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Posted 11 hours ago2022-07-04 16:49:51 UTC
in Collaboration anyone? Post #346704
Since i dont know anything about source mapping im gonna do a prototype in GoldSrc.
Posted 14 hours ago2022-07-04 14:04:43 UTC
in Collaboration anyone? Post #346702
Could we add something like puzzles? Something like, in order to collect an orb you gotta find a box and climb or something like that
Posted 2 days ago2022-07-02 17:38:01 UTC
in Transparent .tga files for Half-Life 1? Post #346697
Uuuh, you just gotta edit it with any program that can create transparent programs (Even MS Powerpoint works =O) and then convert it to TGA.
Posted 3 days ago2022-07-01 14:14:42 UTC
in Collaboration anyone? Post #346693
Yeah im more of a shooty shooty type guy
Posted 3 days ago2022-07-01 13:38:12 UTC
in Collaboration anyone? Post #346691
Sounds boring but ok. Gonna make some concepts on GoldSrc and later upload a video about it here.
Posted 4 days ago2022-06-30 18:50:56 UTC
in Collaboration anyone? Post #346687
Something like a batch game?
Posted 4 days ago2022-06-30 14:29:28 UTC
in Collaboration anyone? Post #346685
Thank you urby!
Posted 5 days ago2022-06-30 00:18:36 UTC
in Collaboration anyone? Post #346681
I can only GoldSrc code since my brain just cant take Source without exploding. But i could try to do some maps
Posted 5 days ago2022-06-29 18:29:30 UTC
in Collaboration anyone? Post #346679
Yeah we could do something like hammy-bob

I may not be able to code since i had to change my computer to a more potato one, and Visual Studio runs poorly (2 fps) on my new PC
Posted 6 days ago2022-06-28 19:21:51 UTC
in Collaboration anyone? Post #346673
Yeah ive been a bit bored. I will definitely help ya. But only on GoldSrc since i dont know how to use Source without screwing it up
Posted 1 week ago2022-06-28 00:43:48 UTC
in How does monster_human_grunt works on OP4? Post #346670
I think they used them as a placeholder, because i made another test map with a scripted sequence and it works.
Posted 1 week ago2022-06-27 17:23:20 UTC
in Problem with adding a weapon to half-life Post #346668
That article is kinda old and not updated, thus doesnt work. Here is a better tutorial
Posted 1 week ago2022-06-25 14:51:50 UTC
in OP4 Source code? Post #346664
Posted 1 week ago2022-06-24 22:07:13 UTC
in OP4 Source code? Post #346662
Title says it all, i guess...

EDIT: Someone gave it to me (ty). Pls delete this admins
Posted 1 week ago2022-06-24 17:11:15 UTC
in Tried to link edict 160 without model ? Post #346661
The error doesnt show up for me. I think your Half-Life files are corrupted or something like that since some entities dont show up in your grid. Try reinstalling Half-Life, if you installed any addons try to uninstall them first. If you dont want to reinstall Half-Life, go to your Half-Life folder, delete the models direcetory, and in the Steam library right click on Half-Life, Properties, Local Files, Verify file integrity.

It should work
Posted 1 week ago2022-06-23 20:21:18 UTC
in Entities models not visible in J.A.C.K. Post #346658
So they do show up in 3D, but not in the grid. You may try reinstalling, ive never seen this problem before
Posted 1 week ago2022-06-23 20:12:47 UTC
in Entities models not visible in J.A.C.K. Post #346656
Vanish? Like they just show a cube/rectangle?
Posted 1 week ago2022-06-23 18:37:58 UTC
in How does monster_human_grunt works on OP4? Post #346654
Thats not what i mean. The entity you mean is human_ally_grunt . I spawned THE ORIGINAL grunt from Half-Life. Yeah i placed info_nodes but they dont work
Posted 1 week ago2022-06-22 22:51:05 UTC
in How does monster_human_grunt works on OP4? Post #346652
Recently i tried some mapping in OP4 (for practice) and i saw the monster_human_grunt entity in the entity list. So, how does it behave? What enemies does it attack? Do allies kill them?

