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So, I just realized that the errors that im getting (in-game) arent anywhere found in my source code its an engine limitation, The Xash3D SDK for some reason has these defined in a file thats not included in my SDK (Half-Life SDK v2.3 for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 by Gary_McTaggart) that code is probably from some old version, I dont think I could just go and slap all of that code onto my SDK link stuff, and extend the limit, or maybe?
Ive alredy tried changing the limit of CVOXFILESENTENCEMAX, but then the game is just throwing errors at me, it launches, but im getting tons of errors from sound.cpp, I believe it is a failsafe thing to prevent crashes, playing mp3s not working might be caused by me running my mod on a much older version of half-life, like the build is from 2007, it supports Direct3D, (I run it on that older version bc the steam version crashes too often on it), and it plays mp3 files from the steam version of Half-Life fine, but opposing force it just gives the error, btw sentences.txt is a problem beacuse opposing force's new sentences for monsters, scientists, and vox is too much, I alredy deleted tons of unused sentences, but the problem still exists, also it has sentences from decay and bshift (my mod is a half life game pack)
Hello, just need some help with sentences in half life (im making a mod just to be clear), Ive alredy came up with 2 possible solutions: a) Increase the limit of maximum sentences (I believe its hard coded), b) make it read different files on different map prefixes (eg. of, c, ht, ba_), im making a mod about all of half life campaigns merged into one, but theres another problem: playing any opposig force tracks put into my media folder directly from the gearbox/media folder doesnt seem to work, it gives me the following error: warning: MP3_InitStream(3, media\Prospero01.mp3) failed

Regarding the first issue Ive alredy tried just simply changing the file name (sentences.txt) that the game is meant to read in sounds.cpp and it just starts assigning random sounds found in my mods sounds folder to sentences, regarding the other issue, ive alredy implemented fmod into my game (I could only get my hands on a newer release, not the one that every tutorial mentions, and its just giving me an error in-game), that didnt solve the problem, so I implemented a patch that was sadly for Xash3d (Im trying everything at this point, it didnt work).

(btw english isnt my first language, so sorry for spelling mistakes)
Help with these issues would be much appreciated.
Posted 1 month ago2020-06-12 18:10:50 UTC
in Need help with broken buttons in mod Post #344399
Admer456, I replaced the use code with soHLs use code, it fixed the issue, thx for help, finally this issue is fixed.
Posted 1 month ago2020-06-12 12:17:39 UTC
in Need help with broken buttons in mod Post #344397
sorry, I didnt mention its based on SoHL, i just usally add entities to my mod, and not complete features, like my mod doesnt have movewith, the only major modification I made to my mod was just adding the env_sky and the things needed for it to work in view.cpp, I think I based the buttons.cpp code modifications on the sohl 1.2 version, I made a reddit post about this 15 days ago, I have a vid there about the glitch, the link is here
Posted 1 month ago2020-06-11 19:16:32 UTC
in Need help with broken buttons in mod Post #344395
I reverted the buttons code to the original as I said, but there are a few minor changes, here are all the lines added to the original buttons code:

int        CBaseButton::ObjectCaps()
    return (CBaseToggle::ObjectCaps() & ~FCAP_ACROSS_TRANSITION) |
        (pev->takedamage ? 0 : FCAP_IMPULSE_USE) |
        (pev->spawnflags & SF_BUTTON_ONLYDIRECT ? FCAP_ONLYDIRECT_USE : 0);

    if (IsLockedByMaster()) return;
I did not remove ANY lines from the original code

btw I clean the solution, and recompile after adding new weapons
Posted 1 month ago2020-06-11 11:19:07 UTC
in Need help with broken buttons in mod Post #344391
I have no idea whats causing this issue, I looked throught my code and compared it to the original using winmerge, but I didnt find anything that could be causing this, I tried reverting the entire buttons.cpp to the original, but nothing seems to help. And by broken buttons I dont only mean broken func_buttons, I think CBaseToggle might be broken beacuse buttons and npcs are broken too. Btw by broken I mean they can only be interacted with only one side.