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Is this what you mean?Is this what you mean?
(please excuse the low quality)
Posted 1 week ago2024-07-09 00:41:58 UTC
in Random ambient sounds? Post #348969
It worked, after a couple of attempts. Thanks.
Posted 1 week ago2024-07-08 02:01:43 UTC
in Random ambient sounds? Post #348960
I would like to create a map with random ambience sounds, but i'm not able to create a system that is able to complete such task correctly. I was trying with a looped multimanager, that triggered certain sounds in a specific time, (sound1 every 20 secs, sound2 every 10 secs, etc.), but it's not exactly random.
Surprisingly enough, this is not well documented on any site, but its possible. I know the security guard model uses this for the shooting animations, but im not so sure.
Posted 2 weeks ago2024-06-28 21:25:00 UTC
in Is it possible to get half life on the nintedo ds? Post #348939
Xash3D, perhaps? This post has some info, but as RoboRufus7 said, it requires jailbreaking your DS, and it appears that it will only work on the 3DS system.
Posted 4 weeks ago2024-06-18 00:41:14 UTC
in Mmod setting dont work in my mod Post #348892
Try transfering files from resource/UI
Posted 4 weeks ago2024-06-18 00:40:09 UTC
in How to modify the fonts in scorboard-HLDM Post #348891
I think those fonts are hardcoded, you might want to peek at the source code.
Posted 4 weeks ago2024-06-18 00:39:35 UTC
in What was this mod? Post #348890
Any other things you remember? (a specific map, another gameplay mechanic, lore, etc)
Posted 1 month ago2024-06-14 20:24:43 UTC
in hl widescreen problem Post #348880
Does it look like this? Try going to game properties on Steam, and in Launch options, add -windowed. If you have a "Non-Steam" version, make a shortcut, and in Destiny, add -windowed.
Posted 1 month ago2024-06-13 18:35:11 UTC
in Playermodel hovering Post #348878
Oh, right, i changed the eye position, sorry. It works now, thanks.
Posted 1 month ago2024-06-12 23:34:25 UTC
in Playermodel hovering Post #348872
Just changed it, from 63 to 36, but it doesn´t seem to work.
Posted 1 month ago2024-06-11 20:17:45 UTC
in My tripmines does not explode by gargantuan ??? Post #348870
Could you post your entity setup?
A quick solution would be to force the player to advance, and then make the explosions timed or triggered.
Posted 1 month ago2024-06-11 19:56:18 UTC
in Playermodel hovering Post #348869
Edited a model, and replaced the playermodel, everything works fine, but the model seems to dislike the ground. The model is made as a test, and only the movement animations (run, walk, etc.) were replaced. Here are the files.
Posted 5 months ago2024-01-30 04:36:39 UTC
in Forum dead? Post #348503
Most of the people here use the Discord server for help and questions due to the fact that is quite faster. However, i believe some people post here when they have a seriously difficult problem.
Posted 6 months ago2023-12-26 22:48:19 UTC
in Removing battery percentage and little line from HUD? Post #348364
Thanks for your pattience, i did intended to modify the code.
Posted 6 months ago2023-12-22 01:48:09 UTC
in Removing battery percentage and little line from HUD? Post #348306
I have spended a quite considerable amount of time trying to figure out how, but i end up breaking something.
I don´t want to be that guy, but shouldn´t this be on the Tutorials section?
Posted 7 months ago2023-12-05 13:56:07 UTC
in How to lower the difficulty to YAPB bots? Post #348154
Posted 7 months ago2023-12-02 20:02:06 UTC
in Bug with the "Pollen Sprites" around the entity Post #348134
Could you send the map, please?
Posted 7 months ago2023-11-25 21:01:53 UTC
in Terror-Strike template? Post #348087
Or the map? I can´t find it.
Posted 7 months ago2023-11-23 17:30:41 UTC
in 25th anniversary of half-life Post #348075
Perhaps a compo with func_vehicle?
Posted 9 months ago2023-10-04 21:51:07 UTC
in Problem with zombie soldier Post #347918
Do your cvars have a valid value? Like
sk_zombie_soldier_dmg_both_slash1 "30"
It will not work if the value is 0.
Posted 9 months ago2023-10-02 18:15:03 UTC
in Problem with zombie soldier Post #347902
Have you checked if you added the zs to your skill.cfg?
These linesThese lines
Posted 9 months ago2023-09-24 04:55:03 UTC
in How do you kill an npc after a scripted_sequence Post #347879
Go to your scripted_sequence, and in KillTarget add the monster_barney.
For some reason several brush entities "get turned" into normal brushes. Right-clicking and going into Properties only shows the visgroups config, as if they werent brush entities. They still have the prefix in the preview, but they dont get selected when clicked.
It is worth noticing that this happens also to other entities like func_buttons and button_targets, so far i only tested on those, but im sure that those arent the only ones.
You could simply edit the model and add bodygroups, then you modify the FGD to add the variations.
Posted 10 months ago2023-09-16 03:24:16 UTC
in func_door rotating down? Post #347862
Check the flag "Y axis"
Maybe a func_train? You may want to try and decompile the target range from the HL´s training room, or the CS map, and see how the moving targets were done.
Im interested, i could "mildy" fill in as a mapper and modeller, perhaps editing some textures, but i cant do coding right now, sorry. Do you have a Discord or something?
Sorry for the extreme delay:

