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This very wiki has tutorials for making Half-Life and Source mods. Valve also hosts the Valve Developer Community, a wiki that has a great deal of information and tutorials pertaining to modding. Check it out if you can't find something here.



December 2023 update and JMF compatibility
A late December 2023 update to Steam J.A.C.K., and early January 2024 to the free version, created breaking changes to J.A.C.K.'s native JMF format. If you're using the free version, please update to the latest version.

Third party tools that supported the JMF format may break until patched. Use other supported formats in the meantime.

Game Data Files

In order to use an editor for more than empty rooms, you'll need a FGD! An FGD file contains the definitions of the entities in a game/mod so you can create a map for it, and actually use the entities of the corresponding game.

Compile Tools

Macros and Generators

Tools that generates map geometry outside of editors, or modifies maps between the editing and compiling steps.

Decompile Tools

Please do not use decompile tools to steal other people's maps! However, they are useful tools for seeing how certain entities are used, and to see how certain Maps work.

Post-compile Tools

Textures and Sprites


Programming & Mod Bases

While this section is mostly focused on programming a custom game for GoldSrc, it also lists mod bases with pre-built binaries. They incorporate quality of life improvements as well as bells and whistles, enough for you to base your mods on without having to touch code. These are indicated with the ▶️ icon.


Additional Resources


Commented 5 years ago2019-07-04 18:13:59 UTC Comment #102134
Still gotta figure out how to properly use it, but Map2Curve looks pretty useful.
Commented 4 years ago2019-10-11 19:01:58 UTC Comment #102324
No kidding. Seems awesome!
Commented 4 years ago2020-01-20 23:48:32 UTC Comment #102521
PS2 Half-Life tools:

There's also a RAD file editor that helps to visualize the texlight RGB values.
Commented 5 months ago2024-02-04 23:05:18 UTC Comment #105961
How do you even make a texture in multiples of 16??
Commented 5 months ago2024-02-05 23:36:39 UTC Comment #105964
Commented 5 months ago2024-02-07 16:48:36 UTC Comment #105966
@wasd Just make sure the dimensions (width and height) are divisible by 16, up to the max of 512x512.

If, for example, you have a texture that's 1024x550 you have to first get it to 512x512 or below. Scaling it down so the width becomes 512 (we already know this is divisible by 16) and preserving the aspect ratio you get a height of 275. We divide that by 16 to check if it's divisible, and end up with 17.1875, so it's not divisible.
The nearest number in this case would be 17, so we multiply that with 16 to get 272, which is what the height needs to be scaled/cropped to.
Commented 4 months ago2024-03-06 03:37:03 UTC Comment #106037
I edited in the note panel on Wally, after seeing one too many cries for help on textures being wrong in game due to the use of Wally. I hope it's not too patronizing.

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