you.
Posted 9 years ago2013-07-24 22:07:56 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #314430
Updated it a lot with my own textures, and HL2 placeholder props. All I have to do in terms of textures are the trims, lights, and ceilings. Then there's just the props (and NPCs. I'm gonna make the HECU, Agrunt, Eli's hands (as it's a first person cinematic for the intro of the mod), and possibly higher definition versions of the G-Man and a skin of the Vort with its collar). By the way, has everyone stopped mapping or what? It'd be a shame, I love seeing your WIPs (and Habboi's Cistern all that time ago was awesome!) Anyways, without further ado, I give you:
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User posted image
I'd really love some criticism from you guys, so go ahead and point out anything you don't like.
Posted 9 years ago2013-07-21 13:32:08 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #314336
Hey, guys, I'm back. You probably don't know this, but I've moved to source. I haven't had much time to work on my mod, though. I still need to rework the materials, and the models.
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I'd love some criticism, other than, obviously, lack of props. Maybe a suggestion for some.
Posted 9 years ago2012-11-12 05:03:17 UTC
in Best Fallout Mapper Compo Post #310910
I could give it a go, but I already have The Ship. It IS kinda fun. But you definitely need a lot of people playing. Any size limits? Are we allowed to make the inside of the vault, too, because that would be interesting and you didn't exactly state otherwise.
Posted 9 years ago2012-11-10 13:54:29 UTC
in Hypernova (IT'S...IT'S ALIVE!) Post #310876
Ohai, Skals. Nice to be back! Only contact I've had with TWHL over the past half year was the occasional chat with Archie, Penguinboy, and Urby.

Anyways, outside that window up there's a battle by a tunnel between some HECU (which need to be modelled, textured, rigged, and animated), and some vorts and agrunts (which also need to be done). I'm planning that releasing this part, which happens to be a dream, as a video, would attract attention and get me some help. Problem is, till then, I've got work to do in things I don't know how to do - specifically, I'm a shitty texturer, and have never rigged or textured a material fully, surprisingly. Only meshes so far. I guess I never thought it was GOOD enough. Now I'm almost there, so it's a good time to start.

I'm going to work on props and stuff later. Need to get the materials later.
Posted 9 years ago2012-11-10 12:31:13 UTC
in Hypernova (IT'S...IT'S ALIVE!) Post #310874
Hey, guys. Remember that vague, nooby user who made one tutorial that happened to have a few bugs in it and then left never to be heard from for months? I'm back. Sorry I've disappeared. I've moved to Source, and am now working on materials and stuff for my first map.

If you don't know, HypernovA is a mod about Half-Life 1 from the perspective of Eli Vance. When I first made it, I was fairly young, and did the first thing that came to my mind. As it grew, I promised the public I'd never close it down. I've been a shitty developer, as well as a slow one, but hopefully I'm back on track. The mod will feature an almost total conversion of HL2 Ep2, using new models and shizz. I know, it's another "Mesa mod", but forgive me - I made a promise, I intend on keeping it. Frankly, I can't wait to finish this and work on my engine and two games.

I'm more of a modeller and coder than a texturer and mapper, yet I don't have anyone to help me.

SO, LET THE SCREENSHOTS COMMENCE. Mainly working on new materials.
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User posted image
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EDIT: Arranged oldest to newest. Features the materials: Tiles, glass window, a tile wall, and a brick wall. I'd like some criticism...that's actually why I'm posting. Oh, and if anyone wants to see pics of my website (which is a lot better than the materials).
Posted 10 years ago2012-01-18 14:41:15 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #302821
@Skals: I thought that was okay...till I realized it was CS 1.6. Knowing that, I change my judgement to FREAKING AWESOME. Also, by VLHT, you mean Vlucazn's Tools? Or is there a different pack.

