Advanced Brushwork Mini-Compos Created 12 years ago2006-07-06 16:53:13 UTC by rowleybob rowleybob

Created 12 years ago2006-07-06 16:53:13 UTC by rowleybob rowleybob

Posted 11 years ago2007-03-07 18:03:24 UTC Post #215291
Agh. Well thanks for entering in the first place, anyway. Hopefully there's some of you who are working under the radar :(
Posted 11 years ago2007-03-08 19:11:17 UTC Post #215375
Ill post the rmf or whatever its called so that you can have a look at the minaiture turret-based one that was actually in my mod at one point, but that will be it - im sure if you really wanted you could compile it and put it in the compo, but it will come last, only has 20 odd brushes at best....
Posted 11 years ago2007-03-09 20:19:07 UTC Post #215446
Im above the radar, and havent worked on it in a while..
I went to Disney World 3x this week :)
Only because i could.
I'll work on it like.. now
Tetsu0 Tetsu0Original Cowboy
Posted 11 years ago2007-03-11 17:40:05 UTC Post #215564
Two days left...
Posted 11 years ago2007-03-13 07:55:42 UTC Post #215699
Annnnnnd the competition is over...
You all suck balls.
Posted 11 years ago2007-05-07 10:40:57 UTC Post #221226
lol, you guys have fairly small faces! ^^

How about a map a bodypart compo?


-Map a bodypart!

Just map a bodypart! It can be on the inside or on the outside.
And then we post screenies for everybody to judge!

-a lung
-an asshole
-the stomach
-a penis

you name it!

You have untill caturday. (Yes, caturday ;) )
----------END EXAMPLE---------------

Posted 11 years ago2007-05-07 10:52:07 UTC Post #221227
but that'll result in the MV being stuffed with about 20 giant playable wangs..
Archie ArchieGoodbye Moonmen
Posted 11 years ago2007-05-07 12:40:51 UTC Post #221236
Hmmm... Yes, you're probably right about that...
Posted 11 years ago2007-05-07 12:52:33 UTC Post #221239
That'll result in the MV being stuffed with about 20 giant playable wangs
What a disturbing sentence.
UrbaNebula UrbaNebulamonster_urby
Posted 10 years ago2007-10-23 11:36:51 UTC Post #236885
Do a perspective map?

Looking out a window at an object that seems to be attached to the outside of your vantage point with a long rope or pole.
The object seems to be very far away because it's small, but is in fact close, but small.
Posted 10 years ago2007-10-23 12:54:57 UTC Post #236890
how about 'map a face' ?
Posted 10 years ago2007-10-23 13:00:14 UTC Post #236891
I'll map your mom's face.

By the way, Emp, these aren't still going. If someone starts a new one, it goes in a new thread.
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