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Brush Entity

This entity creates a 'moving' conveyor belt. It can push things and simulate streams of water.





Commented 5 years ago2015-03-17 19:05:17 UTC Comment #101128
If I was HephaIstos I would write a tutorial on this topic like a wriiting translation of this one but for hl 1 :(
Commented 2 years ago2017-10-04 09:23:05 UTC Comment #101129
Why is it when I set speed to "0", it still moves?
Commented 1 year ago2019-03-28 09:50:27 UTC Comment #101934
4 years later I still think it would be a good idea but I dare not bothering the smithing god with that. Indeed that would be too short a tutorial since this entity is basically straightorward : a brush with the scroll texture , tied to a func_conveyor . The yaw defines the steering. As for the angle of the texture, it is set with the Advanced texture tool.
Then a func_button which target is the name of the conveyor switches the steering for both the conveyor and its texture.

Anyhow the YouTube Hammer Quickies 6 is great, for a mortal that is.

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