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func_conveyor - Brush Entity

This entity does two things:
  1. Creates a moving conveyor belt that pushes things on top of it. Can be disabled with "No push" (1) flag.
  2. Makes any scroll textures applied to it "scroll" at the specified speed (not exactly but close to it). Can be used to create flowing water streams, for example.





Commented 9 years ago2015-03-17 19:05:17 UTC Comment #101128
If I was HephaIstos I would write a tutorial on this topic like a wriiting translation of this one but for hl 1 :(
Commented 6 years ago2017-10-04 09:23:05 UTC Comment #101129
Why is it when I set speed to "0", it still moves?
Commented 5 years ago2019-03-28 09:50:27 UTC Comment #101934
4 years later I still think it would be a good idea but I dare not bothering the smithing god with that. Indeed that would be too short a tutorial since this entity is basically straightorward : a brush with the scroll texture , tied to a func_conveyor . The yaw defines the steering. As for the angle of the texture, it is set with the Advanced texture tool.
Then a func_button which target is the name of the conveyor switches the steering for both the conveyor and its texture.

Anyhow the YouTube Hammer Quickies 6 is great, for a mortal that is.
Commented 1 year ago2022-09-06 13:42:25 UTC Comment #104749
  • With func_convenyor can simulate (not accurate) a "high gravity" (>800), it only works when you jump on top of brush
if yaw = down then:
-265< convenyor speed <-180

if yaw = up then:
180< convenyor speed < 265

-265/265 is almost normal "gravity"
if approaches to -180/180 it's like "disable" +jump.

With some triggers and multimanager can toggle on/off +jump of players, useful for gamesmode like deathrun or kz maps.
I have tested it on cs 1.6, i guess on hl it will work too
  • Also can be used as:
push for bhops, like axn mode.
map example:
carpets are func_conveyor
other maps examples (can download them from 17buddies): NOSLOW_TILES_BETA, NOSLOW_REPTILE, NOSLOW_BKZ_GOLDBHOP
Commented 2 months ago2024-05-01 05:21:10 UTC Comment #106169
The scroll speed of scroll* textures for the entities are encoded in a hacky way by hijacking FX Color (rendercolor) and you can control the speed of scroll* textures in any brush entity, and even change them with env_render (I tested, it works! 😁)

An algorithm you can use is:
  • R - 0 if positive, 1 if negative
  • G - abs(speed) // 16 (floor division)
  • B - floor( abs(speed) * 16 ) % 256 (modulo or remainder)

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