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The CLIP tool texture creates a clip plane (invisible wall) on all three collision hulls (HULL1-3) that players cannot move through, but can shoot through.
`func_illusionary` based railings with CLIP brushesfunc_illusionary based railings with CLIP brushes
They can be used to smooth out walls and terrain so the player doesn't get stuck, or to prevent players from getting into areas they shouldn't.
Terrain with CLIP brushes
In Counter-Strike, weapons can still be dropped through clip planes. Solutions for weapon and bomb stuck spots include creating a func_detail textured with User posted image NULL. Since details are converted to world geometry, models can't be rendered inside of these brushes. You could either move the origin of the model outside of the brush, or convert it into a func_wall.

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Don't extend the clip planes on the face it's applied to (to the effect of having player's center touch the plane of this face.)
Like CLIPBEVEL but applies to all faces of the clip brush.
Creates collision for hull #3 (standing).
Creates collision for hull #2 (big monsters).
Creates collision for hull #3 (crouching).
Removes collision on brush it's applied to. Similar to the zhlt_noclip keyvalue in entities.

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