EDIT: I did a test map, and here are the results:
1. It looks to the player, but doesnt do nothing about it
2. You can kill him and gib him, and he will drop his weapon
3. Any enemy or ally will atack him, but he can only move
4. Looks like he cant attack
Posted 1 week ago2022-06-22 22:24:32 UTC
in Tried to link edict 160 without model ? Post #346651
Can you send the maps? (If you cant, send pictures and compile log)
Posted 1 week ago2022-06-22 00:18:47 UTC
in Tried to link edict 160 without model ? Post #346649
Do your maps have something like a custom model in a cycler or monster_furniture or something like that?
Can you send me the model?
Posted 3 weeks ago2022-06-11 01:46:46 UTC
in Weaponbox entitie not working at all Post #346621
To stock the box, turn SmartEdit off, click Add, and type one or many of the values below as the Key:
Hand Grenade
Satchel Charge
Trip Mine
The amount of ammo goes in Value. Make sure you wrote the right values
Any other thing i should know?
Oh God... Thank you
A tutorial on how to use Cmake? (sorry if im being that much of a burden)
Yes, i am fully aware that there are some here, but the problem is: My extremely potato computer doesnt run visual studio without crashing a hundred times, so someone told me that Notepad++ is a "decent" alternative. But the tutorials here at TWHL only explain how to proceed with Visual Studio, and im looking for a guide that uses Notepad++. Also, do i need a compiler for this?
With look like the originals you mean like modifying them but keeping the "essence" of the main face? If that so, i dont think i can help you. You can, however, ask to BrussTrigger on ModDB. He makes awesome models, and im sure he will give you great advices.
You can find him here;
Wdym? Modelling or texturing?
Posted 3 weeks ago2022-06-07 19:54:42 UTC
in Host_Error: PF_precache_model_I: Bad string Post #346600
send a private message to the admins (PenguinBoy is one, i guess)
Posted 1 month ago2022-06-03 22:29:51 UTC
in Fov Post #346593
Weapon position? Something like moving the handgun to the center? (example)
Posted 1 month ago2022-05-30 20:15:34 UTC
in Hispanic version of TWHL? Post #346574
Recently ive been browsing trough some mapping forums, and i just realized the hispanic mapping community of Half-Life is quite big, but they are all forced to learn English or Russian, but some/most of them cant and quit mapping. This site has proved to be VERY usefull for mapping begginers and regular mappers, so i was wondering if a hispanic version of the site (or at least the forums) could be created. I know this is very hard to do, but i will try to do my best at translating and that stuff.
Posted 1 month ago2022-05-29 22:40:18 UTC
in Func_Button trouble Post #346566
You check in Flags tab "Dont move". Read func_button . This happened also to me, but it solved when i added the Target because i forgoted to do that lol :D
Posted 1 month ago2022-05-29 22:39:21 UTC
in Hldm level designer here.. Post #346565
There is the TWHL Discord. Also there is LambdaGeneration, and the Hammer community in reddit.
Posted 1 month ago2022-05-24 02:14:31 UTC
in Submodels change when monster performs action Post #346542
So, is there any source code or something like that to make it work?
Posted 1 month ago2022-05-22 23:55:42 UTC
in Submodels change when monster performs action Post #346540
Hey, so im making a mod and Barney has a 2 submodels:
  • Normal one
  • HEV one
However, when Barney receives damage or stops shooting it changes to the normal/HEV one. I dont know why this is happening. Can anyone help me?
Posted 1 month ago2022-05-16 21:50:05 UTC
in Getting rid of the players weapons Post #346531
Yeah, its what i was looking for! Thank you
Posted 1 month ago2022-05-16 20:15:05 UTC
in Getting rid of the players weapons Post #346529
So in Aprehension, in Hazardous Course 2 and in OP4´s tutorial the player starts with no weapons or leaves the weapons at some point. I been looking in the internet for hours how was this done or if there is any entity, but no luck. Is there any tutorial or quick explanation on how to do this?
This will probably sound very stupid, but where do i set the angle?
What i want to do is make the player get pushed to right and a door opens and the player falls to the void and dies. But there are not many tutorials about trigger_push. Can anyone give me a quick guide?
It didnt, it actually made it more interesting
You need to copy or move the barney.wad to the mod/game directory you are using. By example, if you are making a map for CS 1.6, copy the wad to cstrike directory

Yes this is real you can check it by yourself
PD: my pc cant run blender 2.80
I know you can do this with Blender, but i dont know how. I might be just dumb. Anyone knows how to do this?
Posted 2 months ago2022-04-23 21:07:38 UTC
in Half-Life Asset Manager Post #346470
Hey can you help me when i open Half-Life Asset Manager it says "Couldnt create OpenGL context"
Posted 2 months ago2022-04-23 16:51:24 UTC
in white textures on model Post #346469
Its probably a missing texture. Try to check the texture directories, make sure they are BMP format. If that doesnt work, convert your BMP files into BMP files but select 256 color palette. Also make sure to take a look to the .log file
Posted 2 months ago2022-04-19 21:03:08 UTC
in I made a thirdperson script for Half-Life Post #346458
Im not sure if it works with other GoldSource games. Feel free to try
Posted 2 months ago2022-04-19 21:02:00 UTC
in I made a thirdperson script for Half-Life Post #346457
I made a script that lets you play in 3rd person!
picture in game
Download here
For anyone asking, im using a custom model that can be downloaded here
Posted 2 months ago2022-04-19 17:38:19 UTC
in Barney doesnt die Post #346456
I modified the Barney health and it worked, thank you
Posted 2 months ago2022-04-19 02:04:04 UTC
in Barney doesnt die Post #346453
So there is a sequence in my mod where you see 3 HECU kill a Barney. But for some reason, God itself manages to protect Barney and he kills the 3 of them without dying!
that dude

This probably sounds kinda weird, but how do i make him die? I dont want to make a sequence because i want that it looks natural