@Instant-Mix, Those screen shots are awesome. I love the choice of textures, architecture and brushwork. But, after seeing Skals, the lighting could do some work, so I'd suggest VHLT, too. I've been using it for a while. Pretty good.
Posted 10 years ago2011-08-17 07:52:16 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #298094
Great job, Instant! If you went this far, I suggest you go even crazier and indent the textures with brushwork. Errm...does that make sense to anyone?
Posted 10 years ago2011-08-10 08:52:49 UTC
in How to make archway? Post #297645
I was looking on snarkpit for an article about terrain. I remember finding this. Welcome.
Posted 10 years ago2011-08-10 08:38:22 UTC
in London Riots Post #297644
I heard about this on the news. I hope everyone here from England is alright, and I hope it ends as soon as possible. Bending the truth to fit your "cause" is worse than being a proud criminal.

We had something similar a while ago - a bunch of prisoners broke out of a prison during the revolution and started causing havoc. I guess that was on a much smaller scale. I had to stay up until 6 AM for around a month and keep watch to make sure my family was safe. Nothing happened though.

Anyways, stay safe, guys.
Posted 11 years ago2011-08-08 14:32:57 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #297557
There are imaginary windows - duh.
Posted 11 years ago2011-08-07 09:24:48 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #297501
Pretty good, Urby! My first time (besides some simple entity testing) was a TF2 map that I never finished that revolved around a lighthouse. Didn't look half bad, but I lost all my work somehow. From one point on, every time I opened the map, it crashed.
Posted 11 years ago2011-08-04 12:08:18 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #297353
@Archie: 8| DAT MAP. Epic job, especially with the lighting and the center of the room. I love the architecture. The walls need work, though. Is this part of the same map as the previous page, or something entirely new?

Also, it's things like this that make me want to go and map, and then things like GoldSrc's lack of resources that make me stop. Really, that's a main problem with GoldSrc, lack of resources...which gives me an idea. What if everyone who can makes textures and props does so, and we all upload it to TWHL, so we have a ton of stuff we can map with.
Posted 11 years ago2011-08-03 14:00:48 UTC
in Smooth curved pipes Post #297312
Ingame shot of the nosing:
User posted image
This is just a quick demo-map, with terrible default texturing.
Posted 11 years ago2011-08-03 10:05:01 UTC
in Smooth curved pipes Post #297303
Is any one else finding this complicated? Personally, I'll stick to GoldSrc, with my custom-coded prop_statics and custom modelled pipes.

Also, half-on-topic: Does anyone else make brushwork nosings for each individual stair? I simply make a 2x2xX block with the top outer edge chamfered with the clip tool. Then I just make all the nosing brushes one func_wall. It looks a ton better, and, so far, I haven't seen an impact on the actual game.
Posted 11 years ago2011-08-01 04:20:06 UTC
in GravityGunVille Mapping Competition Post #297232
Looks interesting - but what about creating our own props, textures, etc? Is that allowed?
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-31 10:10:22 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #297202
Honestly, Archie, I prefer the original theme.

Also, great job, TJB. Anyways, you're one of the only modellers I've seen complaining of too much time on their hands.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-29 20:34:47 UTC
in [Help] turrets, human assasin, barney, h Post #297141
You shouldn't have started a new thread.

