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The majority of monster entities share a common set of properties. To make full use of monsters, it's important to understand most of these properties.

Entity Properties

Target (target)
Set the Target property to the name of a path_corner. This will make the monster walk along a path defined by the path_corners. The monster will follow the path until he notices the player.

Name (targetname)
Set the Name property to the name of an event. When the monster dies, this event will be triggered.
Name is the actual name of the monster, used when calling for events.
Pitch Yaw Roll (Y Z X) (angles)
This property allows you to set the angle of the creature. Generally this should be left alone -- you can set the angle normally using the angle compass and it's properties will be reflected in the angles value automatically.

Render Properties

Most render properties can also be applied to monsters. This allows, for instance, the creation of translucent monsters. For information on render properties, see this article.

Trigger Target (TriggerTarget)
If the name of an event is specified here, that event will be triggered when the Trigger Condition (below) is met.

Trigger Condition (TriggerCondition)
If you specify a condition here, when that condition is met the
Trigger Target (above) will be activated. You have the choice of the following options:


There are also a number of flags that are common to monsters.

WaitTillSeen (1)
not implemented?
When checked, monster will do nothing and disregard other monsters until it is seen by the player.
Gag (2)
If this flag is enabled, the monster won't randomly talk to the player.

MonsterClip (4)
When this is checked, the monster won't walk through func_monsterclip brushes.

Prisoner (16)
When this is checked, normal AI is disabled, so the monster won't attack the player. This can be useful when you're using normally offensive monsters in a scripted_sequence.

WaitForScript (128)
not implemented?

Pre-Disaster (256)
This really only applies to scientists and the barney monster. When this is checked, the monster will behave as if it were before the disaster in Half-Life. They will not follow the player.

Fade Corpse (512)
When this is enabled, the monster's corpse will fade out after a short time instead of sticking around.
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