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This is the third of the compiling programs. It takes the .pt2 file from the BSP program with all the leaf and portal data, and figures out line of sight, which leaf portals can see which other leafs. This info is passed on to RAD.

This program is not absolutely necessary, but for a final build is a must. It optimises the map, speeding things up greatly.

More info from DOE, Snowdog:
VIS: This tool creates the visibility matrix for the map based on the levels geometry. This martix is what determines which polygons the player can see, might see, and can't see from any given point within the level in game. It is critical that this tool be run on every .bsp you create. If it is not run then the entire level will be visible all the time which would, in all but the simplest of box maps, make the map unplayable due to video-lag.


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