Replace the entire block of code in monsters.cpp with this:
[quote]int CBaseMonster::IRelationship ( CBaseEntity *pTarget )
static int iEnemy[14][14] =
/*NONE*/	{ R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO,	R_NO,	R_NO	},
/*MACHINE*/	{ R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_DL	,R_DL	,R_DL	,R_DL	,R_DL	,R_DL	,R_NO	,R_NO,	R_NO,	R_DL	},
/*PLAYER*/	{ R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_DL	,R_DL	,R_DL	,R_DL	,R_DL	,R_DL	,R_NO	,R_NO,	R_DL,	R_DL	},
/*ALIENPREY   */{ R_NO	,R_NO	,R_DL	,R_DL	,R_DL	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_NO	,R_FR	,R_NO	,R_DL,	R_NO,	R_NO	},
/*INSECT*/	{ R_FR	,R_FR	,R_FR	,R_FR	,R_FR	,R_NO	,R_FR	,R_FR	,R_FR	,R_FR	,R_NO	,R_FR,	R_NO,	R_NO	},
return iEnemy[ Classify() ][ pTarget->Classify() ];
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-28 12:10:20 UTC
in [help] modify turret.cpp half-life sdk Post #297088
Welcome. And I doubt I should be the one to say this - I'm also new to the community - but the community.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-28 11:14:28 UTC
in [help] modify turret.cpp half-life sdk Post #297085
Well, yeah, Spirit's great. I assumed, because he talked about the .cpp, he wanted to change it code-wise. Also, about the turrets, if they're not set to CLASS_MACHINE, then they don't give off the right effects when hit.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-28 10:45:59 UTC
in [help] modify turret.cpp half-life sdk Post #297083
Go to hgrunt.cpp and find the classify function. It should say
[quote]int CHGrunt :: Classify ( void )

Change it to
[quote]int CHGrunt :: Classify ( void )

That's it for hgrunt.cpp, now he's your friend.

The turrets are harder for one reason: They're mechanical. The game uses their class to make sure they get out the right sounds, etc, when they get hit. But it's still fairly easy.

So, go to monsters.cpp and find
int CBaseMonster::IRelationship ( CBaseEntity *pTarget )
Find where the line that starts with *MACHINE*.
Delete the whole line, and, IN IT'S PLACE, write
What that does is it changes who machines hate and like. Good luck!
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-24 08:36:47 UTC
in Post your screenshots! WIP thread Post #296961
@Archie: Dat GMod map. Seriously, great job. First screenie looks best, though.

@Joebama - Yeah, we need some information, but I'm gonna guess this is for Particle Fusion. Maybe add a door, make the terrain more bumpy, add some trees, perhaps some windows in the walls, a door. Maybe a security office. I hate the hell out of that texture. Looks like it belongs in a hotel room, not in the middle of a desert.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-17 09:44:30 UTC
in Oh the things you can think Post #296710
EVERYONE knows Dr. Seuss. His books, although primitive, were entertaining. Too bad I lost my books. Ah, nostalgia, how I love it.

EDIT: Has anyone else watched this? If not, watch it NOW:
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-16 11:03:51 UTC
in MiniChallenge #384 - Map Musica Post #296682
Well, I've officially got NO time anymore. I've been put in charge of Free Will, a remake of GMod, but in GoldSrc. I'll try improve it a lot (HD models, a roleplaying gamemode, some physics, etc), and add a lot of entirely new concepts.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-16 07:36:19 UTC
in MiniChallenge #384 - Map Musica Post #296678
Great! I'm sticking with Stairway to Heaven - I've got a lot of choices with that one, and I have a lot of nice ideas. I DO THINK we should have a set deadline, though. I like knowing how long I have left, and if everyone else is finished before I am, and it just suddenly finished, I won't be able to enter it. How about a month from now? That's more than enough time, even with custom textures, etc.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-15 16:54:34 UTC
in MiniChallenge #384 - Map Musica Post #296658 twister allowed? Or do I have to make the GoldSrc terrain from scratch? I think it's only fair, especially if I make the heightmap from scratch. All the source mappers have displacements, so, yeah.
Posted 11 years ago2011-07-15 16:43:13 UTC
in MiniChallenge #384 - Map Musica Post #296656
I have too much on my hands at the moment, making the female HECU for HypernovA, but, if I have time, I'd do Stairway to Heaven. Anyone else who wants to, do that song, I don't mind.
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-03 10:46:31 UTC
in HypernovA - Half-Life Mod Post #295172
You mean after. And yes, I know that. I'm practicing my mapping a lot. That, besides texturing is the field I'm worst in. Anyways, thanks for the support!
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-03 05:45:44 UTC
in HypernovA - Half-Life Mod Post #295165
True, but I think this stands out from the rest for one simple reason: Alyx Vance. You have to save her. It's a bigger thought than anything else. And trust me, I know it's going to be a job from hell. I've never given up on anything else, and definitely will put all my effort in to this. But I believe I can manage it. Also, about the limits, people have bypassed them in some areas - I see no reason why that should change here.