1. Preferably use J.A.C.K. You might also want to try Trenchbroom if you are more familiar with Quake mapping.
2. You´ll probably want to look up some tutorials, i cant help you with that. Blender has its own documentation and tutorials, they can be found here. If Blender proves difficult to use, try simpler programs like MS3D or FragMotion.
3. You are trying to export the model as a Source model rather than a GoldSrc model. Check this and this.
4. I haven´t used MetaMod, but they have a guide for this. Keep in mind, you do need a little bit of C++ knowledge to use it. You might want to check out some tutorials on C++. I recomend this (1, 2, 3) pages for learning.
I could join, however im kinda busy on some other mods, but i could make some time. Could you elaborate further on your mod? (Concept, lore, ideas, etc.)
The best thing you can do is to decompile the models, its better than using the Half-Life SDK. That, of course, if you want to edit models.
If you want to create a map, read this. If you want to edit a TFC map, you can decompile the map but its very unstable and very buggy, so its not recommended.
If you want to edit sounds, its very easy to do, you just need a program like Audacity to convert files. Here is a detailed tutorial:
Lastly if you want to code, there is not any TFC source code available, but you can read this thread on steam.
Posted 11 months ago2023-08-11 21:50:27 UTC
in Teamplay modding Post #347769
Check this, only thing i found.
Posted 11 months ago2023-08-10 04:11:30 UTC
in Bones broken on v_ model Post #347766
Im trying to replace the arms on a model (original model), however when compiling the arms horribly break:
Image fileImage file
However, there seem to be no problems with the reference. The hand´s bone´s name´s match with the original reference, there are no mesh errors so far, and there is no bone twiching error from MS3D. I already tried deleting the ref and re-rigging the whole thing and $keepallbones command.

EDIT: Added propper model link
Model link.
Posted 11 months ago2023-08-08 18:53:43 UTC
in Gauss jump on singleplayer Post #347765
Well, too bad it does need coding. Thanks.
Posted 11 months ago2023-08-08 02:41:18 UTC
in Gauss jump on singleplayer Post #347763
Is the "jumpability" of the Gauss gun´s secondary attack controled by a cvar or by the code?. I want to implement it in a singleplayer map.
Posted 11 months ago2023-07-26 20:04:56 UTC
in Programs/tools to edit Half-Life´s UI? Post #347732
Works, thanks
Posted 11 months ago2023-07-25 22:48:36 UTC
in Programs/tools to edit Half-Life´s UI? Post #347729
Are there any programs that make easier to edit .res files and such, rather than having to edit them manually?
Posted 11 months ago2023-07-16 22:37:11 UTC
in W_ model animation not working Post #347712
Works now, thank you.
Posted 1 year ago2023-07-14 19:59:29 UTC
in W_ model animation not working Post #347704
I added a spin animation for weapon´s w_ models like this one:
Works fine in HLAMWorks fine in HLAM
However, in-game it appears that the animation does not work and freezes:
Its a multiplayer mod.
Posted 1 year ago2023-06-28 23:25:19 UTC
in Playing a sound worldwide? Post #347665
The command "play file" plays a sound, but only for the player that uses the command. However, ive seen in some servers that the sounds get played for all of the players (worldwide). How is this achieved?
Posted 1 year ago2023-06-17 23:37:37 UTC
in Is there any way to preview "p_" models? Post #347634
Possibly. Im gonna check it out, thanks for the help.
Posted 1 year ago2023-06-16 21:04:13 UTC
in Is there any way to preview "p_" models? Post #347629
Opened a model in HLAM to test and got this error, followed by my computer brutally crashing
After restarting my computer, HLAM works perfectly (?)
Im not exactly sure what happened.
Posted 1 year ago2023-06-14 21:15:18 UTC
in Is there any way to preview "p_" models? Post #347624
HLAM doesn´t run in my computer. According to SoloKiller, this is because my graphics card is too old (Im not sure why would that be a problem, its GoldSrc).
Posted 1 year ago2023-06-13 22:55:33 UTC
in Is there any way to preview "p_" models? Post #347619
JHLMV doesn´t work.

What im trying to do is to load a "p_" model into a playermodel without having to open Half-Life.
Something like this:
Posted 1 year ago2023-06-12 21:01:55 UTC
in Is there any way to preview "p_" models? Post #347610
I want to be able to preview "p_" models without having to open Half-Life and going thirdperson. Is there anything like this?
Posted 1 year ago2023-06-12 20:56:56 UTC
in Problems with light_spot in half life Post #347609
Try with normal light entities, or try changing the brightness to a higher value.
As Bruce said, its an external texture. Try compiling without "$externaltextures" command. I could check out your model if you send it.
Posted 1 year ago2023-04-12 20:29:23 UTC
in Looking for work Post #347438
I need to keep my mind busy, and focus on other things. So, if you are looking of anyone to work with, ill be glad to help you. I can make maps and mildy edit models.

Please, i really need this.