Also, I do have a team:
Johnny "manchow7" Pease - Music
James "Hedgepig23" Whale - Mapping
Trevor "X-LAyer2" Jamsey - Mapping
Cyrille "KillerZeta" - Rigger
Tirga "Sicka11" Markarian - Sound and Textures
Unknow5763 - Human Textures
Some of these guys have worked on huge projects, such as KillerZeta for Arrangement.

Basically, what I'm saying is that I know it CAN be done. And I will do it.
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-02 21:15:42 UTC
in HypernovA - Half-Life Mod Post #295153
I know it looks pretty bad. I'm a lot better at modelling and coding than mapping, mainly because it takes me forever to do anything worthwhile, and I hate texturing.

Also, Dimbark, I already have enough mappers.
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-02 17:11:14 UTC
in HypernovA - Half-Life Mod Post #295148
Step back in to Black Mesa, in the labcoat of Dr. Eli Vance. This mod will have great new graphics, while still retaining the Black Mesa theme, and the Half-Life mood.

Go to for the ModDB profile.

For the first post, I give you a remade Subtransit. Here's a screenshot:
User posted image
User posted image

It's still untextured, but I think I prefer texturing in the end. There's still a lot to add, but I feel that it's a good start.
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-02 14:24:37 UTC
in Desktops of June Post #295146
@TheMightyAtom's Desktop: Why am I not surprised? Looks pretty cool, though, even if you ARE obsessed with Space Shuttles.
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-01 18:34:29 UTC
in Desktops of June Post #295119
@Huntey: Cool. Is she a model or somebody you actually know. Also, that's an epic setup. And Family Guy FTW. Also: Why does her body repeat in some places?

@X-LAyer: Need glasses much? Seriously, why the big icons?
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-01 18:31:48 UTC
in Desktops of May Post #295117
Agreed, X-LAyer. Makes a lot of sense.
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-01 18:15:11 UTC
in Desktops of May Post #295114
Does this mean I should repost? Just kidding.
Posted 11 years ago2011-06-01 17:56:35 UTC
in Desktops of May Post #295111
User posted image
My wallpaper. I'm sticking with WinXP for now. I'm not going to Vista, and am not sure about 7 because of my limited experience with it. Still wondering if the requirements are worth the graphics.
Posted 11 years ago2011-05-20 10:52:23 UTC
in Eternal Agony Post #294838
Large Staff - A large staff
ORLY? Sorry, I couldn't help it.

Anyways, it sounds alright. If the king has a strategy view, though, that'd be too much like NS. Also, I think that the teams are too similar They should have different clothing, etc. And why do the classes within the same time all come from different places?

Also, guys, when I started out on HypernovA, I sucked. I was proud of two lines of really, really, basic code (model replacements). Now, I'm not that bad, honestly. If we give him encouragement, he can turn into a really good game developer. Maybe even as good as the rest of you guys.

I would suggest, though, a lot of practice. All my previous work on HypernovA was terrible, and, therefore, I'm remaking most of it. It's a lot of work. Just practice.
Posted 11 years ago2011-05-19 15:23:03 UTC
in TWHL 2011 Post #294803
If I could rate this from 1-10, I'd rate it epic...which is clearly above 10.

I love how clean the map is. The architecture is outstanding. The textures are amazing, but could use detail textures. I love how you're not afraid to waste a bit of r_speed for a lot of detail, something that most GoldSrc developers don't do. All it needs are detail textures, as previously stated, and func_vehicles! HELLZ YEAH.